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This was the first book I found on rabbits as pets and I still have it.  Solid information for a first time house rabbit owner.


House Rabbit Handbook

If you get one book on House Rabbits, this it it. It has everything you need to know and a lot more.  It has invaluable information on caring for your house rabbit pets.



Training Your Pet Rabbit

This book has good suggestions for basic training of pet rabbits (not for tricks).  I always thought the rabbits were training me.  This book can help.


The Essential Rabbit

This book has plenty of good information for a first time house rabbit owner. It is organized well and easy to read.



Lop Rabbits As Pets

A breed specific book on lop rabbits.  Deals with the issues exclusive to lop earred rabbits.  I have had several lops and this book has them pegged.


Rabbits for Dummies

As with all the "Dummie" books, this one is complete and has a tremendous amount of information.  I know rabbits and I still learned something new from this book.



Rabbit Health in the 21st Century

Essential reading for anyone with a pet rabbit. It is instructive and the knowledge you will gain will help.  The more you know the better you can care for your rabbits and spot problems.


Why Does My Rabbit . . .?

This book explains your rabbit's behavior.  Includes history and natural instinctive behavior and solutions.  Yes, "solutions" which what we all need!


The Relaxed Rabbit

Horses, dogs and cats have been benefiting from pet massage for a long time.  Now it's the rabbit's turn.  The techniques described in this book are great for a shy or new rabbit.  Also, excellent for abused or sick rabbits.


Funny Bunnies

My sister got me this book for Christmas and I love it.  Tons of breed specific photos with information on each.  It will cheer you up on a cloudy day.  The photography is outstanding.



Stories Rabbits Tell

Explains the complex social creatures rabbits (and hares) are and how humans relate to them throughout history.  A well written and fascinating book about all the contradictory ways humans view rabbits.


Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the ... DVD Movie - this claymation movie was hysterical from start to finish and it carries a good message for both adults and children.


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