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June - December 2007


December 30, 2007, 6:30 p.m. Bunny Biting Art - Rabbit Dental Poster  You may not want to decorate your living room with this poster, but your vet might like it for reception area art or as a teaching aid in an exam room for rabbits. The poster shows a normal rabbit skull, teeth, radiography, anatomy and endoscopy.  It is full color and adapted from the Rabbit and Rodent Dental Handbook by Vittorio Capello, DVM & Margherita Gracis, DVM, Dipl EVDC and AVDC. It sells for $14.95 at the link above.  Click on the poster to see a larger version.


Rabbit Baled Out by Hay - Another solo bunny rescue comes out of Centralia, WA from the flooding earlier this month. Several dairy farms in the area flooded with heavy looses of cows and other farm animals. When the floodwaters kept rising, some farmers joined their cows on the higher ground of the another family farm. They knew from the 1996 flood that this was a refuge. But this time everything flooded. One small furry survivor stayed behind on this farm. It was a rabbit that was found earlier on a hay bale along the banks of the rising river. Someone had carefully placed the hay bale inside the barn and that is where he was found . . . sitting on his dinner (the bale of hay) and he certainly had plenty of water to drink. The owners of the farm nicknamed the rabbit Lucky.


Bunny "Dude" - Alise from San Francisco sent in this pic of a "rabbit" in Stern Grove.  I did a little research and found out it is a bronze created by Gerald Heffernon and it is called a “rabbinoid” sculpture.  It was created in human-scale with a human body and a rabbit head. The sculpture leans against a boulder and talks on a cell phone.  I will add this to my little gallery of rabbit sculptures.








Apple Bunnies Making food into decorative shapes is a favorite children’s bento lunch technique in Japan where it is an art form. See the link above on how to make a apple rabbit.

December 27, 2007, 4:00 p.m. - Moving Experience – The Seattle House Rabbit Society is moving their adoption center to Rabbit Meadows Sanctuary by the end of the year.  You can check out their moving page for the latest news and continued updates as their move progresses.  If you live in the Seattle area they still need volunteers for at both the shelter and sanctuary (soon to be one and the same).  You can make a difference in somebunnies lives. By the way, that is Tess pictured above who came to the shelter and shortly thereafter had a litter.  All of the cute babies are adopted out and Tess is still waiting.  They say she is a friendly and loving rabbit.





On the Wild Side:  In January 2008 issue of National Geographic they featured the endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit.  The one page story explains the challenges with reintroducing this smallest of rabbits back into the wild.  The best part of the article is an actual life size photo of Ivan as an example of their small size. He fits on the magazine page! Ivan makes my sister Bonnie's dwarf Hotot and Netherland Dwarf rabbits look large.  You can see Ivan in the magazine which is on sale now at retailers.








December 26, 2007, 9:30 p.m. -     

Hop on the Bus – a large rabbit (looks like a French lop perhaps?) was abandoned on a bus in Britain over the weekend. Marble (pictured on the right) is waiting for someone to think he is just the ticket and give him a new home. For now he is safe at the RSPCA's Bawtry Animal Sanctuary. The animal care manager at the RSPCA says “It is hitting us hard already . . . we’ve got animals everywhere. I wouldn’t advise anyone to give a pet as a gift at Christmas as a lot of the time they are unwanted. The giant rabbit was found on a bus by a conductor who contacted the RSPCA to say someone had left it. The RSPCA can be contacted in Bawtry, Doncaster, South Yorkshire if they would like a large pet rabbit. Marble looks like a real cuddle bun.

Post Christmas Shopping Alert – Skip the faux fur-trimmed clothing because some of it is Not fake. Following up on last winter’s HSUS investigation that uncovered a faux fur scandal in the apparel and retail industry, the deception continues this year. The Fur Products Labeling Act currently requires the labeling of fur apparel only if the garment contains more than $150 worth of fur.” Because of the loophole consumers don’t know they are buying real fur. And, unfortunately after testing they found rabbit fur among others. That's enough to make a bunny lover hopping mad!

Bunny Fun on Flickr:

Amy Sedaris’ Rabbit Dusty on Flickr   Amy Sedaris is an actress, comedian, author and playwright.  She lives in Greenwich Village with her mini rex rabbit Dusty and is involved with the New York House Rabbit Society. A friend took several pics of Dusty and shares them on her Flickr page. What a great bunny face!


Also, see Bungee & Pounder two beautiful lops photographed in all their activities like digging holes, washing their bunny faces and being adorable.  There is a handsome dog in the mix, too.


Finally, there are Two Dutch Rabbits to see at Flickr. Lisa, from Cambridge, England is a computer games producer, and talented photographer.  She has photos of two beautiful Dutch bunnies on her Flickr page.


December 19, 2007 - PetSmart Will Stop Selling Rabbits -

Hoppy Holidays - Great News for Rabbit Rescuers & Fans - I just heard that Petsmart has decided to cease their "test of rabbit sales" when all the rabbits in the stores are sold. It's amazing what rabbit news can get to me even when I'm on my bunvacation this month.   Now I need to put down the Christmas cards I'm writing and write my thanks to PetSmart for this decision and here's where to write.


John Alpaugh, Vice President, Specialty Merchandising
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(623) 580-6100

And, after New Year's let's all make a resolution to redouble our efforts to Stop Petco from selling rabbits.

Hopperhome's Bunny Blog will be back on after December 27, 2007.  Have a Great Holiday!


December 7, 2007 - 8:45 p.m. - Flood of Help for Rabbits - Thanks to a woman’s quick thinking in Washington State, eighteen domesticated rabbits were rescued from flood waters and put in her backyard. But a wall of water came and the rabbits were quickly loaded into the back of a pick-up, but there wasn’t anywhere to keep them safe. After coordination with Lewis County, Pasado's Safe Haven joined the rabbit rescue of those eighteen lops and other breeds.  Pasado volunteers picked up the bunnies (see photo above) and took them to a temporary homes where they will remain until their home is habitable again. Many other animals and pets are the focus of rescue efforts in the last few days as flood waters recede. See Pasado's link above for information on donations to help. 


December 6, 2007 - 9:45 p.m. - Preschoolers are visiting Bunnytown – It’s a Saturday morning Disney show for young kids that revolves around a town of brightly colored rabbit puppets. There is lots of music from disco to country to hip hop. The sly rabbits in Bunnytown can spy on the human inhabitants of Peopletown. There is a series of tunnels for observing those wacky humans. It’s fast, musical and showcases a variety of silly jokes. The musical numbers occasionally feature original lyrics and are played by the Bunny Band. So “Get off your chair and mess up your hare!”

Rabbit Feet & Sore Hocks - Today, I received an email from a first-time bunny mom who said her rabbit developed sores hocks in the last couple of months. She took her bunny, Mr. Wiggles, to the vet and was upset he developed pododermatitis since he has a clean/dry home and no wire flooring.  While damp, unsanitary conditions and a wire bottom cage can certainly cause “sore hocks,” There can be other factors such as:

 ~ Long nails that put too much weight on the back of the foot

 ~ Some breeds have less fur on the foot to protect the skin

 ~ Obesity - it puts pressure on the feet

 ~ Abrasive flooring and even some carpets 

 ~ Large breeds seem to be more susceptible to this condition

 ~ Sedentary rabbits

My rabbit, Rosemary, never developed sore hocks even though she was very thinly furred on the bottom of her feet. I helped her stay healthy with lots of pedicures especially in her old age.


December 5, 2007, 9:30 p.m. - Smile the Holidays are Coming! - I couldn't resist sharing this photo of Eva from the Cute Little Animals Set.  Visit the link for more photos of Eva by a talented photographer and art director Laura McCaskill on her Flicker.com web page. With all the rabbits pics I have taken, a smile is really tough to capture - it's those receding chins.

Hopperhome’s 2007 Online Bunny Gift Surfing – I did a little online window shopping for holiday rabbit gifts for both people and bunnies, By the way, Hopperhome doesn’t accept advertising so these are just for fun!)  Hoppy Holidays! 

Take Thyme and check out the third Vancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy Rescue Calendar.  The calendar features rescued rabbits and their stories. It is a desk calendar in a CD case. (Pictured on the right.) Each month features a different rabbit with their story on the back of the card. Go to the link above to order.




Animal lovers Anne and Jennifer at The Bunny Store have bunny themed holiday ornaments.  The Bunny Store will be donating $1 per rabbit ornament sold to the rabbit rescue group of your choice throughout the holiday season. They really have a nice assortment of decorations like the Dutch Bunny ornament pictured on the left.






Bunny Stocking  - Bunny Bytes, Outfitters of the Urban Rabbit is stocked up with special stockings for your rabbit.  They are filled with a variety of toys and healthy treats for bunnies.  There are several styles available.  Go to the link above to see them.  Bunny Bytes pictures the goodies in each stocking so you know what each one contains.  They are original and very pretty!



BunnyLuv’s Critter Castle is a safe activity center for active, chew happy lagomorphs. The Critter Castle will accommodate all rabbits and will hold over 100 pounds when assembled correctly. The original design was created with the help of BunnyLuv's foster rabbits especially for house rabbits.




Snow Bunny from Busy Bunny This year they have a snowman for your bunny!  The folks at Busy Bunny have created a willow snowman which is all natural & chewable.  It can be used as a decoration, but I suspect your rabbit find it tasty and tons of fun.



Cats and Rabbits and More has a special holiday special! from November 15th through December 31st they will be making a 25% donation off the retail price of all sales from their website to the National House Rabbit Society.  Take a look at all their rabbit products at the link above.

Funny Bunny Toy Co Creates natural wood toys for rabbits including a reindeer toss toy.  My rabbit, Mr. Hops loves to throw everything around except his friend Bumble Bunny.  This might be under the tree for Hops this year and no worries - the wood is safe for chewing. 

Speaking of Rabbit Tossing – Hops also tries to toss his litter box from time to time, but RabbitCentral.com has just the right litter box to lock on the side of a cage or pen.  A practical gift!

By the way, the picture shows clay litter - never use clay litters for rabbits.  Hay, pelleted recycled newspaper or pelleted straw litters are safe.


Home for the Holidays The Rabbit Stop carries the Ware Rabbit Den for a cage free alternative.  This would be perfect for a small rabbit or maybe a pair of dwarf rabbits with good litter habits.

  For A Bunny Holiday Brunch - Botanical Hay from OxbowHay.com  After testing this product this summer, my rabbits can recommend this enticing blend of Western Timothy Hay and a rich array of three fragrant herbs.  It is an appetizing, long-strand fiber brunch for your bunnies.

Sam Elliott has Hare - Quote of the Week (a long quote):  In the new movie The Golden Compass, actor Sam Elliott, has a jack rabbit named Hester as his spirit sidekick.  An interview with the actor included a section on jack rabbits at movie.com:   

“A lot of people have been kinda looking down their nose at the rabbits of the world. Hester’s a jackrabbit. Initially I thought maybe a horse, but that would’ve been kind of [tough] having a horse in a gondola, a flying ship, but maybe a little more macho kind of an animal or something. I didn’t think that way very long because it occurred to me because of where my family heritage is which is in Texas. . . I used to go there as a kid a lot to see relatives and every time I went there, there were all these billboards or signboards in those days up and down the highways and in the shadow of every billboard there were hundreds of jackrabbits. I mean like this [demonstrates] no elbow room, just fields of ears. So it occurred to me that a jackrabbit is kind of an iconic character in Texas and it made total sense that Hester would be a jackrabbit."

