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House Rabbit Society

Tons of information on rabbit care!  If there is a question about rabbit care, the answer is here. Join this group, too and support their efforts!

Annie & Emmie's Carrot Patch: A Rabbit Information Source   
or this will take you to their carrot patch, too:
Keiko's Bunny World Pet graphics, stories and care information

My House Rabbit providing useful information on rabbit care.

Paulson's Rabbit World Information on environment, diet, and some photos.
Peter Rabbit's Home Page Guide to caring for your pet rabbit.

Rabbit and Ferret Spay & Neuter Page

The Rabbit Project Teaching Materials & More!



TalkCity's Rabbit Web
Rabbit Chat
Bunny Chat



A Houseful of Rabbits

A View From The Floor

Andrew & Friends

Archi's Antics

Belle and Ferdinand

Bernie's Blog

Brambly Hedge on Flickr

Bunny Along

Bunny Blab

Bunny Blogger

Bunny Luver's Bunny Blog


Cat Meets Bunny

Daily Bunny

Dandy's Journal by Cedric

Diary of a (Slow) Triathlete

Diva Kitty and The Fluffies

Dog Meets Bunny

Dopey's Bunny Log

Fifi Lapin

Freckles and Deb

Fury & Frost

Go-Go and Bon-Bon

Gretchen's Live Journal

Happy Feet Bunny Blog

Heartland Bunny Blog

Higglety Pigglety

Hoppings of Roxette Bunny

Hops the Bunny


HRN Blog

It Lasts for Always

Kim and Cocoa


Life With Rabbit

Lola the Lovely Lop

Monkey and Marmelade

Mrs. Sniffles

My Bunny Life

My House Rabbit

NC Bunny

Nipper Film

Potentially Nervous

Rabbit Photo Essay on BlogSpot

Rabbits Rule

Salem's Park

Shimon Carrots

Simone's Parsely Patch

Some Bunny's Love

Somewhere In NJ

The Blog of Pratt

The Brooklyn Bunny Cam

The Bunny Gardener

The Life and Times of Bunnies

Home Web Pages

The Adventures of Mr. Chloe Stories of a well-traveled rabbit!

Bagel – Born in the Year of the Rabbit

Bingaling Home Page & Stories of Bing & Piglet

Bucky the Fuzzy Lop From baby bunny to adorable lop in 124 photos.

Bunn’s Home Web Page

Bunny Beauty Wonderful collection of photos of beautiful rabbits, of course!

Dibbin’s Website Home Page of a Giant Fawn French Lop

Floppy Bunny Website of the coolest & most chilled out bunny online

Funny Bunny Pages Learning to be a bunny “parent.”

Fuzzy Termites Personal Homepage of some fuzzy rabbits.

Gabe’s Story A little lop finds peace at the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary. Home page for Gilbert - a lop in London.

JaiJai & Muimui’s Home Page A large photo album (over 500 photos) of two lops on Flickr created by their self proclaimed bunny slave.

Hans Solo & Mr. Fritz Personal home page for a Chocolate Dutch & a big white New Zealand

Good pics of the rabbits' play areas.

The Trolls (aka the Bunnies) Personal homepage with videos, photos and happy rabbits!

Hare’s House Where rabbits rule!

The Hrdina Foster Bunnies Pics of their Foster Bunnies over the years

Kaninchen-Net  A website from Switzerland (in English) and a Fraubunny,  Wiesia.

Kates BunniesPersonal Webpage for her herd

Marvin and Pebbles from Germany A personal home page with English Translation.

Miriam’s Day to Day Growth of Baby Bunnies Photos of the day to day growth of a litter of rabbits.

Ocha’s Flickr Gallery The Life & Times of a Silly Bunny

Rabbit Cleaning Day Cleaning Day Gone Wrong at Nuncio & Jordan’s Home Page

Rabbit Home Pages Homepages on the mailing lists PetBunny and EtherBun.

RabbitMatch BunnyCam Niles and Moxie are the stars.

Red's Rabbit Ranch Homepage of several Rabbits

Paige's Rabbit Links Links of home pages from other countries and  the USA.

Disapproving Rabbits Because sometimes your rabbits just don't approve!

Kim's Rabbit Hutch Her own pages of rabbits in Florida.

Monkey & Marmalade Two Hoppy Lops in the UK

Furry Bunny Investigators (FBI) The two most humorous and wanted rabbits around! 

Sadie the House Rabbit Adventures of a Hopping Herbivore!

Simon’s Photo Gallery & Porcelain Bunnies Rabbits & Ceramic art

Sprowty Bunny A rabbit home page, stained glass bunny art and more.

Bunny Reader by Lebanon Elementary A class of kids in Lebanon, CT hopped to it and created a website on rabbits.

Crestwood Hills Cottontail Home Page  The Rabbit Command Center - a home page about a group of wild rabbits.  

