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February 2007/March 2007


March 28, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - 11 BC Pet Stores Stop Selling Rabbits –  Responding  to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' appeal that there were too many rabbits in shelters, Petcetera will stop the sale of rabbits. The Vancouver Sun reported sales will be phased out at 11 stores in British Columbia. Petcetera are British Columbia's biggest pet stores. Silo shown above is from the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC


Hare’s a Hint – John & Cheryl from Southern Oregon are avid gardeners who propagate their plants from seed. They also have two house rabbits, Toby & Swizzle.  John noticed the curious house rabbits were lying in an empty plastic Propagation Tray they had discovered next to the back door.  So Cheryl filled one with hay and the shallow tray became the litter, lounging and grazing place.  At $1.15 each they very reasonable and are available from Discount Garden Supply online (see link above). Note: The trays without the holes are best for litter boxes! John says the trays are low enough for an older rabbit to get in and out of easily. 


Handyman Rabbit Home – I found the plans for this rabbit house online.  It has a solid floor, can be moved easily, plenty of ventilation, plus an easy to clean vinyl floor (which is covered with hay and cleaned daily).  It was built for a dwarf lop-eared bunny named Bosely.  See the plans and materials list at Rabbit Home Plans


March 27, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. 18 Carrot Gifts - Last year I wrote about Harrod’s golden bunny for around $35,000 that was fashioned to look like a Lindt Chocolate Rabbit.  It was inlaid with diamonds, topaz, etc.  This year I found something that’s fun and affordable at the famous London Retail Store online - Harrod’s Chocolate Scented Plush Bunny 9.95 (English Pounds – about $20.00 USD). 


If you are looking for gold then Gump’s of San Francisco has an 18 Carrot Rabbit.  Actually, make that an 18 karat Gold Sitting Rabbit Brooch with ruby eyes and a diamond in his paws.  The $1,650 price doesn't come close to $35,000 either.  They also have a lop-eared version with the diamond and a Smiling Rabbit with a pearl tail.  Both are in the same price range. Hoppy Shopping!  (OR donate to your favorite rabbit rescue group.)








Pets Down Under in Danger - Several newspapers in Australia have been warning recently that pet rabbits are more frequently being diagnosed with Myxomatosis. It seems pets cannot by law be vaccinated against this killer biological control. The virus was introduced to Australia in 1950 to reduce the rabbit population then estimated at 600 million. (The rabbits originated with the release of 24 wild European Rabbits in1859.) The disease did reduce rabbit numbers drastically for a few years. However, genetic resistance occurred in the rabbit population and they began to recover. Another “biological control” was introduced, but that is a story for another time.

The weather is warmer in Australia this time of year and mosquitoes in particular spread the disease. Australian veterinarians suggest the best way to prevent myxomatosis is to keep pet rabbits indoors and treat all the household pets for fleas. Mosquito netting can help indoors just in case any biting insects find their way inside homes. (Photo Credit: John Schilling, Australia)


March 26, 2007, 8:30 p.m. - Earmarked Emergency Funds - Every year the National House Rabbit Society hears about many emergency rabbit rescue situations around the country (50 to 1500 rabbits). They help especially if they have their dedicated volunteers in the area. Most of us want to help in these circumstances where resources are limited or non-existent and now we can. Go to their link above to find out about the National HRS Rescue Emergency Fund. (That grey beauty above is Opal available for adoption at HRS - Rabbit Center in Richmond, CA)


If you live in the Bay Area of California, don't miss the House Rabbit Society Headquarters Make Mine Chocolate Events
Saturday, March 31st, and Sunday, April 1st at Petfood Express in North Oakland.


Hops for Hope - An Easter Benefit for Midwest Rabbit Rescue: Beer & Chocolate-tasting event on April 7th, Ypsilanti, MI. Tickets in advance only - see Midwest Rabbit Rescue Those mid-westerners know how to have fun and help rabbits! 


"Mad as a March Hare" was a common phrase in Lewis Carroll's era and he made it famous in Alice in Wonderland. It’s based on the hare’s behavior at the beginning of breeding season in Britain. Females weren’t always interested in the males' advances early in the season. The females actually “boxed” the amorous male hares using their forelegs (paws) to put a stop to it. For a long time it was thought to be bouts between males competing for females. Instead, it was a feisty bunch of female hares who were hopping mad.


March 25, 2007,9:30 p.m. - Lulu’s Lullaby Helps Children - In a new children’s book, Lulu is a very small rabbit who is afraid. She was once bit on the ear by a dog, and now has nightmares. But Lulu’s mother, a wise rabbit, sings Lulu a very special lullaby that calms her fears and helps her sleep. The Corvallis Gazette featured author Marnie Ernst who fights children’s fears with the help of a bunny in her new book called, “Lulu’s Lullaby.”  She wrote the story based  her own pet rabbit, Lulu, a rescued bunny from Heartland Humane Society, where Ernst volunteers.  The book illustrated by Pattie Caprio is self published and a coloring book.  It has already sold more than 1,000 copies locally at Borders Books.  Sadly, the real Lulu passed away just before the book was printed, but Ernst said “she’s glad Lulu’s memory will live on through her story.”  (The photo above is Vincent, a beautiful little male lop, available for adoption from the Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis – see their link above.)


BC Bunnies - BCBG Portal reported on the feral domestic rabbit problem near Richmond, British Columbia. The  problem stems from pet rabbits abandoned in the Richmond Nature Park. According to the article, “they [the rabbits] expanded from there into area farms, last year chomping into produce for the local food bank and community garden, and forcing some farmers to replant crops.” The article further explained that farmers can “eradicate” the rabbits plus there are always “coyotes and disease” to reduce their numbers. The Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy made the final point saying “With Easter just around the corner, Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy urges people not to buy pet bunnies without careful consideration . . . large numbers of rabbits are abandoned every year soon after Easter.”  (The black, blue eyed feral rabbit pictured above in Richmond Park.) 


Bear Attacks Hutch Rabbits – Another good reason to keep pet rabbits indoors as house rabbits was given in the New Jersey Herald online.  A family in rural New Jersey had a recent visitor one night that broke through a fence, knocked over a rabbit hutch, ripped it apart and apparently killed one of the two pet rabbits inside. One rabbit, Snowball, is still missing 36 hours after the attack on the hutch 20 feet from the family home.  The family is still looking for their white rabbit near their house. The New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection spokesperson said “the fact a bear attacked a rabbit hutch is not that unusual.  We average about 20 such calls a year.”   The “DEP recommends small animals such as rabbits, be kept inside or in an area that bears can't enter.” 


Rabbit Island for Sale – No, not the Rabbit Island in Hawaii off of Oahu, but a 38 acre island located in the North Gulf Islands of the Georgia Strait.  It’s about 50 miles west of the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Orange Coast College (in California) has decided to let go of its island since the cost of upkeep and repair has reached $200,000.  They describe the cabins, but no mention of any rabbits.  A price hasn’t been set yet and where are the rabbits? J


March 21, 2007 8:30 p.m. - Fur is Flying – Live Bunny Giveaway in South Carolina – There is a store rabbit giveaway going on right now according to an article on the Charleston.com news website. The annual rabbit giveaway takes place at Gywnn’s Department Store in Mount Pleasant.  “Animal welfare advocates have started a petition asking the store to stop giving away live rabbits.” Thanks to Helen Venesky of James Island who  is gathering signatures “to persuade the store to replace them with something inanimate, such as stuffed animals or gift certificates.” The store's owner, Marshall Simon, "wonders whether his critics have anything better to do."   He further “insists he finds the bunnies good homes.”