Also, the official movie website included a twenty question test to determine what your “daemon” (animal spirit) would be. So I took the test and should have known it was going to be a Hare!


November 27, 2007, 8:30 p.m. - Congratulations to Amy and Scot, owners and founders of www.leithpetwerks.com for two big events in their lives. First of all, they deserve a pat on the back for their recent “adventure in moving.” They moved the entire company (and household) from Indiana to Salem, Oregon cross country in trucks! I’m a native Oregonian and I certainly understand why they chose to settle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Secondly, on November 22, 2007, Petwerks officially turned ten years old!  Scot and Amy have been creating wonderful homes for rabbits in more ways than one for ten years – they are very active in rabbit rescue (Indiana House Rabbit Society Chapter and more recently the Oregon Humane Society Rabbit Advocates) -- plus, they make terrific bunny abode condos and apartments.  That's my rabbits Rosemary and Bumble a few years ago in their first condo   above.  By the way, the door was normally open, but they enjoyed the top level for lounging and I closed it for the photo op.

Artfully Stitched Rabbit Tutorial - Betz White has been stitching felted wool into amazing creations for quite sometime.  Now she shares one of her rabbit designs on her blog for anyone who wants to try out this woolly bunny.  Go to Cashmere Bunny Tutorial on Betz White's Blog



November 26, 2007, 9:45 p.m. - Bunny Huggers Wanted! The Bunny Barn renovations at the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary were completed recently and they report the rabbits are very happy in their newly updated, warmly insulated, cheerfully bright Bunny Barn.  They had a lot of help to get this big barn finished and now the bunnies need one more thing - hugs!  As the GLRS acknowledges (and most rescuers have experienced) when rabbits come to into a rescue facility they are normally very frightened. The GLRS is in need of volunteers to help these rabbits regain their social skills.  Volunteers help by holding these rabbits, grooming them, or just by talking to them softly. It is a very rewarding! If you are interested in helping socialize rabbits please contact karen@rabbitsanctuary.org If you aren't located in Michigan find a local rabbit rescue and hug a rabbit today!

November 25, 2007, 9:30 p.m.  - Rabbit Adopts Kittens – or was it the other way around?  This week several newspapers reported on a rabbit in Aberdeen, Scotland who has become a mom substitute for six abandoned kittens.  A veterinary technician took the three week old kittens to her home where the rabbit, Summer, normally lives outside.  But the rabbit was inside due to “Bonfire Night” so she wouldn’t be frightened by the fireworks. 

Apparently, the kittens climbed all over the five-month old rabbit and tried to nurse.  Summer wasn’t bothered by all the attention and just let the kittens cozy up to her (see above).  According to their human foster mom, “now they follow her [the rabbit] everywhere. They can't bear to be without her. They're all so lovely together.”  The four male and two female kittens are doing well and a local cat welfare agency has plans to rehome them. See video of rabbit and her kittens:  

"Owners Swear By Their Hares" - the Sun Herald in Biloxi, Mississippi has a column called “Humane Helper” that is written by Christine Harris of the Humane Society of South Mississippi in conjunction with ASPCA.  This past week the column touted rabbits as pets.  As the article said, "in the U.S., rabbits have gained a reputation as short-lived, 'disposable' pets, and are often passed over in favor of cats or dogs. Pet owners who buck this trend are happy to tell us how much we're missing." The rest of the article was a review of just a few of the reasons bunny lovers enjoy their lapin pals.

Pet Therapy Licks Loneliness -  Sam a 4½ year old Rex Mix breed rabbit is a frequent visitor to a local Capitola, CA assisted living facility.  According to an article in the Sentinel, this therapy rabbit calmly munches on his favorite foods – carrot tops and basil while he waits patiently to see his friends. Several other pets also visit with their owners. They are members of an all-volunteer nonprofit called Furry Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Service who visit once a month for an hour of unconditional love with the residents at this long-term senior care facility. “Mietz Egli saw an ad in the paper for Furry Friends and thought Sam (pictured on the left) would be a perfect candidate because he loves being petted and is really social.” 

Furry Friends is an  all-volunteer organization and is the oldest of its type in the area.  According to one of the Santa Cruz County volunteer captains, "We are only limited by the number of people who are willing to volunteer."  Even though most Furry Friends members have dogs, the group welcomes all types of pets including birds, reptiles, guinea pigs and livestock.  "Bunnies are perfect, we would love more bunnies.”  See their website at www.furryfriends.org

Hunters Save Pet Rabbit from House Fire – in a unusual twist  four hunters in Ohio rescued a rabbit.  The four men witnessed a fire start in a rural house and jumped into action to rescue a pet rabbit and a truck. The family wasn’t home at the time of the fire, but the hunters checked the house quickly before the fire burned out of control. The four men pushed the truck away from the house and snatched the rabbit from a back deck before the entire structure was engulfed.   

Fat Rabbits - A recent study, carried out by the insurance firm Petplan, showed that a quarter of all pet rabbits are overweight in Britain, with eight out of 10 vets saying the trend is escalating. They found that some owners were giving treats such as honey and even chocolate.  Carrots were also a problem since newer varieties are grown for their high sugar content for human tastes. They noted that “obesity in rabbits is rapidly approaching the same levels found in dogs and cats, of which about one in three are obese. Some rabbits are twice their recommended body-weight.”  Vets said not only are house rabbits putting on the pounds, but also outdoor rabbits kept in hutches that are too small for exercise.   Another culprit cited was “richer processed pet foods.”   Two of the country’s largest pet insurers say obesity-related issues now make up 25% of claims for rabbits.

Hopperhome is on vacation until November 25th. The Bunny Blog will hop on that evening.  Thank you!


November 7th, 9:30 p.m. - Surfing Flickr.com for beautiful rabbits I found Cindy’s Rabbit hopping in the fall leaves on a leash.  From there I happened on a photogenic herd of pet bunnies - Finnegan, Baxter, Ollie & Twizzle at home.  Then there was Lagomorph (aka Kelly) rabbit pics featuring a black and white Dutch and friends. Finally, I surfed by Bunny – a black lop on Flickr.  Take a look and see just a few of many picture perfect pet bunny photo galleries online. 

Rabbit or ? – Yesterday I received this photo from Janice (a rabbit fan) from Los Angeles.  She had just returned from a trip to Peru, South America.  She wanted to know if this amazing creature shown here is a type of rabbit.  Close, but it is not a rabbit.  It is a Viscacha which is a rodent and in the chinchilla family.  This is the northern viscacha and yes, it has long furry ears and lives in large colonies (but they are in separate family “apartments”). They have a cousin, the Plains Viscacha, that lives in Argentina, but ranchers consider them pests.  It’s interesting that even though lagomorphs are distributed almost worldwide, they are absent from southern South America.  But they have their Viscachas and, of course, Cavies (guinea pigs) which are indigenous to the Andes. 

Fabric Bunnies – for those of you who are handy with a sewing machine, there are rabbit themed fabrics from Japan on www.etsy.com. See these links to see some of these fabrics.  Most are in cottons and a few are available in more than one color.  Rabbit with Plum Blossom from Japan with Love, Blue Mochi Rabbit from Treasure Trove Funny Rabbit from Neurotic Ann

Bunnies of Cedar Rapids – Yes, the residents of Cedar Rapids, Iowa are sometimes referred to as “Bunnies,” according to a recent article on CNN.  I imagined herds of feral rabbits running wild in the neighborhoods within the city limits.  But the moniker doesn’t have anything to do with our furry, long eared pets. Since the 1930’s Cedar Rapids has been home to four different minor league baseball teams called Rabbits or Bunnies.

Rabbit Day at AniMall in Morrisville, North Carolina - AniMall and the N.C. Triangle House Rabbit Meetup group are sponsoring "Rabbit Day at AniMall" on Sunday, Nov. 11, noon to 6 p.m, This education and adoption event will feature opportunities to learn more about the care of pet rabbits as well as to meet adoptable pet rabbits. Go to this link to RSVP

By the way, not just one, but four North Carolina-based rabbit rescue groups will participate in Rabbit Day: Bunny Matters of Raleigh, Carolina Pet Rescue of Durham, Cape Fear House Rabbit Society of Wilmington, and Dancing with the Bunnies of Greenville.

White Rabbits Rock – the Quebec Rabbit Rescue presents the White Bunnies Rock, a two-day adoption event on Nov. 10th and 11th, Plaza Pointe Claire (Highway 20 and St. John's Blvd.). Contest, prizes, fun, and demystifying of the white rabbit! For more information visit www.QuebecRabbitRescue.org That’s Snowball above who is a Jersey Woolley mix and just born in February 2007. He is litter box trained. Snowball’s profile is at the link above both in French and English.

October 29, 2007 - A Bevy of Disapproving Bunnies are frowning their way into the pop culture with Sharon Stiteler’s book “Disapproving Rabbits.”  The Tacoma News Tribune in Washington State gave the book a good review.  The reviewer praised the book for the photographic study of the rabbits with haughty attitudes.  See Sharon’s (Bird Chick) website at www.disapprovingrabbits.com  Her book is also available on the website and in bookstores.  Sharon was also recently featured on MSNBC Netiquette – Bunnies Rule the Internet and several other websites.  Congratulations Sharon!  (Above is the Disapproving Jack O' Lantern from the website - too funny!)

Out of the Fire - The North County Times published a recent article on how Westwood residents have reacted to the fire devastation.  It seems in Rancho Bernardo, one family member found joy in the sight of a dirty, but quite lively rabbit hunkered done in the flooded bushes outside her half-burned family room door.  She said “When I saw it, I was so happy I just started jumping up and down.”  I’m sure the rabbit felt the same way!

Nothing But Blue Skies for Stormy the Rabbit - Stormy, a 2-year-old dappled black-and-white bunny was one of several rescued pets honored for courage at gala event in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Stormy was rescued from drowning in a flood at two months old.  He was taken to the East Valley Bunny Rescue, where caretakers expected him to catch pneumonia and die.  Instead, Stormy went to a foster home where he was brought back to health with the help of his human fosterer and two pet cats.  His foster mom said Stormy thinks he’s cat, but remains a vegetarian.  Stormy has a career, too.  He volunteers for Hospice of the Valley, visiting patients and he cuddles right up to them.

Former Pets Take over Campus - I have been reading about the feral rabbits at the University of Victoria, British Columbia for quite sometime.  The university now has a rabbit committee to deal with their multiplying problem “that hops around campus and even delays soccer matches.”  There are so many rabbits they are now moving off-campus and into neighborhoods nearby.  The new committee plans to “. . . look at ways to hear everyone's concerns and determine the scope of the issue." Eight more rabbits were found over the weekend during a women’s soccer game that was delayed when a rabbit popped up near the goal net.  Inside the rabbit hole were eight newborn bunnies.  They were taken to a nearby animal hospital and the game resumed. (Pictured above is just one of the abandoned pet rabbits at the U of V.)