Flopperella Princess of the World! A home page for a regal bunny!

Posh Rat A personal home page from the UK with Pepper the lop rabbit & pet rat roommates!

The House of Rabbit Five Clans.Thirteen Rabbits.

Princess Querida's Website  A personal home page for a rabbit kingdom.

 Make Mine Chocolate Visit The Interactive Bun if you are considering a pet rabbit.

The Shuker Bunnies Home page of 3 Hoppy Rabbits

Tales of Bouncing Bunnies  Two high school girls showcase their rabbits!

The Bunny Box Personal homepage of a rabbit lover & rescuer.

The Messy Details  Practical info on how one couple litter box trained their rabbit.



Newsletters, Magazines
The Youth Rabbit Internet Newsletter

Rabbit Adoption & Rescue: 

See Adopt A Rabbit Link by state on this website.

Treats, Supplies, and Gifts for Rabbits

Bunny Bytes
The Jester Rabbit Company
Busy Bunny
Bass Equipment Company
Woodys Wabbits

Rabbit Houses - beautiful homes for rabbits


Web Rings - Links - Forums

Bunny Heaven Forum

The Bouncing Bunny Webring

Etherbun Mailing List

Patty’s Bears ‘n’ Hares
Keiko's Bunny World

Rabbit's Only Forum
The Rabbit Web
The Irish Bunny Hut



House Rabbit Video Excerpts from a house rabbit documentary


Wild & Whimsical

Alt.Devilbunnies -The Website Evil Bunnies who want to take over the world. 

The Amazing Adventures of Bromwyn Bunny The true story of a stuffed rabbit journeying around the world.

Annie's Homegrown Kids Website It's not all about macaroni!

ASCII bunny art  In your spare time on the ‘puter.

Brooklyn Bunny A website for New York rabbits and rabbit fans everywhere. Very cool!

The Bad Bunny List Phrases rabbit owners should get their naughty pets to write on a blackboard.

The Bunny Cult A society of bunny-worshippers which also offers a rabbit-penned advice column.

The Bunnies Funnies A comic strip all about bunnies by Dekker!

Bunny Movies Quicktime movies of rocket rabbits in flight.

The Bunny Museum If you think you are “bunnyized,” visit this website!

The Bunny People of Planet Pynk The illustrated tale of strange alien rabbits.

Bunny Survival Tests The results of several endurance tests performed on marshmallow bunnies.

Bunny Checks Where to order checks with rabbits all over them.   

Crestwood Hills Cottontail Native rabbits of a California community.

Crouching Bunny, Hidden Rabbit Wacky, noisey and silly fun.

The DED Bunny Collection Photos of rabbit relaxation that look, well… dead.

The Doom Bunny's Home Page
Evidence is presented for the existence of this killer rabbit, also known as "El Conejo Negro de Disastre."

HareWear Bunny Nose Gallery A nosey look at this part of their anatomy.

The Little Book of Bunny Names  By the great folks at The Rabbit Charity

Lagomorph Quiz Test your knowledge!

Ludwig's Home Page including a game the world´s first Interactive Bunny Simulator, or IBS,

designed to find out your skills at caring for a bunny.

Page for Rabbits & Pink Adorable page for people who like the color pink & rabbits. 

PetBunny Dictionary When you need the right rabbit words.

The Official Peter Rabbit Website  Fun for Peter Rabbit Fans!

Poopaloosa  A game was inspired by bunnies. It was created to honor their

impishness and to help rabbits live better lives.

Rabbit Bites Wacky Rabbit American Idol Video

Rabbit Language A humorous guide to communicating with your bunny.

Rabbit Mythconceptions A website all about rabbit myths and the truth about them.

Rabbits On Mars One Giant Leap because Rabbits have the “Right Stuff.”

The Black Rabbit - Rabbit Names Page  What to call your rabbit. 

Rabbitt in Paradise "Hare today, gone to Maui" This black rabbit lives on Oahu! 

Rabbit Trivia and Facts Some you might know and some you might not.

Brenda's Sign Language Bunnies

Untalkative Bunny is the cartoon show of a delightful, facially-expressive, yellow-coated bachelor bunny.

Watership Down All about the novel by chapter

What Do You Call a Dumb Bunny? Rabbit riddles.

Yawning Rabbits Pics of bunnies caught in the act of Yawning.

Artsy Rabbits

"Dear Bunny" An amazing portrait of a reading rabbit by Robert Goldstrom.

Rabbits of the Rainbow  Pamela Silin-Palmer's decorative rabbit art.  Postcards, books, and beautiful images of rabbits!

The Internet Poster Store - Rabbit prints. This page has lots of rabbit theme prints.

Symbolism of Rabbits & Hares A quick guide by artist Terri Windling



Rescue Glamour Shots - photos ready to download and print for cards, etc.


Literary Rabbits

The Readable Rabbit A warren of booklists and related activities  for children of all ages.






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