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Rabbit Anatomy

Other Interesting Facts About Rabbits:

  • Your Rabbit Could Outlive You!  Domesticated rabbits normally live 8 to 10 years, but can live to 15 years old.  If your kid goes off to college, you will inherit the rabbit!
  • Rabbits are Social Animals  Domesticated rabbits in the United States are the direct descendants of European Rabbits.  European rabbits live below ground level in warrens.  One single warren in Europe had 450 rabbits with 2,000 entrances! Domestic rabbits cannot produce offspring with rabbits from the Americas such as our Cottontail rabbits.  They have different numbers of chromosomes.  Rabbits bond with people, cats, guinea pigs, a gentle dog and of course, with each other!  HopperHome encourages everyone to adopt two rabbits.
  • What Do You Call Them? Male rabbits are bucks. Female rabbits are does. Newborn rabbits are kits.  Young rabbits are bunnies.  A whole bunch of rabbits are called a herd.

  • Have a Heart A rabbit's heart beats from 130 to 325 beats a minute.  It is true that rabbits can go into shock and die when a predator comes too close.  That is why HopperHome believes rabbits should not be outside at night in a hutch. 
  • No "Dumb Bunnies!"
    My rabbits open latches on their pens and their bunny cages. Groucho-bunny let Rosemary Rabbit out if her temporary pen after her surgery when she was confined to heal.
    Groucho-bunny would throw his toys to wake me up to feed him.  Rosemary learned this from him.
    Rosemary moved the cardboard bunny playhouse over to the side of her pen so she could jump on top of it and out.  She's a
    "Harley Girl" and very smart!
    My rabbits run to the front door before someone knocks and then run back to let me know there is a visitor.  Good watch bunnies!  And, they always know along with the cats when an earthquake is going to happen!
    My dad told me a story of a wild rabbit that kept running back and forth under a fence to wear out his hunting dog who jumped over the fence to chase the rabbit.  The dog was eventually out of breath and never caught that smart rabbit.  I am not surprised.

Photo Credit:  San Diego HRS  "Alexandria"  is Hopperhome's beautiful model for rabbit anatomy.  Alexandria is a grey and white Rex (check out that fur) who was adopted out to a good home from San Diego House Rabbit Society Chapter. 



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