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Neuter & Spay 


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After your baby bunny is a few weeks old, his/her behavior will change. Your bunny will become a "teenager" at puberty between 3 to 6 months of age and will be able to reproduce with a mate.  Many new pet rabbit owners who bought the bunny for a child at Easter, will think they have a defective rabbit - something is wrong!  Many rabbits end up in shelters or are abandoned outside at this point in their lives.  There is no mistake.  You have a maturing rabbit!

Spaying or neutering a rabbit is the best thing you can do for the rabbit and here is why:

Medical Reasons In unspayed female rabbits the occurrence of uterine cancer is as high as 80% after age five.  Be sure the vet takes both the ovaries and uterus to avoid reproductive cancer altogether.

Behavior Both males and females will spray urine and not just on each other.  They will mark the carpet with it and any place else they can spray including you.  Also, both males and females with mark territory with their feces.  Males and females can charge, grunt, bite, scratch and be very aggressive.   Having your rabbit altered with make it calmer and a lot less aggressive.

You can get a companion rabbit for your bunny. Rabbits are social creatures and domesticated rabbits are descendants of European rabbits that live in warrens with many individuals.  Rabbits bond with each other and enjoy grooming, playing and social interaction.  Rabbits seem to live longer with a companion rabbit and heal faster if they get sick.   If you work and donít have a lot of time to spend with your rabbit, getting a bonded altered pair is a wonderful thing to do for you and both the rabbits.  If your rabbits are spayed and neutered, you wonít have to worry about fighting, or any other aggressive behavior between your rabbits.  Plus, you can enjoy watching them together.  

Litter training becomes much easier and more dependable when rabbits are altered.

Avoid Unplanned Litters In as early as 3 months you can end up with a litter if you have a pair of rabbits with one female and one male.  Pregnancies can have medical complications and does or their babies can easily die.  To let a rabbit have a litter because you think it is cute or you want the children to see the miracle of life, can end up as a complete disaster.  Sometimes the doe or babies don't survive.  

You Need to Know

Rabbits can live to be 10 years old. 

Those new baby bunnies are now your responsibility.  You need to find them good homes or take care of them the rest of their lives.  Taking them to a shelter will just add to the problem of unwanted domestic rabbits. 

Abandoning them to the outdoors is cruel since they can starve and are prey for everything including dogs, cats, owls and even motorists who run them over. 

Giving them to someone you don't know can mean they end up in a lab for experiments, as snake food, or for greyhound live lure training (yes, it's illegal, but it exists).  

 If they do survive and become feral, they can become a public nuisance. Always call a rabbit rescue organization as the first choice if you must "give up" your baby bunnies.  See the House Rabbit Society for one in your area. They may not have room to take your new litter, but they can give you ideas on how to find them good homes.

Raging Haremones Flyer to Print:

The flyer explains all the reasons why rabbits should be neutered and spayed.

Raging Haremones color

Raging Haremones Black & White

Photo Credit:  Bumble and Rosemary enjoy a quiet moment outside their 3 story rabbit condo.  Bumble is a Holland Lop and Rosemary is a Harlequin rabbit. 


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