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December 2006/January 2007



January 31, 2007 - 7:30 p.m. - Food for Thought - Calcium Levels?  Calories in vegetables? There are lots of questions and fortunately several informative websites to find good information.  For resources on what fruits and vegetables to feed your rabbit   - see San Diego HRS - Bunny's Fruit and Veggie List, to find out calorie information visit Small Animal Nutrient Chart  by Susan Brown DMV and for Calcium content (less is better see): Calcium Chart of Raw Vegetables  by Carrot Cafe.  Also, to understand issues concerning too much calcium in the diet go to Calcium Problems in Rabbits by Claire King.


Pet Oxygen Masks - Did you know that many fire departments have pet oxygen masks.  They come in 3 sizes to fit cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets.  If your local fire department doesn't have them on hand, you can suggest they do.  The veterinary division of Smiths Veterinary Medical PM Inc., of Waukesha, WI distributes them.  They cost about $60.00. Aside from brave firefighters, these oxygen masks are the best bet to help any animal suffering from smoke inhalation.


White Rabbits in London: Bunny Blog visitor, Lydia, sent this photo from Regent's Park London of white rabbit statues:  (click to see larger version) 



January 30, 2007 - 8:30 p.m. - Hair Raising Rescue - The Janesville Gazette in Wisconsin reported on a house fire Monday.  The firefighters on the scene said, "The upstairs was completely full of smoke. We couldn't see 5 feet inside the door and had to use thermal imaging cameras.'' When the homeowner returned and "saw the house on fire, he rushed toward a bedroom window and tried to break it in an effort to rescue the family's pet rabbit."  But the window wouldn't break. When firefighters saw what was happening, they got the homeowner away from the house and then rescued the pet rabbit and a hedgehog.  The firefighters explained, "It seemed important (to the family).'' 

Artist Jodi Jensen is well known for her painting of rabbits in gardens like "Petunia Primavera" on the left.  She now resides in Utah and continues her artwork.  Her pet lops inspired most of her rabbit paintings. She has a entire page of bunny prints available on her website at: Jodi Jensen Bunnies


January 29, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - Gifts for Your Honey Bunny  - Your rabbits, of course.  Two online companies have great values and Valentine gifts this time of year: 


Bunny Bunch Boutique supports Bunny Bunch S.P.C.R. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rabbits) a no kill, non-profit rabbit rescue and education group, run entirely by volunteers in Chino, CA.  They have a "I Love You Pinecone Basket" that is filled with dried pine cones. (see photo

above) I know a few rabbits here at home that would enjoy this!


Read about (photos, too) the 300 rabbit rescue of abandoned rabbits from a park in Southern California at Bunny Bunch S.P.C.R.  This a dedicated group of volunteers!


Busy Bunny has introduced their new Value Packs, a great value for those with multi-Bunny households or who like buying in bulk. Go to Bargain Bun-anza  They also have terrific things for people, too.  It's also Valentine's Day at Busy Bunny - check it out.


These are fun for young kids - a game called: Bunny Balance:  Bunny Balance and Build a bunny den for kids: Build a Bunny Den 



Watery Rabbit - Georgia who has three rabbits of her own sent along this photo of a rabbit fire extinguisher (in China). 


January 28, 2007 - 7:00 p.m. Temporary Digs for Woodland Park Rabbits: According to an article in the Northend Herald in Seattle, rabbits captured at Woodland Park will find interim sanctuary in an old chapel located in another Seattle park. The chapel which is in need of renovation will temporarily house up to “30 Rabbits” at a time as the captures will be staggered. The chapel has water, heat and a dry place to keep the rabbits. They will be “sterilized and recuperate in the chapel before they were shipped off to a rabbit sanctuary. The chapel will be used as a rabbit hutch for only a couple of months… the volunteers won't capture any rabbits if there's not a home for them beforehand.  The volunteers are looking for other sanctuaries in the region that can take some."   If you live in the Puget Sound area, volunteers are needed to help in capture and to work shifts caring for the rabbits. Some rabbits may be available for adoption. Please be sure to visit their website at Friends of Park Rabbits for more information.


Fun Rabbity Stuff:

French Rabbit Wine named themselves after lagomorphs since "French vineyards are abundant with our furry four-legged friends."  They have a photo gallery where people can submit pictures of themselves and the wine, but it seems some real rabbits are hopping into the pictures as well.

Rabbit Mascot Costumes They're not cheap, but every possible rabbit mascot costume is available at this website.