I don't believe department stores are set-up to guarantee a good home to free rabbits. All shelters and rescue groups charge for rabbit adoptions to hopefully prevent them from meeting a cruel end. I have plenty of "things to do” tomorrow, but I’m going to pick up the phone and politely complain to the manager at Gwynn’s several states away.  They will also receive an email. Contact Information:  Gwynn’s, 916 Houston Northcutt Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 Phone: 843-884-9518 Fax: 884-849-7990 Email: shop@gwynns.com  Owner: Marshall Simon, Manager: Lisa Downs.  By the way, the agouti bunny pictured above is “Cottontail” and available for adoption at Pet Helpers in Charleston.


Sushi Sunday - For those who don't have a sweet tooth for chocolate this Easter, Ellen (with 4 rabbits at home who do love sugar) emailed me this photo of sushi for Easter Sunday.  Domo Arigato (Japanese for "thank you") to Ellen.




Pet Bunny Busters on Australia's Gold Coast - Illegal bunny smuggling is “reaching peak season” with Easter coming up in Australia. People who live on Australia’s Gold Coast head across the border to northern NSW to buy pet bunnies.  According to the Gold Coast Outlook the "Rabbit Board has again been called on to confiscate a growing number of pet rabbits living illegally in homes around the Gold Coast.”  Domestic pet rabbits are banned in Queensland since they were officially declared a pest in 2002.  No one can get a permit to keep pet rabbits for any reason. The Rabbit Board inspectors confiscate 15 to 20 rabbits a year from homes. Part of the problem is that pet stores don’t always tell customers the rabbits are illegal in Queensland. The stores have waiting lists for rabbits this time of year and “hundreds of Gold Coast parents were travelling across the border to buy rabbits for their kids.”  There is a campaign that began a couple of years ago to honor the native Australian bilby as the “Easter Bilby” to replace the “Easter Rabbit.”


March 20, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Make Fleas Flee – You can do everything right and still bring home a flea or two if you pet the neighbor’s dog.  It’s getting close to spring and fleas will be back.  Rabbits rescued outdoors can have terrible infestations of fleas.  Both Mr. Hops and Miss Dill, our first rabbits found outdoors were covered in them. Using a simple flea comb, Hops was flea free within two hours of his rescue. Dill fared somewhat better.  Two articles that are important to read  are Do Not Use Frontline. This flea treatment is toxic to rabbit.  The House Rabbit Resource Network posts guidelines to flea medications for rabbits at: Make Fleas Flee, but don’t Poison the Rabbit

Martha Stewart Bunny Peeps If you don’t mind sticky marshmallows, then this recipe will produce bunny peep critters by piping marshmallows into rabbit shapes.  It works if you practice or you have precision piping skills.  The inexperienced might get “fat piglet peeps with bunny ears.”  Worth a try and after all no matter what shape your peeps become, they do taste great.

More Chocolate Rabbits - Sarita from BlueBunnies recommended Vosges Haut-Chocolat.  After reading their flavors Make Mine Chocolate! This chocolate maker produces solid lop eared rabbits in five unusual flavors like "Red Fire - Volcano Rabbit."  Each of the flavors is associated with a different place in the world. 

Meet the Poopers - I stumbled upon  Introducing the "poopers" today. Visit the link to read a brief story of how several trips to a humane agency without bringing home any rabbits can still become 5 new baby bunny adoptions. (Joey, Lucy, Gracie, Sophie and Daisy two of them are pictured above).  Plus, the story about Ruby is also on the website: Our Retired Easter Bunny, Ruby

Rabbit Central has a sale on some of their Rabbit Medical Supplies.  Visit their link to see if there is anything you might need for your home rabbit medical kit.

Burning Bunny Carts - Joyce from Nevada emailed me this photo taken at the Burning Man Event in the northern Nevada desert in past years.  I wonder if these "Bunnymobiles" get good mileage.

March 18, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. - Sam the Pet Therapy Bunny  - Sam, was adopted from The Rabbit Haven in California. Along with his partner Heather, Sam is helping people in hospitals and nursing homes. This wonderful duo offers pet therapy by visiting and interacting with patients. Sam is held by folks and receives a whole lot of attention. See article in American Profile.  It takes a special rabbit (and person) to do this type of volunteer work, but it is very rewarding.


Great Bunny Press - Thanks to the House Rabbit Society, Make Mine Chocolate, independent rabbit rescue groups and concerned rabbit fans, the media is taking notice. Several articles have appeared in the media in the last couple of weeks about the impulse buying of live rabbits during the Easter season. 


Sweet Chocolate Rabbits  Outrank Live Bunnies - A new survey by the National Confectioners Association reveals that Americans prefer candy bunnies to live rabbits 20-to-one.  That's good news! Chocolate and candy bunnies far outrank live rabbits as the most desired Easter gift. In NCA's survey, 82% of respondents said they would prefer a chocolate or candy bunny for Easter, while only 4% said they would prefer a live rabbit. (We just need to keep educating that 4%.)

Over 90,000 million chocolate Easter bunnies will be created this year.  The survey also reveals our preferences for types of chocolate: #1 is the solid chocolate bunny (42%), then a hollow chocolate bunny (21 percent), marshmallow bunny (10%) and other types of Easter bunny candy (9%). This Easter NCA has partnered with "Make Mine Chocolate! " campaign to spread the word about how sweet chocolate rabbits are better than instead of live bunnies as a gift. (The bunny above is Mr. Goodtimes Easter Bunny from Lake Champlain Chocolates)


Peter Rabbit Needs a Cart - That's Peter, a much beloved rabbit from California pictured on the right.  Carts for disabled rabbits can improve their quality of life tremendously.  They allow rabbits mobility just like cats and dogs.  Unfortunately, Peter is paralyzed in his hind legs. If you have a cart that is no longer being used or know of a used cart Peter's humans can buy, please email me.  (connie@hopperhome.com)

March 14, 2007 - 10:00 p.m. - Bunny Sitters - The Bunny Blog got a late start tonight since my sister and me were interviewing a "bunny sitter" so we can take a vacation later in the spring.  With four geriatric rabbits this isn't a simple task.  It takes a special person.  We were fortunate to find a Vet Tech to give our rabbits special care. For more information on finding a good pet sitter see: Pet Place How to find a Good Pet Sitter and Will Your Rabbit Travel or Stay Home  Even though our rabbits are great travelers, 6 rabbits and 2 cats over 1,600 miles can be an adventure.


Bunny Basics Easter Workshop - With the rampant problem of homeless rabbits a few months after Easter many rescue groups stop their rabbit adoptions during the weeks prior to the spring holiday. Pre-Easter no-adopt policies are a good way to save rabbits from future abandonment. But a group in Delaware, the Animal Coalition of Delaware County (www.acdc.ws) is going to do the opposite by presenting a "Bunny Basics Workshop"  just before Easter to educate people about the specific needs of these popular, but often misunderstood, animals." Coalition volunteers will educate the public about proper rabbit care and distribute educational materials. Adoptions will be ongoing. 

An Irish Rose - in honor of St. Patrick's Day this weekend, I wanted to post a pretty bunny lass from Ireland.  I found her - Miss Rosie.  She is with the Irish National Animal Centre and has been available for adoption. 



Another Chocolate Suggestion so you can Make Mine Chocolate: Visit Harbor Sweets - they have these delightful Pink Bunny Boxes with Milk Chocolate Moon Bunnies for around $16.00.


March 13, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Show Me The Bunny! Leithpetwerks.com started a contest March 1st that will run through Easter, April 8th.  They are giving away one Double Level Bunny Abode each week! They have one winner already so if you haven’t entered their coloring contest, See the contest web page for details on how to enter!  Between my sister and myself  there already three double condos and three of the one level bunny apartments in my home so I’m not entering.  But if you want a chance to win visit the link above.  I love their bunny condos and so do my rabbits.

