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♥  Don't be a dumb bunny and hop into a relationship too fast.

♥  If he smells, don't mate with him. (Rabbits take a bath top to bottom five times

     a day and expect their mate to do the same.)


♥  Always find a smaller mate so you can be in charge.


♥  If he has other females around, he will probably try to mate with them, too.


♥  Dance by yourself and always dance when you're happy!


♥  Jump for joy when you find true love.


♥  All rabbits will bond for life. We are snuggle bunnies by nature.


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< Rosemary & Groucho




When Groucho bunny passed away Rosemary was depressed and quit eating. A few days later Mr. Bumble B. Bunny came to visit.  Rosemary was intrigued by Bumble and started to improve. 

Bumble was her protector and affectionate companion for over 7 years. Rosemary used to get Bumble out to explore and because he had cataracts in both eyes she nudged him along to find his way back to their pen.  I believe he adjusted to going blind because Rosemary helped him along. She was truly Bumble's best friend and devoted to him. Miss Rosemary Rabbit passed away at age nine with Bumble by her side. 


Rosemary had one more rule: 

♥ You can find some bunny to love again!














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