October 24, 2007, 9:00 p.m. - News for Fire Displaced Pets - Thanks to Ray Milkey of Rabbit Haven who sent this good news for fire displaced pets in Southern California - VCA

animal hospitals (in Southern California) are offering free care for displaced pets while they have room.  You can get a list of the hospitals along with contact info from their website: Rabbit Haven


Finnish Bunny Village - Marta sent this photo of a rabbit village at a park in Tampere, Finland in a warmer part of the year.  These homes could be an inspiration for bunny hideaway inside a human house. 





October 23, 2007, 8:00 p.m. - Cats and Rabbits and More home of the Cottontail Cottage has provided information for people with companion rabbits in San Diego. They note that thousands of people are affected by the fires including volunteers and supporters of the San Diego House Rabbit Society. Foster homes have been forced to evacuate and many local shelters have contacted the San Diego HRS to foster their rabbits while this emergency continues. Although, shelters are accepting pets, many people will still need help with their pet bunnies.

The San Diego HRS has started an online list for the rabbit community to post requests and offers of help. To join the group:  
San Diego Emergency Rabbit Assistance - Note: anyone can post and it is the responsibility of individuals to evaluate offers of help.

Fire Air Quality Hazard to Rabbits!  I know about this firsthand from a large fire in Carson City, NV a couple of years ago that got within a mile of home.  Leave your pet rabbits inside or bring them in if they normally spend time outdoors.  Rabbits need clean air with good circulation so find a room for them in the house.  It can really be an issue especially for an older rabbit or a bunny who is compromised medically.


October 22, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - Things that Go Hop in the Night - Bunnicula is a children's tale about two family pets, Harold the dog, and Chester the cat who try to warn their human family that their foundling baby bunny must be a vampire.  In 1979 James Howe published Bunnicula, and Halloween isn't just for ghosts and ghouls anymore.  Bunnicula went on to receive numerous awards as a children's favorite.  There are also two sequels, Howliday Inn and The Celery Stalks at Midnight.- Go to Barnes & Noble’s page of Bunnicula books.  The Bunnicula Plush Doll pictured above is from Stuffee & Nonsense


The Bunny is Green! – Earlier this year the House Rabbit Society started the National HRS Rescue Emergency Fund.  This fund is earmarked to help in emergency rabbit rescue situations around the country for 50 to 1500 rabbits.  They have now exceeded their goal thanks to very generous donations! They have already made grants to Animal Friends, Inc to help with a rescue of over 50 domestic rabbits in Pittsburgh; Bunny Bunch of Southern California to help with a rescue of over 500 domestic rabbits in Garden Grove, CA; Wild Rescue of Texas to help with a rescue of 45 domestic rabbits in the Louisville Metro Animal Services of Kentucky to help with a rescue of 100 rabbits from a basement breeder.  By the way, if you want to make Donation to this fund go to the link. To apply for these funds, rescue groups and shelters please Click Here.

Bunny Blossoms - Kozyndan
is the joint pseudonym of Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife team known for their whimsical and occasionally absurd illustrations of modern cityscapes.  My favorite illustration is “Bunny Blossoms.”  Unfortunately, the prints are sold out and it’s not a surprise since it is so original.  Click on the thumbnail picture to see a larger version.










Neat Idea Cube (NIC) I stumbled upon a photo of a large Neat Idea Club house for a rabbit and that took me to the Flickr Gallery of a House Rabbit Habitat plus: house rabbit keeping for the overly organized!  Several tips and products are recommended here, too. 

October 18, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers - In the Valley Ridge neighborhood of northwest Calgary, Alberta animal rescue workers are humanely trapping abandoned pet rabbits.  The rabbits are angering residents by eating their gardens.  The rabbit rescuers plan to ship the bunnies to a sanctuary in British Columbia.  According to CBC News, an animal rights activist who is with “the group Compassion in Action and volunteers for Pound Rescue, said the city would likely combat the problem by using snares or poisoning the animals.”  Fortunately, there are people who know the rabbits deserve a better fate and will make sure they have one.

Hare Brained! -  It seems poplar trees with rabbit genes accelerate the cleaning of soil.  Researchers have discovered that genetically modified trees breakdown pollutants 100 times faster than unaltered plants. Tests were performed on poplar cuttings that had a gene from a rabbit inserted into them.  According to a researcher, “these transgenic poplars may provide the means to effectively clean sites contaminated with a variety of pollutants at much faster rates and at lower costs than can be achieved with current conventional techniques." The good news is “ultimately, the scientists would like to manipulate the plant's own genes to achieve the same goal. (The painting above is “Smiling Tree and a Rabbit” by Maryam Gousheh-Forgeot)  

Handmade Bunnicula - I found this handmade Halloween sock bunny for sale on Etsy.  The bunny is made from brand new cotton socks and new orange fabric and filled with nice safe toy stuffing. Storey Shop at Etsy 






Update to Bunny Blog Entry on October 14th about the stolen bunny - kind-hearted people touched by the story in the local newspaper flooded the family with offers of help. One man, who wished to stay anonymous, went a bunny-hop further and handed over a special present to the distraught girl – a new bunny.  Her father said “. . . It just shows there are more nice people than nasty people. "She will love the new rabbit just the same as Gizmo, but if we get him back it would be fantastic.”

October 16, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. - Rabbit Ears on TV - The Seattle Animal Services Small Animal facility was featured on Evening Magazine, a Puget Sound area (Seattle) television show.  The show regularly presents segments on nonprofit animal rescue organizations and governmental animal services. A representative from the shelter held very pretty Rex rabbit during most of the segment. The bunny looked a lot like the male mini Rex (above), Stewart, who is available for adoption on their website.  If you have a local television magazine program in your city, write a letter and suggest they feature local animals for adoption.  See the video segment from Evening Magazine online: Video featuring Rabbits & Small Pets at Seattle Animal Services.

Inspired by Rabbits - Erika Moen is a talented illustrator and has lots of photos of rabbits on her Flickr web pages with several from BunnyLuv.  She also has a terrific portfolio of her illustrations and cartoons online.  There is one I really enjoyed about rabbits at Missing Shelter.   

By the way, BunnyLuv  will host their 5th Annual Open House and Fun Day on Sunday, October 21, 2007 – in Van Nuys, California from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Go to their link  for more information.  The photo above is part of their facility.





The House Rabbit Network Benefit will be held on Tuesday October 23rd from 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at Flatbread in Bedford, MA. Flatbread is a unique restaurant that promotes organic farming and the community. Tuesday nights are Benefit Nights where Flatbread donates $3.50 from every large flatbread and $1.75 from a small flatbread to a local charity. The House Rabbit Network is honored to be the chosen charity for October 23rd. So if you live within the Bedford, MA area go to the link above for more information and join other rabbits fans for the fun!  The two adorable bunnies, Skittles & Tootsie above are the featured as Buns of the Month at the House Rabbit Network website.

Big Bunny Art - Below is a corner section of a mural in the Executive Boardroom at SPCA of Texas.  Click photo to see a larger version.


October 14, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Rabbit allergic to carrots snatched According to the Mirror Newspaper online, UK, “It may seem hard to swallow, but this floppy-eared bunny called Gizmo is allergic to carrots and lettuce and he was taken from his hutch" near Sunderland in the UK last week.  The bunny is a family pet and especially for a 10 year old girl who is autistic.  The family is hoping for a happy ending and have offered a cash reward for Gizmo.  This is the second rabbit stolen in the area in a week.   

Rabbit Videos - I receive many requests for videos on rabbit care.  The House Rabbit Society has an excellent selection of videos and CD’s to help keep your rabbit healthy.  Just a few of the titles available are “Your First House Rabbit, Choosing, Preparation, Feeding and Training” by Marinell Harriman, “Helping a Friend Make a New Friend - A Matchmaker’s Guide to Rabbit Introductions to Each Other and to Other Species,” also by Marinell Harriman and “Encouraging Your Rabbit to Exercise – Activities that Promote a Bunny’s Fitness.”  There are several other subjects including videos for veterinarians.  See the link above.



Baby Pictures - If you would like to see  photos of baby rabbits visit Alabama Ears – Foster Babies They are fostering these babies for the Huntsville Animal Services.  When they are old enough they will will be spayed and neutered and be available for adoption through the Huntsville Animal Services.

Two Bucks Off –  If you are in the Atlanta area and plan to attend the Atlanta Pet Expo present a coupon from the Georgia House Rabbit Society with a full priced adult admission and a $2.00 donation will be made to the House Rabbit Society.  The Georgia House Rabbit Society has the coupon on their website for the upcoming Atlanta Pet Expo 2007 slated for November 3rd and 4th.

Gainesville Rabbit Rescue For folks who might not be able to afford the cost of spaying or neutering your pet bunny, GRR may be able to help.  Ask about their new B.U.N.S. program Email for more information.



Hoppy Holidays – If you want to get an early start on your Christmas cards visit the Upstate New York Bunny Themed Holiday Cards  All profits benefit T.H.E. Rabbit Resource and the upstate NY Chapter of the House Rabbit Society.  Visit the link above for more information.


Hoppy New Year – Low Country HRS has announced a new 2008 rabbit calendar is available. They are a rabbit rescue organization based out of Charleston SC.  Go to the link above for more information.  

But if you’re from Texas you might enjoy a calendar from Bunny Buddies of Houston Area.  It features some of the cutest rabbits from the Houston area all year round! 


Director's Choice" Rabbits – This caught my attention on the Los Angeles Area Rabbits website. 15 New Zealand rabbits were turned into a local shelter right before Christmas. These rabbits were used for a commercial shoot. The director took them home and then had his housekeeper drop them off at the shelter. There are 6 boys and 4 girls still available for adoption. 

Also, if you live in the Los Angeles Los Angeles Area Rabbits will be hosting a Rabbit Care Workshop next weekend on Sunday, October 21, 2007 - View and download flier!

Brandee’s Blog – This blog is from the Vice President of the Hop-A-Long Hollow, a Connecticut based Rabbit Rescue that also helps out with the re-homing of other animals. The purpose of Brandee’s Blog is to give people an idea of the day to day life running a rabbit shelter.  Go to the link to see this blog or be sure to visit Hopalong Hollow.


October 8, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Turning to Bunnies for Comfort - In Bethesda, Maryland a cancer survivor turns to her rabbit for comfort.  A recent article on the nonprofit “Critters for the Cure” organization described women who are breast cancer survivors and their pets.  The women will appear in the organization calendar. Wendy brought her dwarf rabbit, “Mr. Bunnis” to the photo shoot in June.  As she said, “My pets absolutely comforted me. . . They’re always there to love you and it doesn’t matter. They’re happy to be petted and sit with you and just be content in the moment.” Critters for the Cure


Color Like No Other Ad  A recent commercial for the Sony Bravia Color Like No Other campaign will air soon.  It features Play-Doh brightly-colored model rabbits hopping about the streets of New York. They used a mixture of “Play-Doh” or clay rabbits combined with six inch, one foot and two foot bunnies which were made out of foam and latex but made to look as if they were made from Play-Doh. In total we had nearly 200 rabbits of varying sizes. See the whimsical bunny ad at the link above.


