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Hi! I’m “Broccoli Boy”

I will tell you

about rabbit digestion and diet. 

Click on any of my friends' pictures at the bottom of this page for more information

Here are a few facts:

  • A rabbit’s digestive system makes up almost 20% of it’s weight!

  • Your rabbit is a herbivore . . . a vegetarian.

  • A rabbit's digestion is constantly in motion.

  • Rabbits cannot vomit.

  • The number one cause of house rabbit disease is a bad diet!

  • Rabbits don’t see their food  right in front of them – it is a blind spot.  They smell it first.

  • A rabbit has two types of waste and both are necessary to their health!

  • Do not “fast” a rabbit - not even before surgery.  It is not necessary.

  • A blockage in the digestive system is very serious and can be avoided with the right diet!

  • If your bunny stops eating for 12 to 24 hours, this is an emergency.  Take your rabbit to the vet!

HopperHome wishes to thank Mr. Potato Head for the use of his noses, arms, feet, eyes and moustaches.







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