Stomach & Digestion  
  Rabbits can't vomit a hairball like a cat.  
  Rabbits must have hay to help them digest food!  
  Timothy hay and pellets are best for adult rabbits (Not Alfalfa - It's too rich.  
  Rabbits produce two types of waste.   
  One type is a soft clump (like grapes) covered with mucus.  
  the soft waste is eaten at night and redigested.  Yuck!  But it is necessary.  
  The other "pill" shaped waste is hard and good for garden compost.  
    Click on the picture to see a larger view.  
  Adult spayed or neutered rabbits are easier to litter train.  
  Rabbit urine can turn colors (even red) depending upon its food.  
  For more information see Rabbit Diet. Click on Broccoli Boy below:


    Photo Credit: Freddi and Teddi what a handsome pair of classic white rabbits who are bonded to each other.  Double your fun - two rabbits are always better than one!


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