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below are the Hottest Links

about rabbit diets!

Where to Shop:

Oxbow Hay Company  Freshest hay I have found in pet stores and on the internet. They also make Bunny Basics T are timothy hay based pellets.  All feed contents are listed with excellent nutritional information provided. This website is an excellent resource.

Best Little Rabbit, Rodent & Ferret House  A non-profit, no kill shelter in Seattle for rabbits/rodents/ferrets.  Their store sells online and has an fantastic variety of products for rabbits.

Bunny Bytes: Outfitters of the Urban Rabbit  Feed, toys, neat bunny stuff for humans, too.

American Pet Diner  Hay and lots more.  The Apple Timothy cubes are a good item for keeping those growing teeth in check. This is a ranch in Nevada and they grow their own hay.

The Busy Bunny  Excellent Baskets!  Edible toy treats and good things for your rabbits to chew.

Thumpers' Hollow  This store sells timothy grass seeds if you want to try your hand at hay farming in your backyard!  They also have a nifty selection of bunny stuff for people.  If you donít have your own apple tree, these folks sell fresh organic apple branches and rabbits love them!  Plus, check out their extra large litter boxes with room for grazing, lounging and good hygiene.

General Diet Information:

House Rabbit Society Treats FAQ excellent information on commercial treats.

Nutrient Charts for Selected Foods - Susan Brown, DVM

Oxalates in fruits & vegetables

Edible Flowers

How to choose hay

A Rabbit's Garden - San Diego HRS

Edible Flowers, Herbs, Fruits, And Vegetables For A Northwest Rabbit Garden - Shelley Moore

How to not explode a bale of hay

Dr. Brown's Diet and Care Guide

FAQ: Rabbit's Diet

House Rabbit Society Diet FAQ Guidelines for feeding different ages of rabbit.

Nutrition in Small Mammals - Susan Brown, DVM

Got Hay? - Susan Smith and Laura Tessmer

Types of Hays and Grasses (includes pics)

ABC's of Rabbit Safe Vegetables & Fruits - Oregon Humane Society

What to Feed Your Rabbit - veggie & fruit list

List of veggies safe for rabbits- House Rabbit Society

Rabbit Diet Information, Carrot Cafe - Laura Atkins and Susan Smith

Rabbit Treat Foods: Facts and Fallacies - Susan Smith

     Toxic Plants

Toxic Plant List Purdue University

Poisonous Plants Web Pages Cornell University

Poisonous Plants House Rabbit Society

Toxic Plants by Oregon Humane Society 

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