Jaw Abscesses - Jeff Kahler is a veterinarian in Modesto and in his recent column in the Modesto Bee he wrote about rabbit jaw abscesses.  The bunny in the article was his patient, “Oscar,” (a Netherland Dwarf) who developed a swelling on the right side of his lower jaw and then it became the size of a golf ball.  At that size, of course, it was painful and Oscar’s appetite decreased.  As Dr. Kahler said “I am not an advocate of ‘wait and see.’  The abscess was surgically removed.  This a delicate surgery since the rabbit’s mouth does not open wide. I have treated abscesses with “Bicillin” shots with excellent results.  But jaw abscesses such as this may not respond to antibiotics.

The best prevention is a regular home exam for lumps on the rabbit’s head and a yearly exam that includes the rabbit’s mouth and jaw by a veterinarian. Non-surgical Treatment of Head Abscesses in Rabbits and Abscesses In Rabbits


September 30, 2007, 9:00 p.m. - Rash of Rabbit Robberies – All I had to do was go offline for awhile to replace my crashed computer and it seems a whole lot of rabbits have been nabbed in the last couple of weeks. 


Tea Garden Mystery - A giant rabbit named Ralph was stolen from a tea garden in Arlington in the UK.  He was taken with 10 chickens and a hutch from a farm shop who kept Ralph as a pet for customers.  It seems nine months ago another giant bunny named

“Bambi” was stolen from the same shop.  It’s unfortunate, but the shop needs to reconsider keeping a rabbit for customers to pet.


UnFair Theft - Someone at the Puyallup Fair stole a rabbit resting in its cage after it won the top blue ribbon.  A little Netherland Dwarf was somewhat of a celebrity since he won top prize at this annual State Fair in Washington State.  Miraculously, RJ (the rabbit) was recovered in a box several blocks from the fairgrounds on the sidewalk several days later.  Someone had left water and chopped up carrots for the bunny.  The owners said they would take the bunny home since he “had been through a lot” and they didn’t want RJ to be stressed any further.  This was the first rabbit ever stolen at the fair.


Preschool Caper - Sugar Bunny was stolen from a preschool in Spokane, Washington and fliers protesting circus animal acts were left in its empty cage.  The protest theft was against Ringling Brothers Circus which was in town for the weekend.   (The preschool had no affiliation with the circus).  The fliers named PETA and the NW Animal Rights Network.  However, the director of PETA’s domestic animal department said the group would not endorse stealing a pet bunny.  After all, how does anyone explain the missing pet to children (whether or not one believes in cages or school rabbit pets).  I guess the thieves couldn’t fit a circus elephant or a Siberian tiger in their getaway car so they found a suitable substitute in a preschool pet bunny.


City Ordinance Breeds a Laugh – at least I was almost laughing (if it weren’t so misguided) when I read a story about a proposed ordinance.  It seems City Council members in a northern Wyoming town gave initial approval to an ordinance that “limits rabbits to three breeding pairs a household.”  Apparently, the Police Chief agrees with my assessment when he warned that rabbits are among the reproductive wonders of the world.  He said “if you have six . . .you’ll have 60 rabbits.”  Actually, in a year you will have over 2,000 from one pair. 


RRR/HRS 13th Annual Rabbit Care Conference will be held on Sunday, October 21, 2007 at the Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, NY.  The line-up of informative talks is impressive including: Feeding and Longevity by Susan Brown, DVM and on Caring for Senior Buns by Mary Cotter, ED.D., LVT and Gil Stanzione, DVM.  Plus, there will be a demo on introducing bunnies for trio living called, “Threes Company.”   There is too much to list here, but you can go to the link for more information at: RRR – NYC HRS 13th Annual Rabbit Care Conference  I wouldn’t miss this if I were within driving distance of New Rochelle!


Rabbits Being Abandoned on Long Island – This AP story made the front page of CNN last week online.  Someone has been abandoning rabbits on roadways and in parks around school grounds on Long Island’s South Shore more frequently in recent months.   Earlier this month, a man was seen dumping 20 rabbits in a box at a train station and driving away.  A Nassau County SPCA has speculated that someone is raising rabbits and trying to get out of the business.  A reward is being offered for who is responsible for dumping the bunnies.  The rabbits that have been recovered are infested with fleas and ticks.  However, they are being treated, fed, cleaned and put up for adoption.


September 15, 2007 - Hopperhome's trusty little e-machine finally crashed for good this weekend.  Time to hop to it and buy a new super fast, up to date, brand new bunny computer.  After all this time, Hopperhome can now invest in a computer that will keep it hopping along another 9 years - The Bunny Blog will be back next in a week or so after the new computer is installed.  Thanks for your patience!


September 11, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. Great! Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary - On August 18th, 108 rabbits from the Reno rescue of last year arrived at the  GLRS sanctuary. Though Best Friends had found a home for them, it did not work out. When GLRS heard of the situation they let Best Friends know the rabbits would be welcome in Michigan. So after a three-day truck ride for the rabbits, 108 more Reno rabbits are happily hopping around the the GLRS sanctuary.






Fair Rabbits – It’s that time of year again when state or county fairs open and display rabbits in small cages in stifling, hot buildings with noisy roosters.  This year my sister and I went up to our regional fair and chatted up people who were interested in rabbits as pets.  We don’t have a booth.  But it’s easy to start a conversation over a litter of baby rabbits.  Bonnie found the organizers and asked why there weren’t any resting boards in the cages.  Aside from the heat, poking fingers (children) and the din of noise from people and poultry, there wasn’t a resting board in sight.  I manned my informal conversation station by a cage full of baby Dutch rabbits and a doe (see them below). Someone mentioned they had been to a fair in a hotter part of the state and the organizers asked those showing Angora rabbits to take their bunnies home due to heat. A girl showing her Angoras told me she was disappointed since she was there and I to

ld her to be grateful she didn't lose her rabbits to the heat, but she wanted a ribbon. About then Bonnie came over to tell me no one used a resting board because it was “against the rules” and “wasn’t clean.” That was it, we headed out to the

booths for decadent fair food and fresh air. However, we felt glad we had handed out several cards about rabbit care with  website links for the visitors in the rabbit building. We told them how wonderful rabbits are as house pets. The photos here are of some of those rabbits.


September 9, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Local TV News Station Features Rabbits! A news program (Ch. 17 news) in Raleigh, NC recently ran a story called, Many Choose Rabbits for Pets.”  The story online and the video were terrific – see at link.  They interviewed and filmed, Kimberly, who has two lops.  She explained how her rabbits have lots of personality and they like to interact at floor level.  She also said  rabbits should be house pets and have room to exercise. A volunteer from the local SPCA was also interviewed.  She noted that rabbits should be adopted in pairs and can be litter box trained.  Rabbits were shown at their best as pets.


On the Wild Side The federal government released a draft recovery plan for the pygmy rabbit.  Right now there is only one lonely rabbit in Eastern Washington.  Officials plan to get him some company. He was released earlier this year with 20 other tiny rabbits and now is the only one remaining.  The little pygmy rabbits are the smallest rabbits in North America and it’s only one of two rabbit species that dig burrows.  The Columbia Basin rabbit has been an isolated population for thousands of years and is genetically different from other pygmy rabbits. The Fish and Wildlife Service will accept comments on the recovery plan until November 6th.  I think the lonely pygmy would say “Hop to it, folks!”


"Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to hop" — and the music started at the Evergreen State Fair over Labor Day in Monroe, Washington.  The laughing crowd flowed together, their long ears waving and bobbing.  It appears the Guinness World Record for the largest bunny hop was broken — by a whisker — by fairgoers .  Participants all wore pink and white bunny ears. Bunny-hop organizers say 1,886 people formally registered for the event, held in the spirit of the fair's "Be Somebunny! Hop to the Fair" theme.


September 6, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. - Sprinkles of Kindness in Flood - Water rushed over a dike across the street from a family home in Rushford, Minnesota where a bunny named Mr. Sprinkles lived.  The late August flood ultimately caused $12 million property and infrastructure damage in Fillmore County. About half of the town’s 760 homes were ruined.  Mr. Sprinkle’s family had to evacuate their home in a hurry at 4:00 a.m. as the water surged over the dike.  The rabbit was left in his backyard cage.  The family feared the worst upon their return after the flood waters receded.  They were stunned and relieved to find Mr. Sprinkles alive in his cage on the front porch after a neighbor had rescued him. 

Volunteer in Vancouver, B.C. - Mercy’s Reach Rabbit Refuge (Vancouver, BC) urgently needs volunteers for cleaning, feeding, grooming and socializing rescued bunnies, awaiting adoption. Even two hours a week will help their overworked bunny lovers. Call Muriel 604-530-3297 for more info if you live in the area and can help. September 5, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. -

Mr. Whiskers May Need a New Home - In Anchorage Alaska officials are proposing rule changes would require “that Mr. Whiskers the rabbit find a new home.” The rules to be considered by the Anchorage Assembly would ban many animals from small backyards, from ferrets to chickens to bunnies.  According, to the Juneau Empire. “the rules would limit the number of small backyard animals to three on regular residential lots smaller than 10,000 square feet.” Four rabbits will require a permit in a backyard. The newspaper included the thoughts from a rabbit rescuer in their report. “Karan Nixon, who rescues bunnies, including Mr. Whiskers, says the proposed rules aren't realistic. She said many people have more than three rabbits, adding that a crackdown would only deluge Animal Control with orphaned animals.” Public comments will be taken regarding the proposed changes in the law in September. 

Rabbits in the Will - Leona Helmsley left her dog Trouble $12 million and even though the amount is unusual, naming a pet as a beneficiary is not. Ohio allows for trusts for pets. Also, I recall in 2005 several dogs and a spotted rabbit called Roxy were part of a gathering in Hawaii to witness the Governor sign a measure into law that would allow their residents to leave a trust for care of a domestic animals.  It seems, 60% of American households include a pet as a beneficiary.

Rabbit Talk - A blog that is written from the perspective of the rabbits - The Bunny Lovers Shop Blog - Malou This blog has some wonderful photos of Malou and friend Talisman.  Both are beautiful agouti lops who live in France.  Don’t worry – the blog is written in English. Malou is pictured above standing in a gift of parsley.  (Hopperhome doesn't recommend this!)




Wet British Winter Rabbit Disease - According to many newspapers in the UK, pet rabbits have become the latest victims of Britain’s wet summer and humid weather triggering a resurgence of myxomatosis.  The disease kills wild and domestic rabbits alike.  Animal experts in the UK are encouraging the public to to vaccinate their rabbits against the disease now and every six months. Wild rabbits have built up some immunity to the disease that is spread by biting insects like fleas and mosquitoes. There are estimated to be 1.6 million pet rabbits in Britain and they are the third-most popular pet after cats and dogs, but only one in ten pet rabbits is thought to be vaccinated against the disease. Myxomastosis also rarely occurs in the United States primarily in California and is not as prevalent as in the UK. For more info see: Oregon State University Myxomatosis Information


Red Eyes Have Power - In the Edo period in Japan during the Hina (girls) Festival parents pray for their daughters' happiness through a thread taken from a piece of old clothing.  It is then sewn into a hanging ornament such as the one shown below. People entrusted their wishes to the ornaments. The ornaments (110 different ones) have separate meanings. The red eyes of a rabbit are traditionally supposed to have the power of curing diseases.  