Join Dr. Rabbit’s Band  This musical interactive game is for kids on Colgate’s website. It stars a rabbit.


Hillsboro Hoarding Case Rabbit  Adoption Date is Set for Saturday, February 3rd -  a hotline has been set-up with more information at (503) 285-7722, extension 412.

See video of these adorable rabbits in rescue facility at:

Rabbit Caper Solved


Rabbits are Good Medicine - While searching for news articles on rabbits I came across a news item about a course that will explore the roles animals play in Native American medicine.  It said "If we see certain animals frequently on our journey, they are bringing us medicine which we need to be reminded of applying to our being. Rabbit, for example carries the message of fear."  About this time I hear a ruckus behind me and turn to see Mr. Hops, my Californian rabbit chasing my Snowshoe cat down the hall.  Once they get under my desk, Hops turns and jumps at a very surprised cat. Totally fearless. The game continues. This is good medicine.

January 25, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - Rabbit Advocates Praise Detectives - The Oregon based rabbit education group praised the Hillsboro police for their work in locating the 125 pet rabbits stolen in the animal neglect case. (See January 23rd blog entry) Helen Swann, president of the board for the Rabbit Advocates said “Rabbits are wonderful companion pets and the police department recognized this..."  She went on to say, "The Hillsboro Police took this case seriously from the beginning and we thank them."

The Rabbit Advocate volunteers spent the last three months giving daily food, water and attention to the 200 rabbits held in the case.  Today's Oregonian newspaper reported that since the rabbits are back in custody they are being prepared for adoption.  They don't have a date yet, but I will update the Bunny Blog when I know.  If you live in the greater Portland Metro Area, please consider adopting a rabbit (or two) from the Hillsboro group.  The Rabbit Advocates  plan to offer education for anyone wishing to adopt one of these rabbits.  It will be posted on their website as soon as it is available. The Rabbit Advocates already have lots of rabbits available for adoption like Zeppy and Poco, a bonded pair, pictured above who were each found abandoned in a park.  The soft grey male rabbit, Caddy, pictured on the left was found at a golf course.  And, speaking of rabbits abandoned outdoors.

Read Hopperhome's story about Hops & Dill two good reasons to never abandon a pet rabbit outdoors.  These are just two out of hundreds of rabbits abandoned every year. 

January 24, 20007 - 8:30 p.m. - "Rabbit Bubble" - No, it is not a new rabbit disease, but it is a slow news day for rabbits.  So I bring you a story about speculation on rabbits in Japan at the end of the Edo period when Japan began trading with Western countries.  European rabbits were introduced into Japan back then.  Unfortunately, rabbit breeding was wildly popular from 1872-74 in large Japanese cities.  The tortoise shell rabbit sold for outrageous prices "as much as the price of a house. Just as in the 'Tulip Bubble' in Holland during the 1630s, people rushed into rabbit breeding as  speculation."  Well, it flopped and "increasingly attracted crime and became a serious social problem."  See this fascinating story at Usagi.

Scoop on Shredder Rabbits - I have one and her name is Rosemary Rabbit.  She can tear up the contents of a litter box in minutes without getting a hair out of place. My sister Bonnie and I also rescued Miss Tansy and Miss Rosie.  They were the litter box "Thelma & Louise" terrorizing every effort I made to keep the chaos (crap) in check.  So I resorted to drilling holes in one litter box and placing it over the newspaper in the lower box.  Until I discovered the cat litter box makers had done this already.  See my page Scoop on Litter on Hopperhome If you are using newspaper and hay, then this can help.  If you are using pellet litters, that avoids the problem, too.  That is until you meet a rabbit like Pogo (another rescued rabbit) who loved to dig. 

Tag You're It for Wild Rabbits - The next time your neighbors think you know how to solve their "cottontail rabbit problem" in their yard/garden just because you happen to have a house rabbit - tell them about the humane Tagback System to fend off the fluffy intruders.  It works and it is humane.  The Tagbak sprinklers stay on for five to 20 seconds (customer sets them), and the system comes on only when needed and instantly fends off the invading rabbits. No need to waste water or hurt the bunnies. Works for raccoons, coyotes, etc.  It's not cheap, but then neither is a large landscaped yard full of tasty plants.

January 23, 2007 - 8:00 p.m. - Bonnie Bunnies - The BBC News reported that "the popularity of rabbits as pets is growing," in Scotland.  It's all part of the media coverage of National Rabbit Week in the UK.  The bunny on the right is Derek, from Dunbar, Scotland.

