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Adopt a Rabbit

Why adopt a rabbit as a house pet?

If you understand what it takes (see Hare Raising) and still want to adopt a house rabbit.  Good for you! There are lots - beautiful adult rabbits ready for good homes!


Photo: Miss Rosey & Miss Tansy

Click here to read their story below

  • Rabbits are affectionate, lovable pets.

  • There are several breeds available and you can find one to suit your situation and personality.  

  • Bunnies are entertaining and fun to watch.

  • Rabbits are clean.  They clean themselves top to bottom five times a day.

  • No barking.  No meowing.  Rabbits are very quiet!

  • Rabbits can get along with other pets.  

  • Rabbits are a unique pet!

HopperHome has compiled as many adoption and rescue organizations as we could find online by location.  Many rabbits have been abused, orphaned and abandoned.  Every rabbit deserves a caring owner and happy home.  

RABBIT Adoption Links: 

General Listings to Visit:

The Mining Company's Pet Adoption Pages

Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory

Yahoo's Rabbit Humane and Rescue Society's Index

Angela Carrigan's Rabbit Rescue

The Rabbit Habit

The House Rabbit Society Adoption Pages
Adopt-a-Rabbit - A sanctuary for life in South Carolina

Virtual adoptions.


House Rabbit Society is represented throughout the U.S. 

Link to contacts  for HRS:

List - local contacts in the US and Canada - takes you to their website.

LINKS TO House Rabbit Society Websites:

San Diego
East Bay Area (Headquarters)
San Francisco/Marin

Western & Southwest
Las Vegas, NV
Washington State

Southern US

New England

Mid Atlantic & Eastern
Upstate New York
New Jersey
SE Pennsylvania/N Delaware 
New York City, New York

Chicago, IL
Kansas City, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Columbus, Ohio

Vancouver, Canada

House Rabbit Allied Groups by area:

Rabbits N More - Pacific Grove
Burrow Inn - South San Francisco
Rabbit Row - Alameda
Rabbit Rescue, Inc. - Downey
Rabbit Ears - Kensington
Western & Southwest US
Oregon Rabbit Rescue
Portland Rabbit Advocates
Four Corners Rabbit Rescue
Best Friends Animal Society - Utah
New England
New Hampshire Rabbit Rescue
Mid Atlantic & Eastern US
Upstate New York Rabbit Rescue
Southern US
All Creatures Rescue & Sanctuary - North Carolina
Cape Fear House Rabbit Society - North Carolina
Tri State Rabbit Rescue - Burlington, Kentucky
Independent Rescue Groups by State

Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue - Phoenix



Bunny Bunch - Chino

Rabbit Haven - Santa Cruz

Rabbit Row - Alameda

Save a Bunny - Mill Valley


Bunny Bunch - Los Angles

Rabbit Rescue - La Habra

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue - Pomona

B.U.N.S. - Santa Barbara County

Angela Carrigan's San Fernando Valley Rabbit Rescue

San Clemente Rabbit Page

Irvine Shelter rabbit page


Connecticut & Western Massachussets Hopline


Rabbit Rescue - Hollywood

Gainesville Rabbit Rescue


Hawaiian Humane Society


Red Door Animal Shelter

Kipper's Corner

Tristate Rabbit Rescue


Animal Refuge League - Maine


Rabbit Rescue - Northern and Eastern Massachusetts

Connecticut & Western Massachussets Hopline


Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary (near Ann Arbor)

Michigan Rabbit Rescue - Detroit


Animal Allies - Duluth, Minnesota

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society



New York

Lollipop Farm

North Carolina

Rabbit Rescue - the Triad - Kernersville


Heartland Rabbit Rescue - Blanchard


Oregon Humane Society Rabbit Advocates


The Rabbit Habit

South Carolina

The Rabbit Sanctuary


Bunny Rescue - Nashville


House Rabbit Resource Network

Houston Bunny Buddies

North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary - Richardson


Rabbit Rescue

Best Friends Animal Society


Vermont Rabbit Resources


Tidewater Rabbit Rescue, Inc. - Portsmouth

Alberta Pet Rabbits
Ontario Rabbit Education Organization - Ontario, Canada
Rabbit Rescue - Ontario, Canada
Rabbit Rescue Incorporated - Ontario, Canada
Rabbit Rescue - Canada
The Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP)
Other Countries:
Rabbit Roundabout - South East London and Kent - England
Kaninchenhilfe - Germany
Stichting BunnyBin - Ermelo, Netherlands
Singapore House Rabbit Society
Companion Rabbits - Australia
National Assocation - Rabbit Friends - Spain
Association for Exotic Animals - Italy
Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Królikom - Poland




A man whose hunting dog had killed a neighbor’s rabbit called to ask for help for two more female rabbits living in the same backyard hutch.  The rabbits’ health was suffering and he was concerned if they were sufficiently protected or secured in their enclosure. He didn't want his dog to hurt these pet rabbits.

 He asked his neighbor if he wanted to give the two remaining rabbits to my sister, Bonnie. His neighbor agreed.

The day Bonnie and I arrived; there were two young girls worried about where their pet bunnies were going.  They didn't understand why their bunnies were "sick." The parents never appeared to reassure or comfort their daughters.  Neither the girls nor the rabbits deserved this sad scene.

We reassured them we would help the rabbits back to good health.  Both rabbits were dehydrated and the Rex was severely underweight.  Her patchy hair had been barbered by her New Zealand companion who was a very stressed rabbit.  They also flinched at human contact. 

After both were spayed, Rosie and Tansy settled in to be socialized and learned to trust humans.  They quickly began enjoying being petted and came to their new names.

Several weeks later an elementary school teacher and his wife who love animals adopted the bonded pair of rabbits. The girls who gave up their rabbits each received a gift – a pretty glossy photo as a pictured above of their rehabilitated rabbits.






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