August 19, 2007 - 7:00 p.m. -Shelter Resources - Thanks to the House Rabbit Society for providing Resources for Animal Shelters on their website.  So many shelters are only set-up for cats and dogs and do not have resources for small animals.  The HRS has materials to help educate the public, improve a rabbit adoption program and provide proper care for rabbits at a shelter.  Visit your local shelter and let them know.  See the links above. 




Ferret Friends - Yesterday I received an email from someone who saw young ferrets and rabbits housed next to each other in a pet store and wanted to get one of each.  First, I told them to adopt from a rescue organization. Then, I explained that Ferrets are the domesticated descendants of the wild polecat and they are kept as both pets, but also as “working ferrets” that help flush out wild rabbits from burrows for hunters. They are carnivores and the few times I have seen rabbits go on a real “thump fest” (a signal danger is near) was when a raccoon or ferret was close.  I don’t recommend it even though I have heard  from ferret owners that their ferrets would never attack a rabbit. Personally, I wouldn't take that chance and two ferrets together would be great companions as pets. For a directory of Ferret adoption resources see Ferret Organizations & Shelters


Rabbit Radio  I found this diminutive white rabbit FM Radio on the internet.  In this age of ipods, this is a novel gift for a rabbit fan.  They also come in pink and run around $10.  See the link above for more information.


Folded Rabbits - Cindy at Fingermagic wrote me about the Origami Rabbit Kits they have for sale.  They look like fun folding for adults and children.  See the photo of these cheerful folded rabbits on the right. Also, they have a beautiful  Origami Rabbit Necklace in white.



Bunny Preference - Ann caught me – my Bunny Blog entry about the BADD (Bunnes Against Drunk Driving) a couple of weeks ago showed my lagomorphic preferences.  Ann wrote “I just love the 'order' of this sentence in today's bunnyblog......’Both the rabbit and driver were unharmed.’ oh ya, the human was ok too - tee hee!  Speaks volumes about how we bunny parents think.”  Okay, I AM guilty.


Worldwide Rabbit Love & Appreciation Day, Friday, August 24, 2007August 16, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. -

24 carrot lane Proclaims First Annual Worldwide Rabbit Love + Appreciation Day  - A special day for rabbits on August 24th!  It is  all about encouraging rabbit parents everywhere to do their small part to spread the word about responsible rabbit guardianship, to let others know how intelligent and affectionate rabbits can be, and to remind everyone that they CAN make a difference for the better, which will ultimately help to reduce the number of rabbits surrendered to shelters.  Tania  of 24 carrot lane has several suggestions on how you can do you a bit of good where you are, in honor of rabbits everywhere.  Your suggestions are welcome, too. Check it out at the link above!


Update on Seattle’s Woodland Park Rabbits – Good News!  According to KIRO news in Seattle, “hundreds of rabbits abandoned in Seattle parks have been rounded up and taken to an animal sanctuary” near the Olympic Mountains.  The rabbits were under stress in their temporary housing in a old chapel in a city park.  Precious Life Animal Sanctuary are going to build a permanent rabbit pen funded by the taxpayers.  See website for Precious Life Animal Sanctuary





BADD "Bunnies Against Drunk Driving – The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that a 19 year old man sped down a street and severed a telephone pole. His pet rabbit was in the car!  Fortunately, the car stopped before it ran into a house.  The prosecutor said that “speeding and alcohol were believed to factors in the crash.”  Both the rabbit and driver were unharmed.


Hillsboro Rabbit Hoard Case Postscript - It was disturbing to read the Eugene Register Guard article about the Hillsboro, Oregon woman who was arrested last year for animal neglect.  Miriam Sakewitz "has returned to jail because she violated her probation by keeping a rabbit at her house.” Last year when she was originally arrested she had almost 250 rabbits, including 88 who had passed away. 


A county probation officer, “testified that Sakewitz, 45, had a rabbit at her house in June, repeatedly canceled counseling sessions and did not open her door for unannounced visits.” Also, two neighbors testified.  The judge sent her to jail for three days and “he also ordered her not to go within 100 yards of a rabbit when she gets out.”  For information on animal hoarding see the Tufts University website at: Animal Hoarding Research


August 6, 2007 - 10:30 p.m. - Priceless Rabbit - A bunny named “Harry” was featured in an article in the Akron Beacon Journal about how Americans spend $41 billion a year on their pets.  Harry’s bunny mom said they found him “He just hopped up the neighbor’s yard about six years ago and needed a home, so we took him in.”  A some point Harry started bumping into things and had eye surgery last year.  Six year old Harry goes to a veterinarian who has a ophthalmology practice.  Specialized veterinary eye care is becoming more common.  Artificial lenses to replace natural eye lenses clouded over by cataracts are available for cats and dogs.  No one has made replacement lenses for rabbits yet.  Cataracts can be removed. However, a rabbit like one of my own (Mr. Bumble) isn't a candidate for surgery since he is over 9 years of age and is already medically compromised.  Fortunately, Harry was able to tolerate surgery.  He also has a princely life.  The article notes Harry likes to nestle in his mom's lap while she sips coffee and reads the newspaper.  Now that’s priceless!  For more information on rabbit eye health see: House Rabbit Network - Your Rabbits Eye Health


Rabbits on the Road -  According to Explorer.com pets are no longer relegated to small motels and campgrounds.  The AAA’s 2004 Traveling with Your Pet Guide says “20,000 up-scale accommodations are happy to shake paws with your whole family.” It seems  Loews Hotels opens their doors to all walks of life, from dogs and cats, and yes, rabbits.  The concierge at one of their hotels said “A lot of our guests choose to travel with their pets, especially during the summer months.  It makes for a great work environment for all our employees.”   With that trend toward a pet friendly attitude, it’s no wonder 67 percent of pet owners travel with their pets when over 50 miles away from home.


PetSmart Rabbit Sales - Last week the Arizona Republic and the Green Bay Press ran articles about the move by PetSmart to sell rabbits.  Petsmart has “begun breeding and test selling dwarf rabbits.”  A company spokeswoman was quoted as saying, “We certainly don’t doubt that there are rabbits in shelters that need homes, but we also know that there are people seeking pets that have been bred and want to have that pet from the start.”  The article goes on to say “rabbit sales began the week of July 9 and are placed in 25 stores nationwide.  That number could expand to a maximum of 40 stores.”  For more information and to express your concerns go to:  House Rabbit Society – What You Can Do


Little Cotton Rabbits – That’s the screen name for a bunny knitter in the UK.  Julie has a wonderful store on Etsy.  And, she does knit the rabbits to relax. However, her rabbits are very popular so she is taking a break until autumn.  But go see her gallery of knit rabbits at Little Cotton Rabbits









July 31, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - The Story of Chris Dodd's White Hare  - Candidate for President Chris Dodd has a White Hare.  His campaign was in a frantic search for a well-behaved bunny and found that a 3-year-old New Zealand shorthair from the Humane League of Lancaster County was just the ticket. Dodd named him Lancaster.  On Senator Dodd's website there are more videos of Lancaster behind-the-scenes – see link above. Lancaster was actually saved the day of the shoot from an animal shelter, where he was slated to be "put down" within the next forty-eight hours. Happily, Lancaster now lives with a new owner. It seems Dodd gave Lancaster his 1 minute of fame and in the process found the big white bunny a new home. Too bad rabbits can’t vote! (PS: Hopperhome doesn't endorse any presidential candidates.)


Advance in Science Helps Rabbits - From a post on the blog at SciFi.com - I learned “scientists at L'Oreal have invented a product called Episkin, which is basically a layer of skin cells grown from human 'donor skin cells' in a Petri dish. These small amounts of skin can be used to test beauty products that would have otherwise been tested on animals. Episkin can tan, and can be made to "age" with high exposure to UV light.”

Episkin will help save thousands of small animals, particularly rabbits, in providing cruelty-free cosmetics for consumers.  Europe will institute an animal beauty product-testing ban in 2009.  The practice is banned in the U.K. already.  The photo above is from Marmee Craft on Etsy


No Moo Juice for Rabbits - A couple of days ago I received an email asking if cow’s milk is okay for an adult rabbit.  My email answer was returned so I hope Steve reads this blog entry.  Cow’s milk should never be given to adult or orphaned baby rabbits.  From the scientific literature cited on MediRabbit  it says  “Adult rabbits naturally do not have the right bacteria to digest milk derivates in the cecum and intestine.  In the absence of  Lactobacteria, milk derivates accelerate the onset of stasis in adult rabbits.”  To see the entire page go MediRabbit’s link above.  Also, studies show that, “rabbits that were given cow’s milk on a daily basis during several months evidenced the development of rheumatoid like lesions.”  The word “stasis” should stop any rabbit lover in their tracks from giving milk to a rabbit let alone the part about “lesions.”   That’s a big NO for milk in a rabbit’s diet.

Hopping Mad – First there was a Wall Street Journal Article about Hare Today where a rabbit farmer spends her days packing and shipping frozen rabbits to her customers who feed them to their cats since the pet food scare a couple of months ago.  Then the Chicago Tribune Article in the Chicago Gardener column picked up the theme suggesting all the extra rabbits ravishing gardens in Chicago could be used for the same purpose.  I got out my pen and started writing.

I have two cats in the household. When the pet food industry contamination became news, my sister and I simply checked our pet food. Fortunately, it was not on the list of contaminated pet food.  If it had been, the cats would have gone in for a vet appointment and their food would have been switched. (My cat, Pele, grooms Mr. Hops above.)

July 28, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. -PetSmart Best Friends Petition - Please sign the petition asking Petsmart to reconsider its decision to sell rabbits in its stores. Best Friends Petition Best friends has a Rabbit House at their sanctuary near Kanab, Utah.  If you can't take a trip to Utah visit them at Best Friends Bunny House on their website. That's Snuff, a Flemish Giant and his friend Cocoa who is a dwarf rabbit both from Best Friends.

July 25, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - PetSmart Petition - Several rabbit lovers emailed me today to let me know (and all Bunny Blog readers) a petition is available on ipetitions.com regarding PetSmart: Stop Selling Rabbits. If you are concerned about this issue, you can read text of the petition and electronically sign in about 60 seconds.  I will be visiting to sign as soon as the blog is finished. Go to: Petition


Store hops to save bunnies - Several news media outlets covered the story about a Tops Market that was overrun with several white rabbits behind their store in Erie, PA. So far 16 white bunnies have been rounded up. It is believed someone dumped them in the woods directly behind the store. The employees hopped in and took the task of bunny wrangling upon themselves. Plus, they are going to try to find permanent homes for them. Many of the rabbits went home with store employees. The rabbits included several very small baby bunnies and a few full grown adult rabbits.

July 23, 2007 - 10:30 p.m. -Hop Hop Hurray for the Humane Society of Fairfax County whose shelter looks more like a home than a typical shelter.  The two-story building is home to the cats and rabbits ready to be adopted. The HSFC is a no-kill shelter and their main goal is to give animals a good home and the shelter is a good start.  They  have volunteers who sit and play with the animals and many of their volunteers are students from George Mason University. Some GMU students sit in the rooms and do their homework.

Each room is cleaned twice a day and specifically designed with the animals in mind. The rooms include a radio, usually playing classical music, a nightlight and toys and linens, donated from Fairfax County residents. The "rabbit room" was cleared of anything a rabbit could chew on. Rabbits are on rotation for time outside of their cage. If the rabbits are compatible, they are housed together and then they are adopted together," according to the HSFC President. (Tiger is one of their adoptable rabbits pictured above.)

