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The Harley Girl

My name is Rosemary Rabbit and I am a Harlequin Rabbit.  Harlequin's are an old breed of rabbit from France.  We are a "fancy" breed. Some people think we should be on the menu and some people think we need to have exact markings on our fur. Either way many of us do not become old rabbits.  It can take several litters of bunnies to produce a so-called "perfect" rabbit.

What happens to all the "imperfect" Harley's? I understand they are "culled."  I was lucky. I ended up in a pet shop.  Fortunately, they were charging $20 for me because I am not dinner nor snake food!  

A pet store!  They had to be kidding, but it was no joke. The clerks fed us dry pellets and water.  They kept my litter mates and me in an aquarium style enclosure.  Do you see gills?  I am not a fish!   We were all sold in a few days.  I was brought back to the shop within a week. 

RosemaryChairjp.jpg (112831 bytes)Well, what did they think they had ... a fish!   I'm a rabbit that needs to chew, run, eat lots of fresh veggies and timothy hay, and socialize.  My ancestors, the European rabbits have been known to live in warrens with up to 450 rabbits.  Rabbits are party animals!

Back in the pet store a woman saw me and wanted me even though I had bruises on my forehead.  It hurt to have anyone pet my head. The clerk told her I was a male, a Rex rabbit, fixed and a year old.  Wrong!  The lady knew better. She told them she was paying for the privilege to rescue me from their store.  And, she did! She just paid 'em and got me outta there!  

In my new home they appreciate my attitude and personality. I have made many new rabbit friends especially Groucho and Bumble. Everyone is extra gentle with me including the cats! I can run, play and the room service is great!  Someone pass the apple treats!

One thing makes me hopping mad!  Harley's don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  This isn't a Miss America pageant.   I am not a Barbie Doll . . . I am a rabbit and look ... I am gorgeous! can learn a lot from a rabbit!

Visit Rosemary Rules for Romance.





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