Update on Canmore Rabbits - The question of what should be done with the Town of Canmore's feral rabbits was being asked of the community through a survey with a deadline of March 31st. According to the Rocky Mountain Outlook, media across North America seem far more interested in the problem than the town’s folk. The town representative said, “We’re not getting a bevy of surveys, we don’t even have a dozen.”  There are a reported 1,000 rabbits in a town of 11,500 people.  The rabbits are descendants of pet rabbits abandoned in the 1980’s.

On the Wild Side:  According to an AP Wire story, “Wildlife officials Tuesday released 20 Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits that were raised in captivity to a sagebrush-covered area of central Washington State where their ancestors roamed before teetering on the edge of extinction.”  Twenty were released last Tuesday in a spot called Sagebrush Flats.  After all, they are sagebrush eating rabbits and they are also the only species of rabbit in the United States to dig their own burrows (other than feral domestic rabbits).  The twelve males plus eight females were put in artificial burrows made of 20-foot-long perforated plastic irrigation pipes until they are acclimated and dig their own. Each tiny rabbit also received a miniature radio transmitter the size of a watch battery to help scientists track their movements.

Felt Bunny Gallery  "Bunnyhop" has a photo gallery of her crafty felt bunnies on Flickr at the link above.  Bunnyhop has a real Dutch bunny, Timmy, that she adores. She also likes to make stuff with her hands.  It looks like Timmy is her model.


March 12, 2007 - 8:00 p.m. Bad Hare Days Ahead - it's that time of year when rabbits end up on roadsides and at flea markets for sale (not to mention feed stores and pet shops) - It's spring.  A few years ago my sister came upon such a roadside bunny sale in the Nevada desert.  The rabbits had severe ear mites and fecal matter on their bottoms.  Bonnie gave the sellers a crash course in rabbit care right there.  She also let a buyer know she needed to take her new the rabbits to the vet for a check-up immediately. Then there was the case of the motel who was giving rabbits away to every guest who stayed overnight for Easter a couple of years ago.  I got on the phone about that one in a hurry. (It hasn't happened again.) If you see someone who may not have a permit to sell live animals, or the bunnies are not cared for properly, email me.  I will post it directly on the Bunny Blog so we can all call to complain or report it to a local agency.


Thanks to the The Humane Society of Pinellas County who seized animals from the Oldsmar flea market in Florida. Four of the 23 animals were rabbits. From the news video at www.baynews9.com it appeared the bunnies were kept in an aquarium type of enclosure. Someone originally cared enough to complain about the situation at the flea market. The agency is now says they are looking into animal cruelty charges.



Lucky Irish Rabbit - St. Patrick's Day is coming up this weekend so I don't have time to order this from Ireland (maybe next year).  It is an emerald green plush rabbit with a hand knit Aran sweater. They are available from Reekies of Grasmere in the UK and they do take US currency.



March 11, 2007 – 8:30 p.m. - Wild Ride Courtesy of a Rabbit - From the AP Wire a rabbit outsmarts a predator in Girardeau, MO. A water plant worker was inspecting the Cape Rock Water Treatment Plant property Tuesday night from a golf cart. A rabbit leaped into his golf cart passenger seat followed by a 25-pound bobcat. The bunny then jumped back out. That left the human alone with a very upset and large cat. Fortunately, the man was unhurt except for some scratches on his neck he received while managing to push the bobcat out of his cart. He did have a round of rabies shots. No word on the rabbit, but it seems he lived to hop through another day.

Rabbit Haven Dance Studio - The Rabbit Haven of Gig Harbor, WA has bunny "dance studio" for some deserving rabbit dancers.  When they rescued 45 rabbits from a Tacoma abuse case, they had to really hop to it to find enough cages.  Some of the temporary cages were small and a volunteer decided to do something for the rabbits.  In two days she built a safe exercise structure.  Then the dancing began. By the way, some of the rabbits have been adopted and all are out of the small cages.  See the complete story at the link above.

White Rabbit above is Nimbus from Rabbit Haven. He lost the top of his ear because of a narrow escape from predators while trying to survive in the woods with his siblings.  He is New Zealand White and will get big.  Nimbus looking for a family that will love him and keep him safe.

If you want to  Make Mine Chocolate, then here is a great Hand Painted Calico Bunny by Moonstruck Chocolate Company and they are reasonably priced, too: ($6 small & $15 large)

Golden Years - House Rabbit Resource Network Austin, TX   will host an event on Rabbit Geriatrics  Saturday, April 21st from 2:00 - 4:00 pm.  They will be discussing health, medical, and dietary issues unique to the aging rabbit, as well as living arrangements Please see the link above if you live in the Austin, Texas area.  . There are new challenges with rabbits in their “golden years.”  Don't miss this important meeting, regardless the age of your rabbit.  After all, we all hope to have many years of companionship with our rabbits.  For those of us who don't live in Austin, see these articles: Living With An Elder Bun, To a Long Life: Geriatric Workups and For Those Who Want To But Can't

March 8, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. Rabbit Rescue Renovation – the folks at the Las Vegas House Rabbit Society gave the Rabbit Adoption Center at the Lied Animal Shelter a much needed makeover.  See photos of the “before and after” at the link above.  Now the bunnies have space for exercise and relaxation. That's one of the rabbits flopped in his newly renovated digs.


Broken Bunny Fund - The Vancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy (in British Columbia, Canada) has a fund for rabbits in their care who require extensive medical treatment.  Valentino pictured on the right is a little white rabbit with pretty blue eyes.  Valentino has a badly broken leg and those small fragile bones take a lot to fix.  Get more info on the fund at the link above.


Oh Baby - Rabbit Haven in Gig Harbor, WA takes in a lot of rescue rabbits and they are now  at an all time high of 130 rabbits according to their website.  Some of female rabbits arrive with a litter or about to have a litter.  They have posted pages of baby bunnies at: Rabbit Haven Baby Galleries  It's a lot of cute all in one place.  (All of these bunnies are neutered or spayed when old enough.)  If you live in the Gig Harbor area, consider becoming a volunteer.  Go to their website link to learn about their rescue efforts and be sure to see the new galleries.


Bunny donuts aren't served at my local expresso shop even for Easter.  The photo was emailed to me from a rabbit lover who visited Thailand and was delighted to find these in a bakery.

March 7, 2007 – 9:00 p.m. - Bunny Massage with Chandra Beal - Bunny mom, Gwen, was given "The Relaxed Rabbit" book by Chandra Moira Beal as a gift. Gwen put it too good use with Talisman (shown on the left).  More photos of Talisman’s massage are on Gwen’s Blog Gwen’s Bunny Lovers Blog  – scroll down to see January 19th entry. If you live in the San Diego area you can reserve a spot to see Chandra Beal in person on March 25th, Sunday afternoon for a Massage Workshop for Companion Rabbits.  Space is limited and there is a fee.  Find more information at the San Diego House Rabbit Society website or email Chandra at chandrabeal@hotmail.com

Indiana House Rabbit Society Helps 182 Rabbits with South Suburban Humane Society (south of Chicago, Illinois).   A team of 12 HRS volunteers went out in a snow storm to bring donated supplies and assist in the care of over 180 rescued rabbits.  They worked for 9 hours to set-up the rabbits in cages with litter boxes and delicious hay.  They also trimmed nails and administered medications.  Their website says, “it was very gratifying to hear the tap-tap-tapping of dozens of rabbits drinking water from their water bottles, watch rabbits flopped out resting in their hay-filled litter boxes, while still others were munching pellets or eating hay.”  They even saw some small binkies!  Fox News in Chicago ran this Story (Note: it contains some disturbing video of their initial condition) The rabbits still have legal and physical challenges ahead, but the HRS volunteers will be there again this weekend.  If you want to help or volunteer contact: dawn@indianahrs.org 

Celebrating Rabbits - This spring  a new book will be released called, Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits by Marie Mead.  It is a collection of 24 true stories about rescued rabbits. Her muse for the book was Kali, a fuzzy lop.  Kali was rescued from a preschool classroom, where she was mistreated and neglected. Learn more about the book at Marie's website at the link above.

