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Just say “Hay”

Hay is the Most Important Part of a Rabbit's Diet

I am Timothy Hay.  Yes, that is a real type of hay – Timothy Hay.  I am not as rich as Alfalfa Hay, but that makes me better for adult rabbits.  The most important thing timothy hay provides is the long indigestible fiber to keep things moving in the rabbit's digestive system!

Timothy Hay is healthy for proper teeth wear because of the chewing action (rabbit teeth grow constantly).  Plus, timothy hay can make a rabbit feel full so he may not chew everything in sight like your computer wires!
  • Alfalfa hay is very rich in nutrients and calories!  House rabbits can get fat on alfalfa hay. 
  • Timothy hay is better than alfalfa for this reason. 
  • Oat hay is okay for variety.
  • Straw hay does not have enough nutrients and should not be given as a feed. 

Buy  timothy  hay fresh online from or you can buy it from a local feed store. Hopperhome goes to the feed store for fresh hay by the 50 lb. bale!

 Make timothy hay available at all the times to your rabbit.

Use it in the litter box and change often.  See Critter Litter to learn about how to put together a litter box with hay.

Rabbits can be given hay as soon as they are weaned.

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