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Hops & Dill


Hops suffered terribly.  He made his first 5 trips to the vet in 4 weeks.  His body temperatures were so high they could have killed him.  He tolerated a seizure, paralysis, dreadful parasites with minor surgery, pneumonia, abscesses and enough fleas/ticks on him to make him anemic.  This very affectionate pet rabbit endured all this because someone decided to dump him outside like trash.  It would have been a death sentence had no one found him.  Yet Hops has proved his incredible spirit and will to live.  The outcome for Hops was a miracle.  Three vets told me that being abandoned outdoors so medically compromised Hops that he would never fully recover.  Hops became a romping, stomping 10 lb. rabbit Read Hop's story by clicking here.

 Miss Dill was very fortunate because she was found probably within a couple of days of being abandoned.  When I approached this dwarf rabbit on very hot, humid morning in June she was lying under a tree trying to cool off.  The leaves she nibbled were strange to her and she spit some out.  She had no idea what foliage was good to eat let alone if it were poisonous.  She listened to me talk to her while I distracted her with one hand and grabbed her with the other. Neither my sister (who adopted her) nor myself can understand why this little sweetheart was abandoned outside.  She is easy to care for and affectionate. A trip to a no kill shelter or a call to a House Rabbit Society Chapter would have been more humane than dumping a bunny weighing less than 3 pounds outdoors to fend for herself.  Read Dill's success story by clicking here. 

Dill bonded to Carmel, a beautiful agouti lop bunny who is full of energy.  Carmel had been a "classroom bunny" and then his next owner was getting married and gave him to Hopperhome.  Carmel beat his previous owner to the alter.  He found love with Dill right away!  Carmel and Dill enjoy many hours grooming each other and snuggling.  They were adopted out as a bonded pair and this bunny couple has a new loving home together!




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