March 6, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Rabbit Care Videos - I was asked if there are videos on rabbit care and medicine.  Yes, there are. I recommend  these videos available on rabbit care, behavior and medicine from  Drollery Press (Rabbit Videos): Your First House Rabbit covers the basic how-to and when-to’s of rabbit care.  It is by Marinell Harriman who wrote the “House Rabbit Handbook.” (A book I also highly recommend.)  The other videos are Introducing Rabbits – Helping a Friend Make a New Friend and many several more titles on rabbit care.  For those of us who want to “know it all” and for medical practitioners there are two excellent videos on Rabbit Exam – Fundamental Techniques for Practitioners and Rabbit Spay that shows you every step of the surgery by Carolynn Harvey, DVM.  These last two are Not for the squeamish.  All four of are available on VHS and some topics are available on DVD. If you know of anyone else who has produced informational videos on house rabbits, email me.

Honk if You Break for Bunnies – Speaking of videos... rabbit video links appear in my email routinely. Most are usually of wild rabbits beating the odds captured on shaky webcams.  Yesterday I received 15 seconds of a rabbit outrunning a semi-truck (fortunately he made it).  This morning I witnessed the same scenario on the way to work.  The driver two cars ahead of me did break for the rabbit.  It must be getting close to Spring when drivers need to slow down as cottontails try their best to navigate our roads and highways.  

Bandits Carry Round Worm – my sister and me saw several of these masked wild animals at our door the other night looking for a handout.  Over the weekend we put fencing around the patio to discourage them.  Although, all our rabbits are house rabbits, I am concerned about round worm (Baylisacaris procyonis).  It has a high rate of infection in raccoons. It can infect rabbits causing devastating neurological disease among other symptoms. (It can infect humans, too.) See this comprehensive article HRS - Round Worms in Rabbits.  The article also gives humane suggestions on how to keep raccoons at a safe distance. Okay, raccoons are cute, but not too close.

March 5, 2007 - 7:30 p.m. - “Canmore residents asked about wiping out bunnies” - That was the headline for one of several articles in Canadian newspapers today. In the mountain town of Canmore, Alberta residents are being surveyed if they want to euthanize the more than 1,000 feral rabbits.  Apparently, the town’s people are divided as either bunny lovers or haters. One local sixth grade class presented their petition to leave the rabbits alone. I could not find any mention of neutering or spaying the rabbits or relocating them to a sanctuary. The rabbits are a result of a few pets released back in the 1980’s.  Link to Town of Canmore’s Letter/survey.  The rabbit above is just one of many (many, many) rabbits in Canmore, a town of 11,500 people.

Check out this Hopper Hideaway from Amy at www.catsandrabbitsandmore.com.  Amy created the original Cottontail Cottages. I have had two cottages over the years and

my rabbits loved to play in them. The Hopper Hideaway also looks like something rabbits will enjoy!  Amy loves rabbits and her products show it.  By the way, the rabbits pictured above are not included.  But if you live in Southern California, browse through the rabbits she has on her website for adoption from San Diego to Los Angeles, California. 

Georgia pictured on the left has been in foster care for a couple of years and wants a permanent home where she can be a laid back couch bunny. She is listed with San Diego House Rabbit Society for adoption.  They have an Adoption Day for  Foster Rabbits on Sunday, March 18, 2007.  See link above for more information.

March 4, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - Mysterious Abandoned Rabbits - The Beacon Star in Ontario, Canada reported that ever since last October 30th 24 rabbits (two of them pregnant) have mysteriously appeared at the front gate of the Ontario SPCA Parry Sound Branch. The rabbits were left in boxes at the gate of the shelter on three different occasions. (One morning the temperature was minus 5 degrees and the nine rabbits weren’t covered.)  According to the spokeswoman at the Parry Sound OSPCA “if we were to separate all the rabbits, (right now they are group caged (by gender) if we separate each as we’re supposed to, we would be full.” The shelter staff hasn’t located who is abandoning the rabbits yet.  The rabbits are all about the same age, look similar and speculation is they are originating from the same person(s).  Since the first batch came in last fall, 16 rabbits have been adopted out, leaving 11 who still need homes.  If anyone in the Parry Sound area of Ontario wants to adopt or foster a rabbit, visit their website at the link above.

Wired Rabbit Ad - Someone over at Verizon marketing must have a house rabbit to create this: 

On the Wild Side: Changing Hare Color – A blog reader from up north asked me about Snowshoe Hares.  I found out they change their fur color twice a year with fur changes from brown to white in winter and back to brown in spring. It’s a gradual change both times with the under fur growing out creating a mottled appearance. Color changes are prompted by the amount of daylight, not the colder weather. The Snowshoe Hare pictured above in a fashion faux pas is still wearing winter white boots last spring.

Update on 182 Rabbits Rescued by the Humane Society in south suburban – according to WQAD in Moline Ill. they need help! The rabbits were “living in unsanitary conditions without fresh food or water” at a farm. The humane society needs rabbit food, bedding, food, cages and water bottles. The shelter also needs volunteers to clean up after the rabbits. A pet store has donated enough food and bedding for one week. Veterinarians have volunteered to treat the animals. The shelter is located in Chicago Heights. If you can help, contact at 708-755-7387

March 1, 2007 - 7:30 p.m. - Shopping for Spring Gifts – Hares a Tip:  Visit Bunnies by the Bay  I just surfed by their website this evening to shop for gifts.  On their Sale web page I found Carrot Pens, the Haremones coffee cup series with plush bunny (I ordered several for my women friends), products for babies including bunny slippers, the cuddle coat and lots more. Anyone shopping for children under 12 months will be delighted. I like what their banner says on the website:  “Bunnies are our best friends, they do delight and give glad dreams.” Yes, indeed!

Benda Photography of Burnsville, MN (just south of Minneapolis) did the photography for my “Prevent Hare Loss” Adopt a Rabbit banner at the bottom of every page on Hopperhome.  They also took the photos for the Prevent Hare Loss Easter campaign.  I certainly miss them since I left the Midwest!  Jim Benda takes beautiful portraits of pets and people.  If you live in the Twin Cities area, they can capture your rabbit’s unique personality in a fine portrait. Rosemary Rabbit appreciated their patience and the stress-free photo session!  Whether or not you live in the greater Twin Cities area you can browse through their gallery section at their website link above.  

Quote of the week: (in the Atlanta Journal) - "The waiting room is always fun until the 50-pound, 12-foot python waits next to the dwarf rabbit," Hutcheson said. "You can tell because the bunny people may protectively glare a little at the snake people. Throw our bird people in the mix and it gets a little noisy in here. But for me it's fun, because you just never know just what will walk in that door."  Decatur veterinarian Jason Hutcheson.

Dr. Hutcheson owns For Pet’s Sake’s and one of his largest clients is the House Rabbit Society – North Georgia.  About 150 of their rabbits were in the vet's care last year. It’s where the rabbits go for spaying or neutering prior to adoption.


