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Dry, tasteless and

not too chewy!

Pellets are chock full of nutrients for easy feeding and to promote growth.  They were originally made for commercial rabbit producers not house rabbit pets.  

Why Not feed pellets?

  • Pellets are high in calories – you can end up with a fat rabbit.
  • Rabbits will eat pellets instead of hay which can slow down the digestive process and cause digestive disease.  
  • Pellets don’t promote enough chewing which is bad for necessary wear on teeth.  It only takes a couple of chomps by those rabbit teeth to destroy a pellet instead of the 300 cycles of grinding back and forth on hay. 
  • The dry nature of pellets does not provide water content so important to urinary health. 
  • Timothy hay based pellets are much better than alfalfa pellets because they are not as rich if you are going to feed your rabbit pellets.
  • Pellets should not be the total diet.
  • Pellets should not be offered constantly! 
  • Pellets are okay for a recovering rabbit that needs to gain weight.  Alfalfa pellets would be fine under these circumstances. 
  • Pellets containing “treats” should not be given
  • If you are trying to entice the rabbit to eat, try vegetables and hay, too!








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