Down the Rabbit Hole - A couple of pet dogs were stuck in a rabbit hole for three days in Hertfordshire, England recently.  They finally got free (Winnie the Pooh style) when the mother Jack Russell and her puppy lost enough weight to wriggle out.  It seems the puppy ran down the rabbit hole chased by his chubbier mother.  She got stuck trapping not only herself, but her puppy inside the warren.  The dog owners were understandably upset. 

This also happened a couple of years ago when a dog was trapped over 6 feet down in a warren.  Fortunately, he also managed to get out with some help.  Rabbit warrens have been known to destabilize soils so much that a bus in Britain fell several feet into an abandoned warren last year on the side of a road.  The photo above is a warren entrance from Sweden excavated by European rabbits (our pet rabbit ancestors).  So if anyone is wondering why their pet rabbit digs and needs advice – see these links: San Diego HRS - Rabbit Digs, Rabbit Haven Q&A Digging  YouTube 30 seconds of a lop earth mover: Cute Bunny digs a tidy Hole!

Sizeable Theft - A giant French lop was stolen from his garden run in Port Seton, UK.  The big bunny was very lucky to come home safe and sound after being found in an abandoned garden some distance away.  The rabbit’s name is “Wee Jock” and he is very tame.  His owners regard him as a member of the family.  They don’t plan to leave him in the garden alone ever again and were very happy he was unharmed.  He is normally a house rabbit, but was on a run in his large outdoor enclosure when he was taken.  The people who first located Wee Jock though he was a large cat due to his size.

Pictured above: Tango is a big beauty at the Giant Rabbit Rescue in the UK.  He is one of their newest bunnies. Tango is an orange and white French Lop Buck with a wonderful temperament.

Bunny Bath -  Moen (the faucet maker) took a look at how Americans bath their pets – they commissioned a company to do a survey and found out that 47 percent of Americans bathe their pets in their home bathtub or shower.  It seems only 6 percent take a pet to the groomer.  It seems most folks bathe cats or dogs, but 5 percent surveyed have bathed their birds and guinea pigs and 4 percent.  One percent have bathed their rabbit. However, rabbits don’t need to take a shower or bathe in a tub.  At only 1%  it seems most rabbits are cleaning themselves.  After all rabbits clean themselves five times a day top to bottom - someone pass the carrot scented soap please. (The photo above is  a stamp from a collections of rabbit themed stamps at:  Hopper Stamps

Black  Rabbit - Hiroko sent me this photo of the Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit) Pub in Okinawa. She also has a black rabbit named Kuro. She enjoys knitting "coats" for her rabbit for their walks in the winter since he is a full-time house rabbit.  (By the way, no Rabbit served in this pub.)


July 20, 2007- 8:30 p.m. - White Rabbits Need Your Help I heard from Kathy in Massachusetts who referred me to the House Rabbit Network It seems they have rescued a lot of white rabbits recently.  Some of these were strays and others were from a law enforcement case. I'm not sure why some people don't love pink eyed big white rabbits, but I adore them - all of them....New Zealand and Florida White breeds.  They are classic rabbits and I agree wholeheartedly with the House Rabbit Network that these big rabbits have wonderful, calm and playful personalities.  If you live in Massachusetts or close by and would like a spayed/neutered and litter box trained big white bunny, there is one waiting for you.  You will have lots of support  on rabbit care from this great rescue group, too.  The rabbits pictured above were part of the 34 rabbits from a law enforcement case in Fitchburg, MA.

Summer Bunny Bash!
Save the Date, Saturday August 4th is HRN's 8th Annual Summer Bunny Bash. It starts at 1pm in Wilmington, MA. The Bunny Bash is a pot luck and everyone brings pictures of their bunnies and plenty of stories to tell! Visit their link above for more information


July 17, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - On the Wild Side: Swamp Rabbit Restrooms - According to an Associated Press article, researchers are building better bathrooms for Swamp Rabbits.  The scoop on all the bunny poop is that researchers at So. Illinois University are setting out fake latrines so they can study the aquatic rabbits' habits. They want to know if returning former agriculture farmlands into wetlands or wilderness will help the rabbits’ population jump in Illinois.  Their baseline is this: “Knowing where the bunnies have been requires knowing what they left behind.”  It seems to be working since the swamp rabbits who are excellent swimmers and cousins of cottontails are leaving their calling cards in the new custom commodes.


Hare Raising Pot of Flowers - A woman in Glenvar, Virginia found three baby cottontails "planted” in her pot of petunias.  The pot is just ten feet from the home’s back door, but the doe doesn't seem to mind.  She is feeding the bunnies at night.  The home owner, thought at first it was squirrels who were digging in her pots only to find the newborns nestled in the largest pot.  They were discovered probably when they were only a few days old since they were very small and  their eyes weren’t open yet.  Now they are fully furred and ready to hop out of their pot.  See the flower pot bunnies pictured on the left.


Parking Lot Bunnies Rescued - From the Winona, Minnesota Daily News – “During a torrential downpour last week, Nancy Unnasch and a few volunteers from the Winona Humane Society and the Pet Medical Center were busy rounding up abandoned rabbits in the K-Mart parking lot.”  The bunnies were dumped near a “swampy wooded area near the edge of the lot” so they had no protection.  They captured 17 out of 25 rabbits and efforts were made over the next few days to get the last six, but to no avail.  Unfortunately, the local human society does not taken in rabbits so Nancy took the rabbits to her home to await adoption or transport to shelters in the Twin Cities area.  She is a certified Veterinary Technician and it seems every rabbit picked up by Winona (Minnesota) animal control gets to her door. Anyone who lives near Winona, MN and is interested in adopting a rabbit can call  Nancy Unnasch at (507) 458-1320 according to the article.


By the way, in the Twin Cities area the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society is a very active rescue and adoption group with many rabbits available for adoption such as Tristan & Isolde pictured above.


Very Bad Sport – In sports news it was reported that a 52 year old man will be prosecuted for throwing a rabbit during a game in Milan.  The rabbit’s legs were tied up so it could not escape.  Fortunately, the animal was recovered in the middle of the game and rushed to medical help.  In spite of suffering some unspecified injuries and shock, the rabbit survived and has been adopted.  The “procurator” in Milan is requesting minimal punishment of a fine for animal cruelty.  However, the man could face charges for throwing an object at a sporting event and in Italy he could face one to four years in prison.


July 16, 2007 - 10:00 p.m. - PetSmart Should Be Smarter Than to Sell Live Rabbits – PetSmart hasn't sold live rabbits in their stores until now.  According to the HRS, PetSmart’s reason for selling rabbits is in response to “market demand.”  There hasn’t been a noticeable surge in the demand for pet rabbits considering all the adoptable rabbits languishing in shelters and with rescue groups. In fact, there are more rabbits who need homes due to the Easter "dump." A compassionate answer to customer demand would be adoption days at pet supply stores, and referrals to shelters and rescue groups. Read about PetSmart’s decision to sell rabbits at www.rabbit.org  Please take the time to write a brief email to them (I did today) to let them know your concerns. (Rosemary above was my “Petco Rabbit” – read her story at Rosemary Rabbit)


Where to Write PetSmart:

Email: PetSmart Email Form - Phone: (800) 738-1385
Fax: (623) 580-6502 or write them at:

PetSmart, Inc.,19601 North 27th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85027


Writer Jumps to It & Gets the Facts Right – I don’t really monitor newspaper stories about pet rabbits so I can scold the writers.  But Samantha with the Independent mail in Anderson, South Carolina got an earful from this rabbit fan last week.  However, she gets a lot of credit for writing another “humor” column about pet rabbits on why they aren’t the best pet for small children and correcting some errors about their longevity, etc. Her readers got the facts on pet rabbits and everyone’s hoppy now.  Read her article at: Samantha Learns the Facts of Life About Rabbits   

Lonely Rabbit Calls Police - The Guardian Online in Corydon, UK reported on a strange call.  It seems police officers “forced entry into a home in a bid to help a woman heard crying only to find it was her rabbit who had called for attention.”  It seems the phone operators monitoring service connected to the house told the police they heard a woman crying and whimpering on the line. So when the officers were unable to find a friend or relatives to assist they “demolished the door and frame and a large part of the surrounding wall and hallway.”  They found a large brown, lop-eared rabbit with Dutch markings “hopping around the front room and whimpering.”  So much for a distressed “woman” – the rabbit was a male, too. Humphrey, the rabbit, had pulled the cord which phones the monitoring service while his owner was out shopping.  I think Mr. Humphrey needs to be bonded to a rabbit friend soon.

Bronze Bunnies - Georgia Gerber does the most wonderful sculpture and bronze casting especially of animal figures like rabbits.  She lives on rural Whidbey Island, Washington, where she operates her own studio and foundry with the assistance of two women artisans and her husband. She primarily works with life size animal and human figures – see her wonderful rabbit sculptures on her website like “Stretching Hares” pictured below.

July 10, 2007 - 9:30 p.m.- Cottontail Out Foxes a Cat – in the Houston Chronicle Dr. Michael Fox’s column featured a story sent in by a reader in Minneapolis. Just outside a large backyard the mother rabbit tried to rear her new litter a few feet outside the fence while a chocolate lab presided over the yard. But unfortunately the babies were attacked and killed by a cat. This year the rabbit made her shallow nest 8 feet in front of the dog’s house and all are thriving. The dog is unbothered by the rabbit family in his yard. (Above is a Giant Continental Rabbit and a Black Lab who are best buddies.)

Rabbit Shopping Finds Online! I did a little window shopping online for my rabbits and found some great bargains and new items for rabbits.

Bunny Bunch – Check out this Extra Large Willow Tunnel for big buns.  Finally!

Bunny Bytes  has a new Bunny Treat Jar that’s airtight and keeps treats fresh (and even those papaya pills some bunnies love.)

Busy Bunny See the Bun-nanza Bargain values like this Carrot Basket and Mini Ball Trio Value Pack.

Cats and Rabbits and More has a complete weatherproof pet first aid kit on sale with 30 of the most recommended items.

Funny Bunny Toy Company  With a hobby that became a business these natural toys were created and great for chewing, tossing and playing. Huge Variety.

Leith Petwerks  It's a treat, it's a toy...wait, it's both – stuff this with timothy hay and watch your rabbit enjoy this treat/toy.

July 9, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - Bunderful Generosity – In Coventry, England the RSPCA put out the word in the local newspaper about a white rabbit who needed donations to cover the cost of an operation to remove a badly infected eye.  Over 100 generous people came forward and donated $4000.00 (US)  Dillion got his operation and is on the road to recovery.  He will be reunited with his mate, Julie, who also arrived in terrible condition.  Both will be ready for adoption as a pair soon. The operation cost $300.00 and the RSPCA had a little extra leftover.  They are now repairing buildings and the funds will keep the center open for the all the animals.  It’s all due to the kindness of people who wanted to help one rabbit. Dillion's photo wasn't available.