February 28, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. - Tasty Rabbit Medicine - According to a recent article in the Hartford Courant “when Eeyore, a lop-eared rabbit, contracted a brain infection, he refused to take his medicine.” His owner commented that “giving a pill to a bunny is no easy task . . . they’ve got teeth.” Her veterinarian encouraged her to contact a pharmacist who formulated a liquid blueberry flavor antibiotic. “Eeyore lapped it up,” she said, “ I used it as a salad dressing on his evening meal of greens.” (The article goes on to explain that pharmaceutical compounding is also beneficial not only for pets, but people, too.) Last year when my rabbit, Rosemary, needed antibiotics for a respiratory infection I was happy to give her one she loved. She lapped up the apple flavored medicine that was especially formulated for rabbits. So many medicines are made for dogs and cats in flavors for carnivores. Ask your vet if you can get medicine your rabbit will want to take.

Tulips Should Never Pass Your Rabbit’s Two Lips – Spring flowers are starting to appear in the stores. My sister brought home beautiful potted tulips the other evening. They were put out of reach of the rabbits and cats. The following plants are poisonous to pets: Daffodil , Hyacinth, Tulip, Crocus and Easter Lilies. If you aren’t absolutely sure about a plant’s toxicity, check with your vet.  Put the plants where the bunny can't reach them and then enjoy the flowers!

Sew Bunderful - Fabric artist Dawn Ramerman creates these fun loving stuffed bunnies.  Each one has a name like the one pictured on the right called "Blair."  Every stuffed bunny is complete with a story and are made with various fabrics like cotton, wool felt details and safety eyes.  See more of Dawn's bunnies at:



February 27, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - Today Is National Spay Day - The Humane Society of the United States encourages everyone to get their pets spayed or neutered on Spay Day. 29,000 cats, dogs and rabbits were reported spayed or neutered last year in 2006 in 315 Spay Day USA events around the country. Lots of veterinary clinics offered discounts or free spay or neutering in honor of National Spay Day. The Doris Day Animal League established Spay Day in 1995. 

Book Bunnies in Class - Arizona Wildcat Online reports that students at the University of Arizona  “are toting around a more unusual accessory - their pets.”  One student brings her rabbit as a companion in her carrier.  A white bunny with blue eyes travels to class with Renita.  She brings him along for the “company.”  Skip the bunny is a mini rex and potty trained so he waits until after class to hop out to do his business.  “She said she has a special attachment to the animal because she was not allowed to have a pet when she was growing up.”  The University Handbook states  “that animals are only allowed if they are service animals that help people with disabilities, or if there is prior permission from the department head and only for official purposes.”  But it seems no one minds  the animal attendees in class according to the Dean.  “Most people don't recognize that I have a rabbit in my bag," Renita said. "Even my teachers think he's really cute and they like to pet him."

Who was the real “Peter Rabbit?”  Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit was a male Belgian rabbit whose real name was Peter Piper.  She bought him at a “very tender age.”  He became her most loved fictional character in the children's books she wrote.  Peter was her second rabbit with Benjamin as her first. (He was the subject of  “The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.”)  It was Peter who Beatrice said “used to lie before the fire on the hearth rug like a cat. He was clever at learning tricks, he used to jump through a hoop, and ring a bell, and play the tambourine.”  She also wrote that he was rather fat, 'good at tricks' and 'very naughty'.  Peter was featured in the artistic study above by Beatrix Potter ‘Study of Peter Rabbit’, © Frederick Warne & Co. 2006.  It shows Peter as an adult rabbit (no blue coats for such a dignified rabbit). Beautiful!

February 26, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. - On the Wild Side: Center Helps Wild Rabbits – The Wildlife Center of Virginia received a well deserved write up in the Waynesboro New Leader this past week. This center was created to take wild animals in need and they have an “internationally acclaimed teaching and research hospital for wildlife and conservation medicine. The goal of the center is to treat and release.” Although, most of their patients come from Shenandoah Valley, they have admitted animals from 85 other counties as well.  Wild rabbits are a large number of these patients.  “Last year, 392 rabbits were brought into the center, almost double the next largest patient group, the Eastern grey squirrel.” They say “one out of five injuries are from cat bites.”  Unfortunately, infections cause the majority of deaths. That’s a good reason to keep those kitty cats indoors. By the way, they teach Wildlife Rehabilitation Classes for those interested in obtaining wildlife rehabilitator permits. If you ever find an injured wild rabbit or hare, see this link: How to Locate A Wildlife Rehabilitator


Some Bunny to Love in Thailand - according to CCTV in China animal lovers flocked to the Thai capital Bangkok "for a mass pet wedding which saw cats, dogs, rabbits and even chickens being paired off in a special ceremony."  The organizers wanted to make sure animals were not forgotten in the frenzy of Valentine's Day. They said, "After all Animals need their love just as much as humans do." (Above are a couple of the rabbits laying low about the whole event next to a chicken couple.)


Cool Blue Rabbit Pool - Robert from California sent me this photo from his trip to Pattaya, Thailand where he found the pool at the Rabbit Resort located on the beach. 



February 25, 2007 - 8:00 p.m. - “Rabbit rescue group braces for Easter season” – Thanks to reporter Linda Goldston with the San Jose Mercury News who wrote an article on the life of many pet rabbits after Easter. She wrote, “the life they endure after a week or two at Easter is a cruel and scary one. `Pet' rabbits are found on the street all the time, half-starved, sick and injured, often missing an eye."  She reported that "even though Easter is still six weeks away “already the Rabbit Haven in Scotts Valley is worried about what's coming.” They have a program called ``Repair a Rabbit'' to help with the medical and rehabilitation expenses rabbits it rescues. “The goal is to get the animals well and adopted into a happy home.” For more information see The Rabbit Haven. The more media coverage rabbit rescue groups can garner in these few week prior to Easter - more power to them! (Jonas the beautiful loving male angora pictured from Rabbit Haven above was abandoned in a field.)


Rabbit Cover Girl  - Vogue Magazine put a beautiful rabbit on the cover for February with Rene Zellweger who stars in "Miss Potter."  The bunny is Satina who was with www.larabbits.org

Satina has been adopted and lives in Hollywood.



Rabbit Rescue -  WLS TV (the ABC affiliate) in Chicago reported that 176 rabbits were seized in a rescue operation from an Iroquois County farm and their owner could face charges. The South Suburban Humane Society is caring for them. The owner  “was apparently breeding the rabbits for animal shows.  Most have upper respiratory infections.  Others have more serious health problems.”  Obviously, these rabbits will need a lot of care.  The report said the owner is financially responsible, but the SSHS doesn’t expect to collect. According to the spokesperson for the SSHS, "By the time we get through a court case with these folks, and many times it's never, we never actually receive the judgment in the long run because many times those folks just don't have any money."


Update to the Hillsboro Oregon hoarding case -The Animal Legal Defense “is keeping a close eye on the case of accused bunny bandit Miriam Sakewitz. “  The organization has offices in Portland and according to the article in the Hillsboro Argus “thinks Sakewitz might be a victim of a mental disorder known as "animal hoarding," and needs to be treated accordingly.  The kind Hillsboro police along with the dedicated Rabbit Advocates volunteers had slated an adoption event for Feb. 3rd, but “attorneys for Sakewitz were able to get an emergency injunction from the Oregon Supreme Court. The trial on all charges is set for April 17th."  Tufts University has done extension studies on animal hoarders and finds that 250,000 animals are victimized each year by hoarders.  Also, recidivism rates for hoarders are almost 100 percent.  Lets hope this case has a positive outcome for the victims – the rabbits! (Oliver "Ollie" is pictured above is a grey Rex from Portland. He is just waiting for a home to show off his binkie powers!)


Bunny on a Box - Bonnies Limoges has Limoges boxes. (Limoges, France  is known worldwide for its for its porcelain.)  These delightful rabbit Limoges boxes are  beautifully hand painted and detailed, Hey, did I see one of those little noses twitch!



