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Greyhound Racing

It’s a Bad Bet!

for Both

Rabbits & Greyhounds!


It may seem an odd combination, but saving greyhounds can also save the animals used in training them for this "sport."

  Rabbits Suffer:

   "Estimates that 100,000 animals are torn apart a year in live lure training

  is "conservative," says Baker”

  The primary animals used are rabbits.

Greyhounds Suffer:

The statistics on greyhound deaths are terrible.  Varying reports of greyhounds being put to death after their racing days are over or if they don't make the grade are anywhere from 16,000 to 45,000 dogs a year. 


See HSUS Page on Greyhound Racing Facts


See PETA "Death in the Fastlane"


The interests of rabbits and greyhounds are the same in stopping greyhound racing.  I grew up in the greyhound racing industry for several years until I was about 12 yrs. old and I know the abuse is true.  All of these animals deserve loving, kind homes and a life of dignity among human beings.


Recent News:

Arizona Greyhound Racing Injuries Report  Visit the website to find out about efforts to stop greyhound racing at the last operating dog track in Arizona. March 3, 2011


New Laws Take Effect With New Year WMUR Manchester - January 1, 2011

Another new law makes it illegal to have live greyhound racing in New Hampshire. Tracks can instead provide simulcasts of races held elsewhere.


Miami Herald Article December 27, 2010: A Vanishing Sport, Dog Racing Runs its Course


Here’s What You Can Do to Change Their Luck:

  • Boycott greyhound racetracks!  Never bet on greyhound racing in any form.

  • Boycott tourism in states where greyhound racing is legal and write tourist boards to let them know your views.

  • Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper to let them know you are disgusted with this “sport.”

  • Tell your family and friends about the suffering caused by greyhound racing for both rabbits and greyhounds.

  • Collect signatures to petition and abolish greyhound racing.  

  • If greyhound racing is legal in your state, support all efforts to pass state legislation to abolish it.  Visit this website to let your state government how you feel:

  • Send a donations to your local greyhound rescue and adoption agencies.

  • Contact your local greyhound rescue and adoption agencies and let them know as a rabbit owner you support their efforts.  Also, if you know of someone who can give a loving home to a greyhound let them know.  Not everyone is a rabbit person  and some people are "dog people" (I know it's hard to believe rabbit fans, but there are people who prefer dogs over rabbits!).

Online Resources:


Greyhound Protection League


Adopt A Greyhound - The Greyhound Project, Inc. - adoption agency listing for the U.S., Canada



Photo Credit:  The photo of the greyhound and rabbit was provided by Dan Schmidt of The Greyhound Project, Inc. from their 1999 calendar of Tiger and Peaches, adopted by Susan and John Short of Macedon NY through GPA New Hampshire.  Hopperhome is very pleased to have permission to show these two 'fast friends" on this website!




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