"Bizarre Twist" in Hoarding Case - According to KOMO News in Seattle the Oregon woman who was charged with 257 counts of animal neglect of rabbits last October was arrested again.  She found out where the remaining living rabbits were taken in the original the seizure by Hillsboro Police. She then broke in and took 80 [later found to be nearly 125] of the rabbits. The rabbits had been confiscated as evidence and were recovering nicely in a humane society facility. I am sure the rabbits are doing fine now. But this is really unfortunate since "Hillsboro police described the scene at her home in October as the worst case of animal neglect in recent memory."

Singapore Rabbits - If you want to visit a rabbit rescue website in an far away locale see the Singapore House Rabbit Society Chapter website. Their active chapter just held a "Blogathon" to raise funds over the holidays and you can click through to read their entries (with photos). The list of vegetables to feed rabbits in their Diet FAQ includes items such as Siao Pek Chye and Chye Sim. I'm sure my rabbits would love it even if I'm not sure.  (The rabbit statuary is located in Singapore's Garden of Abundance. That almost looks like a binky!)

January 22, 2007 - 7:00 p.m. - Living Large - the CNN video online today, "Rabbits to the Rescue" I hope is the last of the news articles on the Flemish Giant Rabbits being sent to North Korea from Germany to raise for food. The story makes me hopping mad. Instead of focusing on this disappointing news, I want to say how wonderful this breed is as a pet. The Flemish Giants I have known are lively, gentle and relaxed pets. I remember the first time I met a Flemish Giant.  I needed to clip his nails and I found the huge bunny in my lap was very easy and cooperative. Visit the Giant Rabbit Rescue in the UK, mentioned before on the Bunny Blog.  Read the Joy of Big Bunnies article from Ontario Rabbit Education Organization.  The large breeds are always available for adoption since they are a lot of bunny to love.  That is Bender pictured above from the House Rabbit Connection of Massachusetts & Connecticut website.  This adolescent Flemish Giant mix was rescued this past summer as part of a large cruelty seizure by a Rhode Island animal control officer.  Gotta love those big ears.

Hay - Store it Right - an email today reminded me about the perfect food for rabbits - Timothy Hay.  The question was about storing hay and how long it lasts.  Hay should be stored in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.  Also, it is important not to seal it up air tight in a plastic container.  Hay needs an "airy" environment so punch several holes in a plastic container or bag if that's how you store it.  It can last up to a year, but it will loose some nutritional value.  (I keep mine for up to 3 months.)  See an informative article on Creative Hay Management by Barbara Rey with the Rabbit Advocates in Portland, Oregon.  I differ with her in how I make it available to the rabbits. She uses hay feeders to cut down on the mess. I buy hay by the bale and use only hay in a litter box with a newspaper lining. (I change litter boxes everyday.)  But as long as hay is available at all times, it is fine either way you do it.

January 21, 2007 - 9:00 p.m. - This Week is National Rabbit Week  from January 22- 28, 2007 in the UK. At the website there is a list of clinics and groups who will offer health advice and information about keeping rabbits.  The week specifically tackles the rise in rabbit obesity, dental problems, and well-being of house rabbits.  That's "Freddy" above from the Greenwich Rabbit Rescue in London


Shopping is in the Bag over at the House Rabbit Society Cafe Press  store.  There are a lot of new items in the store for rabbit lovers.  The best part besides all the rabbity logo items is the fact that every purchase supports the House Rabbit Society.

Bunny Proof Your Corners - Bunny Blog reader, Gayle, has a "Rabbit Rumpus Room" as she has dubbed it.  The corners in the rabbits' room were being gnawed no matter what distractions and chewable items she tried.  So instead of trying to change the rabbits she changed the corners with clear corner protectors from a hardware store. As Gayle put it in her email "they aren't pretty, but the walls are saved." The rabbits have been concentrating on their apple twigs instead of the corners. The San Diego House Rabbit Society has several good suggestions on bunny proofing here:  First Things First: Bunny proof Your Home  Also see: Willas Ark Bunny Proof.

Davinci Bunny - This was one of the entries I lost last week when my server went offline:  Lilly Arts has an abunnydance of watercolor cartoon paintings with rabbits.  It started with  pictures of rabbits  and as Lilly says,  "Soon the bunnies were multiplying and dancing right from under my pencil drawings."   It's great bunny fun over at her website at the link above.

