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How to e-mail Hopperhome:

If you have medical questions, please see your veterinarian.  I am not a veterinarian and I am not qualified to give medical advice.  Please don't wait for my reply if your rabbit is ill, contact your vet immediately.


Who is Hopperhome? My name is Connie Andrews and I fell in love with a mini-lop, "Groucho" many years ago. I created and maintain Hopperhome entirely by myself. 

I am one person with a computer who wants to make a difference for rabbits who cannot speak for themselves.  I do not have enough room in my home to foster or rescue rabbits on a large scale so this is what I do to help all the "Grouchos" out there.  

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Rabbit Rescue Organizations, humane societies, vet offices

and anyone who wants to help

educate the public about house rabbits.

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Anyone who wants to download any flyer listed below can do so without asking any permission from me. The point is to get the word out about rabbits.


Written permission for reproduction or reprint of other website content, photographs or graphics can be requested by emailing Connie Andrews at  This website and all of its contents are copyrighted. 



Adopt a Rabbit Series: Flyers for rescue groups to promote rabbits as companion animals.  All are black and white 8 1/2" by 11" - these are intended to be fun.  By the way, I have cats and dogs and love them, too.

There is plenty of room at the bottom of each one to put a label with a rescue's name and contact information.

"Good Intentions"

"Food Preferences"

"Sleep Habits"


A Dozen Wild Reasons - a flyer about why rabbits should never be abandoned outdoors.

Color Version

Black & White Version


Rabbits - the Green Pet - a promotional flyer about why bunnies are the eco-friendliest pets to adopt!

Color Version

Black & White Version


Hare Salon - a basic grooming sheet specifically about rabbits.

Color Version

Black & White Version


Raging Haremones - Several reasons that make a good case to have a rabbit neutered or spayed.

Color Version

Black & White Version


Ten Reasons NOT to House A Rabbit in a Hutch

Color Version

Black & White Version


Rabbit Fact Sheet - a list of over 20 facts about rabbits.


If Rabbits Dig Your Yard Too Much - a list from my collection of non-lethal rabbit deterrents I have compiled from folks who have written me. It's to deter people who don't want the wild rabbits in their yards from reaching for a weapon of bunny destruction.

Color Version

Black & White Version


Website Legal Stuff:

This site is for informational purposes only.  This information is not guaranteed to be correct, complete or current.  We make no warranty, express or implied, about the accuracy or reliability of any information at this Web Site or any other Web Site to which this site is linked.  This Website contains links to other resources on the Internet and they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of HopperHome.





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