February 22, 2007 - Skinny Buns - There is a lot of emphasis on obese rabbits because it is a common problem with house rabbits.  But occasionally there maybe a reason to care for a thin rabbit.  My sister and me have fattened up a few rescues who needed to pack on the pounds.  Also, there could be an underlying disease or even dental problems not yet detected or treated that can cause a rabbit to loose weight. Believe it or not, it can be a challenge to get a thin rabbit to a normal weight without some dietary changes including adding small amounts of alfalfa pellets and hay.  Oat hay is another option for variety.  For more suggestions and a good recipe for "mush" go to the Colorado House Rabbit Society website to read: Putting Weight on Skinny Rabbits  (Pictured is Mr. Hops a couple of weeks after his rescue at 5 lbs. up from 3.5 lbs. - he now weighs 11 lbs. and watches his weight.)


Three Bun Salute by Nancy Cawdrey, silk painter from Montana was sent to me as a jpeg file from a rabbit fan in the Big Sky state.  The artist paints contemporary western themes on silk with dyes. Her subjects center around  wildlife, horses and Montana landscapes. Click on the photo to see a larger version.  It is an artistic salute to rabbits everywhere.


Before the Emergency - Cynthia emailed me from Alaska today asking how to do a home exam of her rabbit.  A couple of experts have written two good articles: Bunny Home Health Check-up by Suzanne Trayhan and Detecting Illness in Rabbits Before It’s an Emergency by Dana Krempels Ph.D.  Rabbits have an instinctual tendency to hide disease and half the battle is knowing your rabbit and their habits/routine so you can detect changes in behavior. Don't forget a yearly exam by a rabbit vet, too!


February 21, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Windows to a Rabbit's Soul - I noticed the other day that my lop, Bumble, was seriously sniffing for his food to find it. The vet diagnosed cataracts sometime ago and the lens in both eyes will eventually completely cloud over obscuring his vision.  I took a look and sure enough they are progressing.  Bumble is 8 1/2 years old and Rosemary Rabbit, his best friend helps him out.  She will nudge him back to their pen when he gets too far away.  His pen is also arranged so it is easy for him to find his way around. Bumble has good quality of life even if he has to sniff the air to find his food. His nose works perfectly! To read a good overview of rabbit eye health see: House Rabbit Network – Rabbit Eye Health


Visions of Sugar Bunnies - Carol, who has 3 rabbits of her own was traveling in Japan.  She found this shop that made her take a second look. She emailed me about these very popular Japanese "sugarbunnies."  The video screen in the store window shows the Sugar Bunnies baking a cake for a little girl.  It is narrated in French with Japanese subtitles, but Carol says anyone can understand the story. So I found the video online so you can watch it at:  Sugar Bunnies Video narrated in French I also found the company website that created these sugar bunnies that bake cakes and cookies at The Sugar Bunnies Story


Quote of the Week: Reporter Clemmie Moodie of the Daily Mail in the UK wrote an article about a British celebrity.  In part of the article she wrote this:  “Coleen McLoughlin announced she was writing a [fashion] style manual, cynics questioned whether an advocate of rabbit fur shoes and neon yellow moon boots was ideally placed to dispense sartorial advice . . . she instructs readers to "experiment", adding that an "item of clothing will never hurt anyone". Try telling that to the seven rabbits that died in the making of her £260 ($508 US) Mukluk fur boots.”


February 20, 2007 - 7:30 p.m. -  Not in Kansas Anymore Toto - The Daily Post in New Zealand reported that a mini golfer stole a pet rabbit. I thought I had heard it all until I read this story. A woman who had played a game of mini golf was caught on a surveillance camera leaving the golf complex in a hurry with three friends and a rabbit named Toto. Toto is one of two pet rabbits at the complex and is a blue seal point mini lop. The mini golf manager was out in the garden with Toto.  She thought he had been hiding until she saw the video tape. According to the article “The theft has been reported to Rotorua police, but the mini golf manager said she would prefer that anyone who knew where Toto was return him - no questions asked.” 


Were you born in the Year of the Rabbit: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 The Chinese New Year was just celebrated on February 18th and this year is the Year of the Pig.  The Chinese Lunar year celebration began centuries ago. The Ding-Mao Year (Year of the Rabbit) is one of several zodiac animal signs on a 12 year cycle.  This rotating cycle of the twelve animal zodiac signs was a folk method for naming years in traditional China. You can read what your birth year says about you if you are a “Rabbit” at  Hopperhome's Year of the Rabbit or at  All About People Born in Year of the Rabbit. (Unfortunately, I was born in the year of the Tiger.) The Year of the Rabbit returns in 2011.


Never, Ever Declaw a Rabbit - Last night I received an inquiry from someone who wanted to know "How old rabbits need to be for declawing?"  Rabbits should never be declawed no matter what the age. It would basically cripple a rabbit whose claws are not retractable. I sent her information on how to clip nails, neutering and spaying and all about handling rabbits. For two excellent articles on the subject see: HRS Why Rabbits Should Not Be Declawed and Wisconsin HRS Declawing Rabbits


February 19, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - Make Mine Chocolate is Hopperhome's website of the week. Go to the Make Mine Chocolate Blog to see what’s new for the 2007 campaign at Easter. A sample of what they have going on includes:  Artist,  Joseph Larkin’s generously donated painting “Mr. Brooks in the Garden.” (above) for a drawing on Easter Sunday.  It’s an opportunity to support this campaign and you could be the lucky winner of this charming painting! Plus, they are now offering a whole new line of “Make Mine Chocolate!™” products! Visit their Cafe Press store to help spread the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” message.


Another week left in February and Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month the

House Rabbit Society promotes this important campaign in February: "Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month," and you can find more information at Adopt a Rescued Rabbit  This web page also has several pdf posters like Rabbit Facts, Rabbits at Easter and Rabbit Myths you can download including the adorable Warm Your Heart poster shown above. 


By the way, Pet Finder features Benny and his buddy, Biscuit in honor of Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month.  Benny was born blind and found his forever home with Stephanie in Rockaway, N.J. She says  “He has no trouble getting around,” He binkies and loves to cuddle.  He never nips and he adores attention.” 


Seeing Red Over Pink Rabbits - The Echo newspaper online reports that pet lovers in the UK are “outraged” and “were horrified at plans to sell the rabbits as the next must have celebrity pet. A spokeswoman for The British Rabbit Council, said: ‘The Orkney Pink is not a recognized breed - they have just been fed food that has turned them pink.” Then a company director from Wirral, said: “I am totally horrified. Rabbits are very, very difficult animals to look after as pets. These poor things are being paraded around. People could be paying upwards of £500 each ($976 US) for these rabbits for them to be someone’s fashion accessory for five minutes. Rabbits are the most abandoned pets in the country. It is horrendous.” An editorial in Daily Record of Scotland printed their opinion in “Not So Bunny.” They wrote “hardly the kind of thing to appeal to anyone interested in animal welfare. If that wasn't enough to put you off buying an Orkney pink, here's another thing. Today, we reveal the man behind the idea is convicted conman David McHugh. If you have been tempted to shell out £700 ($1,367 US) for a fluffy pink rabbit, please take our advice: Don't.”


Telus Rabbits - Click on the photo to see a larger version of this billboard by Telus sent by Sharon in Ontario.  Also, to see more of Telus' ads that featured rabbits go to:  Martin Breton.com Telus Bunny Ads Blog Entry



February 14, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. Bogart on Screen – CBS affiliate KFMB News 8 gave a Beautiful White Bunny from the San Diego Humane Society & SPCA some screen time this week.  Bogart is a two year old male who enjoys being petted and groomed.  With all the charm of his namesake, they say he is sure to  entertain with his antics.  His adoption fee ($50.00) will include his neuter, permanent microchip identification and a certificate for a free veterinary exam.  White rabbits (with pretty pink eyes) sometimes get overlooked for adoption because there are so many, but I think a sweet rabbit like Bogart is just the ticket! Thanks to KFMB for the feature.


