Rabbits clean themselves top to bottom 5 times a day!


Rabbits don't need a bath.  If they get fecal matter stuck in fur, wash that area to remove and not the whole rabbit.


If your rabbit smells, check the scent glands and clean them.

Scent glands are just slits in the fur on either side of their reproductive organs.  Clean out the crusted material with tepid water with a cottonball. Be gentle! (By the way both males and females have the two scent glands.)

Cat and dog shampoos are toxic to rabbits. Get a rabbit shampoo from your vet.


Fleas sprays for dogs and cats can be toxic to rabbits, too. 


A rabbit doe will build a nest from fur that she pulls off her chest.


Rabbit whiskers and eyebrows are used to feel things near their faces and to move about in the dark. 


The whiskers are as long as the rabbit's body is wide to help them judge distances. 


Rabbits can remember where everything is in their territory like where all the furniture is placed in a room


Rabbits chin objects with their scent glands under their chins to mark their territory and if you move things around they will do it all over again.



Photo Credit:  At the top of the page there is "Miss Pea" and what a sweet pea, too!  Pictured here at the center bottom of the page is "Blue" and she was feeling blue when she she arrived at the San Diego shelter... her eyes wept and she was not thriving.  But Blue is a gorgeous spayed mini-lop and she blossomed in foster care. 


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