Rescued Just in Time – According to InsideBayArea.com, “Nearly a dozen rabbits, some soaked in urine and kept with no food or water, were rescued by police last Tuesday from dirty, cramped cages behind a four-plex. “  Some of the bunnies were only 4 weeks old and some of the cages were small bird cages. The Oakland Animal Services representative said “The owner could face charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty and neglect because of conditions the rabbits were kept in.”  With temperatures rising this past week in California, the rabbits were found in the knick of time.  The rabbits are being cared for at the shelter and will be available for adoption. Call (510) 535-5602 or visit their web site Oakland Animal Services (One of the rescued bunnies is pictured above.)

Bunny Gets Standing Ovation - The Calgary Sun reported something very bunny happened at a football game between the Calgary Stampeders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  Several times during the contest, a rabbit ran onto the McMahon Stadium turf, once causing a delay of the Tiger-Cats punt team. When the bunny scampered across the goal line, the alert crowd at McMahon Stadium let out a huge cheer.  But the baby bunny didn't stop there, taking the play all the way down the opposite end to score again for another ovation. 

Iowa Rabbit  Day at the Spa- the Animal Rescue League of Iowa is rolling out the red carpet for rabbits on the afternoon of July 28th with a Bunny Spa Retreat.  For $5, bunnies can get nail trimming, grooming, ear cleaning and a massage. There also will be a special rabbit movie and fresh rabbit greens and more. The Animal Rescue League's own rabbit and small-animal specialist will be on hand to answer questions.  Plus, some beautiful rabbits will also be available for adoption.  Hay, someone pass the carrot juice!

One Bun Salute - The folks at the San Diego House Rabbit Society have a great sense of humor.  I was too late to get a shirt for this year, but I’m ordering one for next 4th of July like the one pictured on the left – One Bun Salute. There are two other designs to choose from – see the shirts at San Diego HRS Patriotic T-Shirts and More If you look around their Café Press store, they also have some nifty bunny grooming aprons.  (They could be salad making aprons.)  And, they get my vote for the one of the cleverest rabbit names I’ve seen for a rabbit:  Elvis Parsley

July 3, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - July 4th is a Loud Day for Rabbits - remember to keep your rabbits secure and inside the house. A rabbit's hearing is far more sensitive than a human's hearing. The sound of a radio or TV can help mute the sound of fireworks. My bunnies like a little classical music. Be sure fireworks don't pop off outside the room where the rabbit is housed. 

July 2, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Bouncing Baby Bunnies - Ray from Rabbit Haven (Scotts Valley, CA) sent me a video of 8 babies that he has been fostering (two were adopted last week).They are quite a herd of hopping bunnies. They will eventually grow into their big ears, too.  See three minutes of cuteness at Baby Bunny Video A great way to start a Monday!



Thanks to Austin Statesman.com writer Jane Greig who wrote a commentary/response to a question about a full grown abandoned rabbit who recently appeared and is living in her garden.  Jane’s answer gave the number to the House Rabbit Resource Network.  She also noted the HRRN currently has 250 rabbits needing homes with an average foster stay of six months. She also suggested if “you use a humane trap to catch the rabbit, check it every hour to prevent death from stress, heat or predators.”  This is especially important in the warm weather.

Quote of the week - gotta love British bunny lovers and press …Reuters wrote a report on the on Britain's new Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister), Alistair Darling.  The article was all about politics until they wrote: “With jet-black eyebrows under a mop of silver hair, Darling cuts an unusual figure in parliament. Until a few years ago, he also sported a beard-a rare sight among cabinet ministers.  He also has a pet rabbit called Bertie. ‘It's the biggest rabbit you've ever seen. It must be three feet long,’ said one visitor to the Darling home.”

June 28, 2007 - 8:45 p.m. - Shop Rabbit – The first time I met a “shop rabbit” was in an antique store where a large French Lop lounged on the furniture. He fit right in with the décor.  Pictured on the right is "Mel Blanc." Mel is a three year old Champagne D’Argent breed rabbit who welcomes visitors to the Scooter Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Mel spends most of his day enjoying the waterfront view out the windows. However, he is very social and enjoys greeting visitors to the shop. He also patrols the showroom to make sure it's hopping. 

West Nile Virus - Bob from Colorado emailed me since he is concerned about West Nile Virus and his pet rabbit who spends exercise time in the backyard. According to the South Dakota Dept. of Health website, “WNV can make horses very ill. It can also be detected in dogs, cats, bats, chipmunks, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and domestic rabbits. It is important to remember that animals cannot transmit WNV to people. “ See the CDC  West Nile Virus 2007 Activity Map to find out where the disease has been active this year. Also, the Center for Disease Control  website has a information on mosquito control and lots more resources. 

Bento Box Bunny -  In Japan the bento is a individual portion take-out meal.  The container can be as simple as a throwaway box to elaborate handcrafted boxes. Below is a photo of a rabbit shaped bento emailed to me by Lisa in Japan.

June 27, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Bad Hare Day on Milan Runway – that’s the airport runway.  The airport flights were suspended for three hours at Milan's Linate airport according to the AP Wire while a hare capture took place.  They netted 57 hares and 4 rabbits.  All were taken to nearby nature reserves according to the article.  The leaping lagomorphs were causing false alarms in the control towers.  Milan is better known for it’s fashion and style where every “hare” stays in place instead of wild hares.

A Little Wild - Conservation biologists are encouraged the last male/female pair of Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits out of the twenty released last spring have successfully bred.  The little rabbits are the only rabbits who dig their own burrows in the United States and were released to help increase their numbers.  It seems they have a bit of catching up to do since coyotes, badgers, hawks and owls took their toll.  Two other males who wandered out of the study area were captured and sent back to the captivity.  If I were those pygmy rabbits, I’d stay close to the burrow for now.

Keep Flies from Striking – Fly strike is a disgusting condition in rabbits caused by flies laying their eggs under the skin of a rabbit.  By the way, a trip to the veterinarian is in order if you think your rabbit may have fly strike.

The best prevention is to have a fly free house.  Use whatever means you can like fly traps/strips, fly swatters and repair screen doors and window screens.  Make sure your rabbits are dry and their area cleaned daily.  If you have a disabled rabbit with problems such as incontinence or fecal matter sticking to fur, keep the bunny as clean as possible.  I have also clipped the fur short around a rabbit’s bottom to help.  After experiencing the results of fly strike in some of my rabbits when they were rescued, I know how important it is to make sure rabbits are in a “no fly zone.”   

By the way, the handmade bunny with wings is a lot prettier than a picture of a house fly.  It was sent to me months ago from a Bunny Blog visitor in Japan so I don't know where to buy them.

June 25, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. - Rabbits Would Approve! -For those of you who haven’t visited the Disapproving Rabbits Website, please take the time on your coffee break since it is “hare”larious.  It will definitely make your day especially if you have seen the disapproving look from your own rabbit (or rabbits).  Someone at Harper Collins book publishers found Sharon Stiteler’s disapproving rabbits so intriquing that a Disapproving Rabbits Book is due out this October 2007.  Yes, Disapproving Rabbits: the Book will be going nationwide at bookstores. I bet the rabbits approve of this!  Order direct from Sharon herself at the link above.  Sharon will autograph and/or inscribe a personal message for you. Congratulations to Sharon on her book!



On the Wild Side: Coyotes, aka Canis latrans is one more reason to keep your rabbits as house rabbits.  One of these distant cousins to the dog family and native of North America was standing about 12 feet from my back door over the weekend.  He was a young coyote and casually sniffing the grass until he disappeared back into the forest greenbelt behind my home.  Coyotes can adapt to many different environments including urban areas like the one found in New York City a few months ago.  My sister and I enjoyed watching the coyote and were glad all of our pets are indoors.

A Clover Deterrent - The Boston Globe published a recent article on the benefits of clover in yards.  One of best reasons for planting clover is how appetizing it is to wild rabbits. “Rabbits are so fond of clover, garden experts say, that if you determine where their burrows are and grow a patch of clover between their homes and your vegetable garden, they'll never make it to your beans and carrots.”

Yearly Check-up - my two old bunny boys visited the vet last week for their yearly exams.  Hops is seven years old and Bumble is nine. Hops, who had a very rough beginning, was just fine.  Mr. Bumble had a blood panel done and he was normal, too. He has a bit of arthritis in a forepaw he broke two years ago.  His eyesight is going due to cataracts, but he still has some vision. The visit was noisy since Hops and Bumble have bonded, and are very protective of each other.  Both thump at me when I pick the other one up.  It was a real "thump fest" at the vet's office when the vet tech removed one or the other from the carrier.

Hoppy Thoughts - While my server was down for editing the last several days, I had time to rethink the web design for Hopperhome's website and what else I want to add to it this year.  I will be making time to make changes this year and adding more to the website content especially on health issues.  A few contests are planned, too. I will keep you posted! 

June 12, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - A Rabbit’s Best Friend can sometimes be a dog.  The story about fifty Reno Rescue Rabbits who found a new home with thirty Rottweilers at the Broken Heart Animal Rescue in Texas maybe a little unusual.  However, the rescued rabbits have separate living quarters. The last time I blogged about dogs and rabbits I received an email from a Rottweiler and bunny owner. The dog was well-behaved with her English Spot.  Some people believe it depends on the dog breed if they are safe to live with a house rabbit.  But there are exceptions like the Beagle owner who had a near tragedy upon introducing a new rabbit in her home.  On the other hand, a German Shepard owner wrote that her dog was protective of her dwarf rabbits.  The little rabbit pair slept with the dog during the day. See these articles about dog and rabbits together:  When Fido Met Thumper (Dogs and Rabbits), Dogs & Rabbits (about the Dalmation & Hershey pictured above), and Dogs & Rabbits Article. Video about a Dobie who Loves Bunnies


Idea for a Rabbit Home - Speaking of dogs, a large dog kennel can be a great habitat for a rabbit.  Joyce emailed this photo to me as an example since this photo inspired her to turn an unused dog kennel into a bunny home.  She is working on adding a shelf to Reggie the rabbit's newly remodeled kennel. This kennel breaks down flat and is portable. By the way, Joyce leaves the kennel door open 90% of the time, but "Reggie loves lounging in his own space."




Illuminated Rabbit Lamps in Soho London from Bob & Shannon, rabbit lovers on vacation in the Britain.


June 11, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Boing - That's a Lot of Bunnies - Karen and Nimal from Boing in Australia are rabbit rescuers with over a dozen living in different rooms in their house.  You can see them all on at Boing Bunnies on Video. If you think you have lots of rabbits, this couple has a pair or single rabbit in every room in the house.  The rabbits and humans all look happy.  The interludes of Karen and Nimal running in their hallway with litter boxes to each room is pretty humorous.  I know that feeling.  By the way, that's Annebelle above who I think is the "kitchen bunny."

Cartoon Rabbits - Boing also features the work of artist, Joelle Mayberry They call them her “cheeky” cartoon rabbits (sample on left). I don’t know if she ships to the USA, but she can make any bunny “into a cartoon.”  Go see her artwork and for more information about  immortalizing your rabbit see the link above.  By the way Joelle is a bunny lover with her two bunnies, Daisy & George.