There is a very active House Rabbit Society: San Diego Chapter. If you are in San Diego check out their Shelter Rabbit Adoption Day this Saturday, February 17th. See their website at the link above for more information. Plus, take their Interactive Quiz to test yourself on how much you know about pet rabbits.


Just Say "Hay" – There is a new product on the Oxbow Hay website for rabbits.  I ordered a bag of their new “Botanical Hay.”  It’s a blend of herbs mixed with Western Timothy hay.  They say “the fragrant herbs enhance the aroma and taste of the hay.” (All rabbits need plenty of hay for healthy digestion.)  The ingredients include: “Timothy Grass Hay and three of the following herbs depending on seasonal changes: Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus, Lavender, Rose Hips, Comfrey, Borage, Red Clover Blossoms.”  It appeals to me.  I’ll see how tasty the rabbits find this treat.


I also see on American Pet Diner's website that they have a “grain hay” available to “add variety to your pet’s diet."  It consists of a mix of oat, wheat and barley hays with grain heads mixed with the stem. I have given my rabbits a handful of oat hay on occasion for variety so I know they will enjoy this mix as a treat.


Bunny Bale has space saving compressed bales (1/3 the space required) for people without lots of storage space.  They stick to the basic timothy and alfalfa hays in their space saving size bales.  They also have a nifty “Hay Station” for sale (see pic to the right – bunny not included).


Tiny Collectible Bunny Families – For collectors who enjoy rabbit figurines and toys, the Sylvanian Families is a line of collectible toy figures, created by Japanese company Epoch back in 1985. The families feature creatures such as mice, hedgehogs and, of course, several variations of rabbits. Other than Japan they became popular in the UK, Ireland and then were popular worldwide. The line is now called Calico Critters.  See more information at:  UK Sylvanian Families Website and US Collector Sylvanian Families Website


Big Bunnies in the News Again – Last April I made a blog entry about Roberto (World’s biggest bunny 2006), of Worcester (UK) when he was in the news with his bonded mate, Amy, getting “married.”  They were dressed in "wedding" garb (had to be  uncomfortable over fur).   Now Amy, also a Continental Giant breed, has surpassed Roberto as the largest rabbit in the world.  She measures four feet from her back legs to front paws and weighs 40 pounds.  Despite her large size, the news article in the Worcester news reported she is a “fussy eater” since "the carrots must have their green tops still on, and the hay has to be fresh and green or she won't eat it."  Maybe it’s time to skip the sugary carrots and just feed the green carrot tops with the hay. 


February 13, 2007 - 7:00 p.m. - Romance Writer Also Loves House Rabbits - My sister Bonnie found Shana Abe while web surfing.  Shana happens to be a New York Times best seller romance novelist and she also happens to have 5 or 6 house rabbits according to her website.  How appropriate for Valentine's Day!  The RBL Romantica interview demonstrated how much she loves her rabbits.  The interview begins with Shana discussing her house rabbits before the interviewer brings the topic to writing romance novels. All of her bunnies are rescues and you can see her rabbits here (scroll down when you get there). Her talent maybe in writing popular romance novels, but her heart seems to have been captured by bunnies. 


Hoppy Valentine's Day

from Hopperhome

 People: Connie & Bonnie

Rabbits: Miss Rosemary, Mr. Bumble,

Mr. Hops, Mr. Basil & Miss Sage

Even the cats: Pele & Alfie.




February 12, 2007 - 8:15 p.m. - Cute Overload Bunny Page - It comes as no surprise to me (and probably none of you either) that bunnies deserved their own page of over the top cuteness on the Cute Overload website. Of course, all rabbits are cute and rabbits are well represented in these adorable photos.


Rabbit Language, or "Are you going to eat that?" A humorous guide to communicating with your pet rabbit. You can buy the book (60 pages) or you can read the long excerpt on the link above.  Remember not to take any of the interpretations of rabbit behavior seriously.  This is strictly for fun.  For instance:

"BEHAVIOR: Lying with one ear raised.
WHAT IT MEANS: Someone may be opening the refrigerator.
WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Give your fresh dandelion greens."


(Very familiar ...  Rosemary Rabbit starts hopping when she hears the refrigerator open at the other end of my home.)  These bunny behavioral translations are "hare"larious

The Bunny Museum in Pasadena, California is open 365 days a year by appointment. (Free) Read the Bunny Museum FAQ on Visiting before you call.  However, you can hop on over on St. Valentine's Day, Wednesday, February 14th, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm with no appointment necessary during their next Open House.  


February 11, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - Animal Shelter Has "Buneriffic" Programs - The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported on a proactive local animal shelter this past weekend.  The folks at the Animal Services' Watsonville shelter are taking a positive approach  toward rabbits and other small animals. They have designed a room to house rabbits that demonstrates “an ideal living situation for a house rabbit.”  Several of the rabbits staying at the Watsonville shelter occupy the room.  The rabbits for adoption are spayed or neutered, trained to use a litter box, and come with a free vet exam.  Plus, The Friends of the Watsonville Animal Shelter is providing free spay or neuter services for pet rabbits belonging to low-income residents in Watsonville and Freedom, California.  The Harlequin, Netherland Dwarf Mix shown in the photo above is Picasso. He was a 4-H project who was surrendered by his owner because his family was moving.  He has a video like several other Watsonville Animal Shelter Rabbits at YouTube.  See him at:  Picasso at YouTube


Hare Wear - The Missouri House Rabbit Society has designer  Rabbit Scrubs. They are handmade by a volunteer for the Missouri HRS. 100% of the proceeds from these shirts go directly to support their efforts to save rabbits in the Kansas City metro area. There is only a limited number of these scrubs available. Contact: hrsmissouri@aol.com


Quote of the Week:  In response to the North Korean conclusion that the German Giant rabbits could solve their food problems, a Chicago Tribune editorial said this: “Find a picture of these bunnies and look at it. This cannot be a food bunny. With those huge feet, this is a fun bunny. Not that they would listen, but we would like to discourage the North Koreans from developing gigantic rabbits as a food source on the grounds that their world rep is already bad enough and putting Biggie Uncle Wiggily Longears into a cassoulet as a matter of policy would just be unforgivable.” For many photos of giant rabbits go to:  Giant Rabbit Rescue


Carousel Rabbit - Margaret sent along this photo of a beautiful  rabbit on the Dentzel Carousel in Glen Echo Park in Montgomery County, Maryland near Washington DC.


February 8, 2007 - 7:00 p.m. - Two Rescue Groups Work Together for 60 Rabbits in Texas - the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary & Blue Bunnies, two independent rescue organizations in the Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas area were contacted by a woman who is caring for 60 rabbits. Unfortunately, it has become too much for her both emotionally and financially so the NTRS and BlueBunnies are providing food, supplies and a vet for the rabbits. Plus, the NTRS have taken 6 to their sanctuary to provide medical care. The next step is to find them all homes. And, what an assortment of friendly rabbits including lovely mid-sized lops, small Himalayans and Jersey Woolies. Anyone interested in adopting or donating for care of these rabbits may email info@bluebunnies.org or ntrs_tx@yahoo.com. This wonderful cooperative effort will have a hoppy ending for the rabbits!  (The rabbits pictured are part of the 60 now available for adoption.)


Rabbit Cake Tops Designs by Dorian website carries wedding cake tops for several animals including a selection of rabbits.  They run over $100, but they are quite intricate and can be customized to wedding colors.  (see link above) Now if I could only get my confirmed bachelor rabbit, Mr. Hops, to propose to a bunny girl . . .


