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Too Many Rabbits

Is it a Boy or a Girl?




It isn't easy to figure out what you have - a boy or a girl.  Rabbits know immediately when they meet!


Five Things You Need to Know:

  1. Behavior doesn’t always help in identifying the sex of a rabbit. 

  2. Mounting is dominance behavior and rabbits will still do this after neutering or spaying to assert themselves (both males and females). 

  3. Both males and females will spray urine, dig and act aggressive as they enter puberty. 

  4. Males will take 6 weeks after neutering to be completely without testosterone in their system.  If you have an unspayed female, please be sure to separate. 

  5. Females have an 85% of having uterine cancer by age 5 years of age  if they are not spayed.  For the sake of the health of your female rabbit, please have them spayed and give them 10 days or two weeks to recover before putting them back in the same cage with another rabbit.  (You can house them next to another rabbit, however, be sure to put a few inches between the cages.)


If you put some slight pressure above the sexual organs you will see either a circle or slit.  In an adult rabbit, it will be clear to tell what sex rabbit you have.  The male has a circle shape.

By the way, I have never seen a clerk in a pet store sex a rabbit correctly or accurately.  If you want a rabbit, adopt from a knowledgeable rabbit rescue organization or humane society.  Rosemary Rabbit, my Harlequin female, was sold to me as a "dwarf neutered male Rex."  I know it was entirely wrong when I took at look at her in the store.  She was a 3 month old unspayed female Harlequin breed rabbit from a pet store in Minnesota.  She had already been returned by her first purchaser according to the clerk because she was "too wild." 

See the "Fix Your Rabbit" page on this web site for reasons why this needs to be done!

Here are few links that explain sexing rabbits: 

Sexing a Rabbit

How to Sex a Rabbit

Sexing Rabbits and Scent Glands

Always have your rabbits neutered and spayed for medical reasons, to avoid unwanted litters and to have a pet than can be litter box trained easier plus reduce aggressive behavior and spraying!

Spaying & Neutering Your Pet Rabbit: What Happens & Why

Rabbit Network: Why Spay Your Rabbit

To Breed or Not to Breed by Dana Krempels, Ph.D,

Rabbit Neuter with Surgery Photos - Long Beach Animal Hospital

Rabbit Spay with Surgery Photos - Long Beach Animal Hospital


Raging Haremones Flyer to Print:

The flyer explains all the reasons why rabbits should be neutered and spayed.

Raging Haremones color

Raging Haremones Black & White

Photo Credit:  These sweet little 3 lb. rabbits are in love!  Dwarf Rabbits are perfect apartment pets.


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