Police Band together for Bunnyless Family - In Ipswich, Britain, the Evening Star newspaper reported police did something really “bunderful” - they surprised a family who lost their pet rabbit by digging into their own pockets to get them a new rabbit.  The original rabbit most likely escaped while playing in the backyard and met a terrible fate on the roads nearby.  A new black rabbit “Roger” was presented to the family when police heard how upset the family was over their loss.  The police officer said “We felt really bad when we heard through various different people that [the rabbit] had unfortunately been hit by a car.” So the police “banded together to pay for Roger and an outdoor run so he cannot escape.”


Fun Whimsical Bunny Stuff:

Bunny Family House Play Set

One of a kind set for a young child including the whole rabbit family and fun bunny furniture in a soft house with lots of detail.

Lettuce Scented Pink Bunny Soaps

Crisp and clean and everything green with pink rabbit centers! The rabbit embedded soaps smell like romaine! I found them on www.etsy.com – the hip crafts website with thousands of one of a kind items.

Bunny Pillow Tutorial

If you know your way around a sewing machine, this is a whimsical pillow with a pocket for the two little bunny stuffers.  Photos and all instructions to make one yourself at the link above.

Goldfish Don’t Burrow - In Germany the EarthTimes.com reported on how Germans spoil their pets.  And, it seems they are becoming more responsible when it comes to choosing their pets.  However, the article noted there are exceptions. A German Veterinarian tells about a woman who came into his practice asking how she could get her pet rabbit to stop its natural instinct of burrowing in the garden. His very direct advice: "Get yourself a goldfish. They don't burrow."   

Sludge in Bunnies – My sister’s eight year old  Netherland Dwarf, Miss Sage, recovered from an abscess (causing severe head tilt) and a respiratory infection in the last few months.  However, recently it was discovered there was too much sludge in Sage’s urine.  Bonnie and her vet decided the course of treatment would be subcutaneous once or twice a week.  Even though Sage eats a diet low in calcium and drinks water, the additional fluids should help to dilute the “sludge.”  If your rabbit ever requires subcutaneous fluids, your veterinarian can teach you how to do this.  Yes, it involves needles.  (Bonnie is doing a great job!) For a demonstration and explanation online go to Administering Subcutaneous Fluids (it’s for cats, but good photos).  For information on sludge in rabbit urine go to: Bladder Stones In Rabbits, Aging Bunny, Aging Bladder, and Lowering Blood Calcium

Hopperhome has experienced several intermittent problems with my web hosting company. (They have been bought out 3 times in the 9 years I have been with them.) I'm looking for a new company. In the meantime I appreciate your patience.

June 6, 2007 - 10:00 p.m. - "Luv of Buns" - The Berkshire Humane Society will host their Second Annual “Luv of Buns” Event on Saturday, June 9th. in Pittsfield. The event is in conjunction with 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue for all rabbit lovers. There will be bunnies from the 3 Bunnies foster program available for adoption along with rabbits currently available at BHS. Go to 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue for more info.

Speaking of luving buns, the rabbit shown above is Bling Bling. He is a handsome Dwarf mix about a year old.  Poor Bling Bling was found “roaming in the dump in Hartford, CT."  He had an ear that had been pierced with a hoop in it.  It’s all healed up now.  Good Grief, I know rabbits have lots of ear, but they aren’t for piercing!  Go to 3 Bunnies link above to find out more about this bunny.

Masked Marauders and Foxy Critters  - The newspapers in the UK run many articles about foxes breaking into outdoor hutches with tragic consequences for pet rabbits.  In my suburb a common culprit would be our local raccoons (and possibly a fox or coyote) getting into a rabbit hutch.  Raccoons are very good climbers and can easily kill a rabbit. Just because you live in a suburb, please be aware foxes and raccoons are living in your neighborhood.  The picture above is one of “my raccoons.”  My place backs up to a large green belt of woods even though civilization is out the front door.  When the weather is nice, some people are tempted to take their house rabbits outside, but it's safe only when rabbits are supervised. I received an email this week from a couple who said they went inside to eat lunch, and from their kitchen window saw an eagle take their rabbit right out of an x-pen. They were devastated and in shock. 

Hop on the Bus - Below is a photo of a bus in Japan.  Mrs. Yamaguchi who sent me the photo called it a "usagi" (rabbit) bus. This is "hare"larious and I want one!

The National House Rabbit Society has been accepting donations for a Rescue Emergency Fund to make funds available as small targeted grants to help rescue organizations with large rescues.  This is great since last year was a year for big bunny rescues all over the country.  Donations have been coming in and already the HRS is making them available.  The grants made so far include Animal Friends, Inc.; Bunny Bunch of Southern California to help with a rescue of over 500 domestic rabbits in Garden Grove, CA and Wild Rescue of Texas to help with a rescue of 45 domestic rabbits in the Fort Worth Area.

These funds are helping some very deserving rabbit rescue operations (and the rabbits, of course!). Go to the link above to donate and learn more about the program.

San Diego HRS  started the first of its kind, “rabbit only” Spay/Neuter Rebate program in February 2006. People who get their rabbits spayed or neutered can mail a copy of their receipt to the San Diego HRS for a refund for a portion of the surgery cost. Click here for  More Info  if you live in San Diego County. The gorgeous girl above is "Tootsie." She is an Angora mix who is a little over a year old and good with her litter box.  And, look at those helicopters ears. See Tootsie at: San Diego Adoption

Are real bunnies naughty like Peter Rabbit?  If you live in the Bay Area of California you can find out on Saturday, June 9th at 11:00 a.m. The House Rabbit Society Headquarters (Richmond, California) has an event for kids (and grown-ups) called "Storybook Bunnies and Real Bunnies." Susan Davis, HRS Educator, will answer questions like the one above and others like: Do wild rabbits really frolic in the woods like the ones from The Velveteen Rabbit? She will also read excerpts from classic rabbit-themed children's stories and then lead a discussion on the differences (and similarities) between fictional bunnies and real ones. Find out more at the HRS Events Web Page

Dippy Rabbit - Martha Stewart take note -  Rhoda from Texas found this photo and emailed to me.  Rhoda even tried to duplicate this bread bunny for her party with "some success." (She didn't send a photo of her attempt.)  But she did make hers more colorful by adding some other veggies.

June 5, 2006, 9:30 p.m. - When you Hop on - An Oregon congressman wants to take care of your bunnies. (Oh yes, that includes dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, birds, fish, horses and reptiles.) What happens to pets when their owner passes away. The Oregonian reports Rep. Blemenauer wants pet owners to be able to set-up a federally deductible trust fund for  “fur” kids.  According to the article “The obscure bill has the support of animal rights advocates.”  Also, Blumenauer says, [the legislation] “would give ‘peace of mind’ to the many Americans who think of their pets as family.” Thirty-nine states -- including Oregon -- allow people to set up trusts for their pets.  (That’s Gretchen above - she is a lovely, small grey Rex who was a stray. Her litter box habits are great.  She is very sweet, loves to be held and enjoys sitting in one's lap. See Rabbit Advocates of Portland, Oregon)

British Bunnies Will Get New Digs - The RSPCA in Wiltshire, UK discovered some disturbing findings from a survey concerning rabbits seen by the RSPCA in the South West region over a six month period: "69% did not have access to a run and spent 24 hours a day locked in a hutch; 50% did not have an adequate sized hutch and 32% of rabbits were living in old hutches, which they were given free from a friend/neighbor who had previously had rabbits."

In the UK many rabbits are kept in hutches, but after the survey the RSPCA is going to improve the living conditions for rabbits throughout the South West region.  They are offering a limited number of brand new and large hutches to existing rabbits owners who cannot afford them with a minimum donation.  Of course, I recommend bringing bunny inside, but these rabbits will have much improved lives over cramped quarters. (Borris, a Lionhead mix, represents the UK above – he’s listed with the Rabbit Rehome.

Hay - it's a Good Deal The folks at www.oxbowhay.com have a special deal so you can add variety to your rabbit’s diet.  Taste of Oxbow combines 15 oz. varieties of Western Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass Hay, and Oat Hay with your choice of Alfalfa Hay or Brome Hay.  I have purchased all of these hays separately for my rabbit’s discriminating tastes (except the Alfalfa Hay since it's too fattening for my geriatric bunnies).  See the link above for a terrific price on four 15 oz. bags– it lasts until June 30th.

Hoppy Toy Bunny – Keep this in mind for next Spring or even Christmas – a toy bunny that hops.  The jumping rabbit is available at Cloud Nine Toys online and you can see the Hopping Toy Bunny hopping at their website. A machine will never be able to duplicate a real "binky," but the hops are cute.

June 4, 2007, 9:30 p.m. Rabbitt in Paradise Here’s an artistic website with a lot rabbittude. Be sure to check out their book section in their store at Rabbitt in Paradise Books.  They have books on Blackberry Rabbitt’s move from California to Hawaii to become the “Rabbitt in Paradise." Find out what happens when a new ottoman appears in the living room.  Rabbit lovers can appreciate this.  Get your fill of rabbit aloha at this website. 

By the way, Hawaii has recently become the 43rd state to make cruelty to animals a felony offense now that their governor has signed a bill to protect pets into law.  Pets are defined as dogs, cats, domesticated rabbits, guinea pigs, domesticated pigs and caged birds that are not bred for consumption. The new Class C felony of cruelty to animals in the first degree is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment of up to five years.

No More Rabbit Rescues? I love the list at CottonTails Rescue in UK about “How to Put Your Local Rabbit Rescue Out of Business.” 

It says:

1. Do not buy a rabbit on impulse.

2. Do not breed your rabbit.

3. Make sure that the sex of the rabbit is what you think it is, especially if you intend to keep two together. Seek confirmation from your vet.

4. Never buy a rabbit as a gift for someone

I would add:  1) Neuter and spay your rabbits and 2) buy the pet for yourself and not your children, but they can play with the bunny with rules.


Lavender Luvies started with a lavender stuffed bunny.  In Seattle a resourceful woman hand-stitched a lavender bunny, which she said calmed her daughter. "Bears are so typical. So, I made a bunny. ... That was kind of fun, and I thought I could sell these," Jordan said. "I thought it would be cool to make a living."  After making that first bunny in 2002, she would stitch other rabbits together while her young son, Liam, napped.  After stockpiling a cadre of lavender bunnies, Jordan began selling them the following year at Pike Place Market in Seattle.  She now has a shop on Queen Anne Hill called Lavender Luvies.  See her website for not so real, but calming rabbits at: lavenderluvies.com

Seeing Double Again - As an identical twin myself I find cloning pretty silly, but it was bound to happen.  A Hungarian research team cloned the first Central European rabbit near Budapest last Friday.  That makes them one of five teams world wide to successfully clone a rabbit.  The rabbit, named Tapsilla (in English that would be Thumpella) also had a twin that did not survive.  But Tapsilla is doing well.  And, what is the point of all the bunny cloning?  I love my unique rabbits.

Hopping through Flickr.com reveals lots more rabbits.  To see photos of the Red Door Rescue group assisting with a rescue of 180 rabbits go to: Red Door – 180 rabbit rescue photos on Flickr and Sweet Binks has some of their rabbit rescue photos online at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue Photos (see two white rabbits above from Sweet Binks.)  If you want to  visit some house rabbits in the UK go to: House Rabbits in Nottingham, UK  And, these are just beautiful and maybe used for a calendar Leslie Levings Photo Shoot for BunnyLuv 


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