January 18, 2007 - 7:30 p.m. - Pets Wearing Pets? Rabbits are very popular as pets in Canada, but the Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy reports on their website that “A Canadian home magazine- Chocolat has been advertising a Rabbit Fur Dog Coat in their "Perfect Presents for Pets" section.’  The coats are made by a company out of Mont-Royal, Quebec called Romy & Jacob  (email: sales@romyandjacob.com)  Why would any animal lover want their pet to wear another pet as a jacket when they already have fur. (Even a Chihuahua can wear faux fur instead.) Find out more on the VRRA website link above.

Lettuce Remember - A Bunny Blog visitor from Utah emailed me a good tip on rabbits and vacations.  When Diane came home from a ski trip that was cut short on the second day by a sprained ankle, she found a full rabbit.  She arrived home to find her rabbit, Topper, completely out of the big bowl of pellet food she had left the day before.  The pet sitter was scheduled to visit that night.  Sometimes rabbits will gorge themselves on the bonanza of food left for them. Next time Diane plans to leave a litter box full of timothy hay, plenty of fresh water and have her pet sitter offer fresh vegetables once or twice a day when she leaves on vacation. She also admits Topper might have been bored.  She has found him a spayed girlfriend to share his food with during her next vacation.


Philatelic Rabbits - another Bunny Blog visitor from Australia sent me this photo of the 1999 New Zealand Year of the Rabbit stamp series.  She not only collects stamps as a hobby, but also has two rabbits: "Stamper" and "Posty."


Always feel free to send your tip or something you think other rabbit fans would find interesting to Hopperhome's email above.  Later in the year I plan to add more interactivity to the Bunny Blog with comments, polls and an RSS feed.


January 17, 2007 9:30 p.m. - Escape Artist Rabbit - Here's story about a smart bunny who should be an indoor house rabbit.  Several news outlets in Wisconsin reported on a rabbit named Houdini who has escaped his outdoor cages many times ("more than a dozen").  Somehow this little guy has found "rides" on the underside of the family minivan a long way from his home in Milwaukee.  They bribe the bunny back with apple pieces when the rabbit appears from out from underneath the van at various destinations.  I would certainly disagree with one report from Houdini's humans that Houdini is "living an interesting life compared to other bunnies." It's time to bring this rabbit inside so he can have a long magical life.


Another Smart Rabbit - Steve Dales' column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press printed a letter from a woman concerned her rabbit "turns up her nose at alfalfa kibble." The president of the Chicago-based Red Door Animal Shelter, Chicago, IL responded, "Your rabbit

is darn smart."  She went on to say "Alfalfa kibble and timothy hay pellets are for baby rabbits only. You do want to feed adult rabbits primarily timothy hay (not to be confused with timothy hay pellets), which should always be available. Also, feed lots of salad with romaine and green and red leaf lettuce . . ."  One of the best websites on rabbit diet is www.carrotcafe.com.  Also, go to several articles on the House Rabbit Society website including FAQ: Diet The rabbit pictured above is Lilac who was found outside, where she was trying to fend for herself.  They say she is very sweet and loving and likes to sit on your lap be petted.  See the Red Door link above about all the animals they have for adoption including Miss Lilac.


Tubing Rabbits - That's Calvin (3 month old male, Dutch Rabbit - soon to be neutered) and Cassidy (a 5 month old spayed female Dutch rabbit) enjoying some tubes (cement forms you can find at Lowes or Home Depot). Their foster parents with The House Rabbit Connection of Massachusetts & Connecticut say the pair are very energetic and fun to watch. No kidding!  The tubes come in various diameters and lengths. They create simple fun for rabbits who love to jump.


January 16, 2007, 8:00 p.m. - Hoarded Rabbits Could Be Up for Adoption -  The Hillsboro Argus newspaper reported that "A Hillsboro woman charged with 250 counts of animal abuse has until Wednesday to post an $85,000 bond to provide for the bunnies' continuing care while they are evidence in the criminal case against her." Fortunately, in this case the 169 live rabbits seized are being cared for by volunteers with the Humane Society and "all the rabbits are thriving."   If the bond isn't posted, a major adoption effort will be undertaken. The Oregon Humane Society already has several rabbits like Taffy above available for adoption. 


What's in a Name - "Groucho" was an easy choice for my little lop pictured on the left.  My sister and me have followed a herb theme with Rosemary, Hops, Basil, Sage, Hops and Tansy.  When I adopted Bumble his buzzing noises made him "Mr. Bumble B. Bunny." For two large lists of rabbit names online: Bunny Name List, About.com Names for Rabbits


If you haven't found a rabbit calendar yet, the Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue Calendar 2007 is available. All the profits go to their rabbit rescue and the rabbits featured are rescued bunnies. See a preview of all the beautifully photographed bunny months at this link Brambley Hedge of Phoenix.


