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Hi, I carrot about rabbits!

Iím here to tell you about

fresh vegetables in their diet.


Ten Things about Vegetables in a Rabbit's Diet:
  • Vegetables can provide nutrients plus water content for your bunny.
  • Be aware that some vegetables can give rabbits soft stools so try new vegetables one at a time. 
  • Some rabbits can develop gas  which can be dangerous so go easy on the broccoli, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables.
  • Be sure to rinse vegetables and leave some water on them for the rabbit. It will helps with digestion.
  • Give your rabbits a variety of vegetables. 
  • Rabbits have many more taste buds than humans and they enjoy their food.
  • Try out vegetables one at a time to make sure they agree with the rabbit and do not cause soft stools. 
  • Lettuce is fine, but only the darker green varieties like romaine have lots of nutrients.  Skip ice berg lettuce and salad dressings!
  • Rabbits also enjoy herbs.
  • Bunnies can become "beggars" for certain vegetables, but give them a variety.

Here are some vegetables to offer your rabbit and their calcium content per cup (less calcium is better): 

Beet Greens 46mg

Broccoli 42 mg

Carrots and tops 30 mg

Chicory Greens 180 mg

Cilantro 16 mg

Collard Greens 218 mg

Water Cress 40 mg

Dandelion Greens 103 mg

Kale 94 mg

Romaine Lettuce 20 mg

Leaf Lettuce 38 mg

Mustard Greens 58 mg

Parsley 78 mg

Sweet Peppers 6 mg

Pumpkin Leaves 24 mg

Radish and Leaves 28 mg

Turnip Greens 105 mg


Rabbits also enjoy herbs like mint, basil, rosemary, anise and others in small amounts.

 What NOT to feed your rabbit:

Beans Ė None of them! (dried beans can cause a blockage, too)


Cabbage (can cause gas)

Coffee or tea leaves or plants (I lived on a coffee farm in Kona, drink it yourself and donít give any part of it to your rabbits)

Corn (also, dried can cause a blockage)

Green beans


Nuts (can cause blockages)

Peas (dried can also cause a blockage)



Spinach (high calcium oxalate content)

Packaged greens mixes in a bag (many contain spinach).

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