Update on 500 of the Reno Rabbits – The Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary did a five minute video of a herd of rabbits.  What a big herd it is, too!  It is 500 of the Reno rabbits rescued in spring 2006 that now reside at the sanctuary in Michigan. They have a large barn shelter, but these happy bunnies seem to enjoy being outdoors.  Visit their website to learn more at their link above.  Watch the new video of the Reno 500 rabbits!  Rabbits everywhere!


February 7, 2007 - 8:00 p.m. -

NO Chocolate for Rabbits - Sweet treats like Valentine’s Day chocolates are fine for humans to eat, but a rabbit should never ingest chocolate.  Most people know chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs, but rabbits are also susceptible to toxic effects. The main ingredient in chocolate that contributes to serious problems for rabbits is: theobromine (also caffeine plus lots of sugar in chocolate candies). The amount of theobromine in various types of chocolate is hard to determine, but the darker the chocolate, the more harmful to your pet.  If your rabbit ever bites into your chocolate treats, contact your vet. The ASPCA has a hotline (for a fee).  Go to ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for more information. 


Rabbits at Play - When I tell people (who don't have a house rabbit) that rabbits love to play, they are surprised. Let a rabbit out in the house and watch the games begin. Rabbits play during their most actives times in the morning and evening.  My rabbit Rosemary plays hide and seek with Bumble. Mr. Hops loves to play chase with the cats. My sister's rabbit, Basil, is a player, too. I found three "bunny players" on YouTube:  Jumping Rabbit is better than TV.  This bunny dances in front of the television. The second video is Rabbit Fun with Tether Ball and it's a full three minutes of a bunny tether ball marathon. The third video is Rabbit Can Play Football! and this Lionhead certainly plays his heart out with his ball inside a puppy pen.  To read about rabbit play see these online articles:  House Rabbit Society Games Rabbits Play & Playing for Keeps


February 6, 2007 - 8:45 p.m. -"Rescued rabbits hop into hearts of city residents” - Alligator Online featured an article on the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue  who currently have 75 rabbits divided among three homes.  Unfortunately, “free space is dwindling faster than the rabbits can find new owners.” Out of those 75, about 30 are bonded pairs also available for adoption.  Some of the students at University of Florida have found the rabbits make good pets like a nursing student who has had her bunny three years.  "She's very active and very loving," she said.  If you live in the Gainesville area and want to volunteer to foster (or adopt) a rabbit or two or three, please visit their website above.  (The pretty Gainesville lop pictured above is "Parsley.")


Last Year this week Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary volunteers opened their Rabbit House. There are 70+ rabbits, with most rescued through the House Rabbit Society and other rescue organizations throughout the Bay Area. The photos of this "warren" are great.  As they say, it is a “safe place for abused, abandoned or injured domestic and farm animals.” If I ever get down to the Stockton, California area, I hope to visit them.  Visit them online at the links above.  Happy Anniversary to the dedicated people at Harvest Home!


Amiqurumi Bunnies - amiqurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small animals.  As wikipedia says the "the pervading aesthetic of amigurumi is cuteness." Rabbits are a favorite model. To see over 200 photos of amigurumi rabbits go to www.flickr.com and enter "amigurumi rabbit" in the search box. Be prepared for cute overload. 



February 5, 2007 -  7:30 p.m. -     Love is in the Hare – One sure way to get hoppy is to celebrate all the successes rabbit rescuers enjoy by adopting out beautiful bunnies.  With Valentine’s Day on the way and since it is Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month, take a moment to read a few adoption success stories below. Many rescue groups post their hoppy adoptions online.  Here are a few:

The New York City Chapter of the House Rabbit Society tells it like it is by simply posting love letters from their new adopters at: Adopter Love Letters

The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society in the Minneapolis area posts notes from their alumni at MCRS Success Stories

Rabbit Haven of Gig Harbor in Washington State has several heartwarming stories to share in Rabbit Haven Success Stories

Alabama Ears House Rabbit Society Chapter  has wonderful stories of matches made in bunny heaven at Alabama Ears Adopted Rabbits

When you need cheering up, read a few adoption success stories online from a House Rabbit Society chapter or independent rescue group!  (That’s Ace & Checkers above on the left from the MCRS who are waiting to be adopted. Or if you are in the Pittsburgh area looking for some bunny to love, how about an English Spot.  The single black & white year old male is a splendid bunny called Johnson with Animal Friends.)


Hare in the Air - Alaska has run a few advertisements depicting rabbits.   However, they missed the point on this one.  The rabbit isn't crying.  He is, in fact, cleaning his face.  I think the caption should read "What a Shame - They should offer steamed towels in coach class to wash my face."


February 4, 2007 - Pittsburgh Celebrates - "Adopt a Shelter Rabbit" Many rabbit rescue and education organizations celebrate this month and one very active rabbit education group, The Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club, does this in a big way. They provide experienced rabbit caretakers at all three shelters (Animal Friends, Animal Rescue League and WPa Humane Society) in the Pittsburg area to give advice on rabbit diet, health, housing and behavior. Every year, more than 300 domestic rabbits are brought to Pittsburgh shelters.  But the Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club has volunteers with all the shelters so they know every bunny available.  If you live in the area, contact one of the shelters above to see the rabbits available for adoption and receive expert advice, too!  (That's Angel & Carmine above from Animal Friends.)


Bring the Bunny Indoors - Yesterday I received an email from someone whose rabbit was harassed by a predator while she was gone overnight from her home.  Her neighbor told her she heard loud noises by the backyard hutch late at night, but didn't see anything. Unfortunately, the rabbit did not survive even though he didn't have a scratch on him (possibly shock or a panic injury to himself). Three online articles online that discuss the reasons to make a rabbit a House Rabbit are: Bringing the Outside Bunny In, Why an Indoor Bunny? and Why Keep Your Bunny Indoors?  (The painting above was sent to me without an artist identified. If anyone knows who painted this, let me know!)


Watermelon Rabbit My sister, Bonnie, who loves to cook (and house rabbit mom to Basil & Sage) shared this watermelon bunny carving with me.  Instructions for carving the watermelon bunny are online at the link above.  Plus, it's early enough to start practicing your fruit carving for summer. 



Raku Rabbit – Canadian Potters Liz Demerson and Ryan Thompson (Demerson Pottery) use the pottery wheel as their main tool to produce their wares. Their pet rabbit, Raku, (pictured on left) seems to enjoy the pottery wheel, too. Liz and Ryan (and Raku) work out of the Hoyt House located in Kings Landing Historical Settlement which is located on the Trans Canada Highway in Prince William, New Brunswick.


February 1, 2007 7:00 p.m. - On the Wild Side: Rabbit Climbs Tree This video of a rabbit “climbing” a tree to get lunch in Colorado caught my attention especially when several people commented how rare it is for a cottontail to climb.  Cottontails (Sylvilagus) have been known to swim or climb trees when pursued by prey (lunch seems just as important).  Out of 14 cottontail species the Brush rabbit pictured above is found on the Pacific Coast, and this one both climbs and swims.   Domesticated rabbits normally don't climb (or swim), but it certainly seems like they can sometimes.


¿usted habla español? (Do you speak Spanish?)  If you do or even if you don't, you might want to visit National Association of Rabbit Friends.  They are a national rescue and adoption in Spain. The lop pictured on the left is one of theirs.  By the way, you can translate their web pages into several languages at BabelFish. There are several photo gallery pages of their Rabbits (Conejos) in Spain That's a language all rabbit fans can speak!


Also, the House Rabbit Society has several pages translated into Japanese, German, Espanol and Portuguese


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