January 15, 2007 3:00 p.m. - Stop Petco from Selling Rabbits in San Diego County.  According to the San Diego House Rabbit Society Chapter   website: “In December, 2006 PETCO stores began selling rabbits in San Diego County.  The Escondido (Valley Parkway) and Carmel Mountain stores currently have rabbits and the Poway is considering adding rabbits to their inventory. Secondly, it's been reported that these rabbits are coming from the notorious "puppy mill" breeder, Marshall Farms, which has now gotten into the "rabbit mill" business.  Marshall Farms is well known for the thousands of dogs and ferrets it breeds for pet store and laboratory use across the U.S.”   I have my own unfortunate experiences with Petco in Minnesota (See Harley Girl - that's Rosemary above.)

Beatrix Smuggled Her Rabbit Home - With all the interest in Miss Potter (the movie) this last couple of weeks, it seems Beatrix did what most kids want to do when their parents say "no" to a pet rabbit - Beatrix bought her first rabbit at a pet shop and smuggled him home in a paper bag.  That was Benjamin Bouncer.  She taught Benjamin to take walks on a leash and he was her first model.  In fact, all of Beatrix’s pets including her mouse (Hunca Munca), and  hedgehog (Mrs. Tiggy) went with her on vacations and traveled on the train.

Rabbits in Las Vegas – You Bet!   And, the Las Vegas House Rabbit Society reports on their website that the “Lied Shelter (their local animal shelter), is filled to capacity with homeless bunnies.  The adoption fee is only $10.00 and all bunnies are spayed or neutered. [They need to charge more than $10 in Hopperhome's opinion]  If you live in Las Vegas, consider adopting a bunny directly from the shelter at: Lied Animal Shelter located at 655 N. Mojave Road.  Their phone number is 702 384-3333.  That is a beautiful Japanese Harlequin male at one year old available for adoption in Las Vegas. He doesn't have a name, but he could have a lucky number A156039 if someone comes by to adopt him! Click on his picture to get a closer look.

Rabbit Elves at Christmas – the Rabbit Haven of Santa Cruz  Holiday Bag Program received generous contributions from “bunny lovers across the continent and from dedicated volunteers who made toys, assembled bags, and distributed treat bags and TLC to bunnies at local shelters and foster homes.!”  See their slideshow of the program at the link above. Plus, further evidence of the Bunny Elves at work was shown in pictures at the Indiana House Rabbit Society of Foster Rabbit Secret Santas Gifts on Christmas morning.  See them at the link above.  T

January 14, 2007 - 10:00 a.m. My web service provider at Web.com was down this past week.  I lost this past week's blog entries for Jan. 8th through 11th.  I will update tomorrow morning now that I am able to add content to Hopperhome.com.  Thanks for your patience!


January 7, 2007 - 2:00 p.m. - The Los Angeles Rabbit Adopt-a-thon is featured on the House Rabbit Society homepage.  As they say “With over 1,100 rabbits checked into the Los Angeles City shelters yearly, and an additional 1,000 checked into the Los Angeles County shelters, plus hundreds more in surrounding areas and in several rabbit rescue groups, the Los Angeles area is overflowing with unwanted rabbits." No kidding! Don't miss this event on February 11th if you live in the Los Angeles area.  Go to the HRS link above for more information.

BunnyLuv is just one of many great rescue organizations in the Los Angles area. (They are in Van Nuys)  I was touched by the story of Beyonce on their website (see photo left).  Beyonce was their featured Bunny for December. She was adopted as a young rabbit and then returned to them at age 9 when her bunny companion died and her human didn’t want to care for her any longer.  Good Grief! Just imagine losing your mate and your home in the same week.  They say she will need long-term care and has difficulty seeing, but she certainly deserves a good home her “twilight years.”  For more go to their website link above. 

Rabbits Click on Video - There is more than one video showing rabbits performing clicker training tricks  See the one Diane from Fuzzy Termites emailed me at: Bunny Performing Clicker Tricks this one. And, this video is on Clickflicks: Clicker Training.  Plus, there are two BunnyFest Demonstrations on YouTube: Bunny Clicker Training Part 1 and  Bunny Clicker Training Part 2  These two show rabbits not only show their smarts when clicker trained, they also have minds of their own.

