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Good Hare Day


A Visit to the Humane Society for a Kitten

becomes a trio of Rabbits

Basiljp.jpg (49289 bytes)One Saturday morning my sister and I walked into the Minnesota Valley Humane Society to adopt a kitten.  Bonnie felt that her cat, Miss Luca, was getting bored with my two bunnies who were engrossed in each other.  Luca needed a new friend and we were going to find one.

The humane society was full of people. We stopped at the “Small Animals” cages on the way in and Bonnie opened a cage door to pet the dwarf rabbit inside.  The little brown female put her head flat to get a pet and Bonnie was smitten.  We went on into the kitten room and all the kittens were on hold for adoption.   Bonnie decided adopt the dwarf female and then there was another dwarf male who looked like a good mate.  For these two rabbits their Good Hare Days were just beginning.sagejp.jpg (59159 bytes)

We came home with two rabbits and no kitten!  The Netherland Dwarf female now named “Sage” was a biter at first and then stopped completely.   The little white dwarf male Bonnie named “Basil” was a nose kisser from day one.   He’s built like a tiny race horse and zooms around the living room.  (“Bullet Boy” seems like a good name for him, too.Sage is fastidious in her bathroom habits and is an all around perfect little girl.  They were spayed and neutered the next week so introductions could be made and they are a great match.   Neither one of them got over 3 pounds so Luca always saw them as her kittens.  Basil and Sage were together for about 8 years until Sage passed away.  Basil is still going strong


A week later I decided to adopt a Holland Lop who needed a home.  No more "Bad Hare Days" for this little lop either.  I named him Mr. Bumble B. Bunny and call him “Bumble” for short.  He used to make a buzzing sound with his teeth.  He is an outgoing and sweet little guy about and about a year old when I adopted him.  Bumble looks very sturdy and round on his stocky legs.   He went into the vet for neutering the next day.  He used to get nervous when he is petted, but he loves his pets now.  Other than humans, he wasn’t afraid of anything including the vacuum cleaner! He bonded with Rosemary and they were devoted to each other for almost 8 years.  When Rosemary passed away, Bumble bonded with Mr. Hops and became his closest friend. 

BumbleBjp.jpg (67735 bytes)

How did Luca feel about all this?  She adopted both Basil and Sage, and groomed them.  With all these “kittens” to care for Luca was never bored again!

Adopt a rabbit or two or three!

Click on Basil, Sage or Bumble's pictures to see a larger version.

Thanks for jumping by to see Groucho, Rosemary, Bumble, Hops, Sage, Basil and all the other rabbits on this website!


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Connie Andrews




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