Abandoned at Christmas - A little baby Lionhead rabbit (on left) was dumped in a box on Christmas eve in Marlow, UK as reported by the Citizen Newsletter.  The bunny was unable to eat because "he had a overgrown teeth and infected gums."  With a new name, Jake, and now in foster care, he has had his teeth clipped and is eating.  According to the article a "number of small animals including other rabbits and a guinea pig have been abandoned" in the area recently.  They go on to implore people to think "long and hard" before getting a pet. I second that!

January 5, 2007 - 10:00 p.m. - Bold British Hares - British Artist Sheila Gill paints watercolors of rabbits and hares.  She isn’t afraid to be bold when depicting their ears and expressive faces.  I found her website recently when trying to locate another watercolor of rabbits.  Sheila’s work made me stay awhile and look at every painting.  She recently completed a children’s collection of paintings of rabbits and guinea pigs.  Plus, she has added new paintings of hares.  Go enjoy sometime with her colorful watercolors at the link above.


"Bunny Lady's Bylaw Bind" - A recent article in The Record newspaper in Kitchener, Ontario explained the dilemma of a long time rabbit rescuer (15 years).  It seems Jo-Anne Barclay is in violation of a city by-law "which allows for only six rabbits in a home."  She has twenty rabbits in her care right now and "says she'd rather move to another city than give up her beloved bunnies."  The article was sympathetic to her plight and goes on to explain "They are caged and well taken care of, but that didn't stop someone from complaining."  Barclay is looking for temporary foster homes for her rabbits while she locates a new home. I am sure this rabbit lover who works as a veterinary assist will find a good situation for herself and her rabbits. City codes are a consideration for anyone who wants to house multiple animals.  In my own experience, it seems rabbits multiple fast (without breeding!) once the word gets out someone will take in homeless bunnies.    


January 3, 2007 - 9:30 p.m. - Carrot Fingers - CBS 13 in Sacramento did a story on the SPCA welcoming kids to Camp Kindness to learn about animals. One of the children was quoted as saying: "I learned that animals need their respect and personal space and never stick your finger in a rabbit's cage because they think it's a carrot and will bite you.” After a few bites myself over the years, I know my rabbits never mistook my fingers for carrots. However, thanks to the SPCA for teaching children not to invade a rabbit’s space with small fingers.


Tips from Bunny Blog Readers - I get these from time to time and wanted to share a few:

Bittersweet - Ann from Rhode Island wrote to say she tried white vinegar and bitter apple spray as repellants on wires, furniture legs and carpet. However, her rabbit Wendy decided both were yummy. So Ann tried her strongest cheap perfumes. They work, but Ann says her home smells like a “Hare House” now.
Something Fishy About those Wires – Linda from Florida who has two rabbits and two large aquariums (with fish in them – Not rabbits) suggests flexible clear aquarium tubing to protect wires from chewing rabbits. It comes in several diameters up to 1 ¼ inches and you just have to split it down one side to put the wire inside. Another Bunny Blog reader wrote me that she never tosses vacuum cleaner hoses since they can be recycled as protection for wires from chewing bunnies.
Sock it to Them – Janice from Redding, California stuffs timothy hay in cotton socks with holes in the toes. She expands the holes and then hangs the socks on the side of her rabbits' puppy pen. She says both bunnies enjoy stretching to get at the hay and eat it even though a metal hay rack is installed nearby

January 2, 2007 - 10:00 p.m. Chesapeake Rabbit Shelter Hopping - WTKR in Norfolk, Virgina reported that an independent rabbit rescue, Virginia Rabbit, Inc. is anticipating "parents pleading ... to take the new pet off their hands" in about three months after the holidays.  They should know since Virginia Rabbit, Inc. has between 80 to 90 rabbits right now and have been rescuing rabbits for several years.  Visit their website Virginia Rabbit and see some of the wonderful rabbits they have available like Lucky pictured above.


Tiny Rabbit Making a Comeback - Several newspapers reported today that the Pygmy rabbit breeding program is thriving at the Oregon Zoo. “After six years of trial and error, the Oregon Zoo's successful breeding efforts may help bring North America's smallest rabbit back from the brink of extinction. The zoo plans to release 12 Washington pygmy rabbits into the wild in March, the first introduction of the endangered rabbits into their natural habitat since their removal for emergency captive breeding.” In fact, Meadow, a 2-year-old pygmy rabbit (see photo) weighing less than a pound was voted Zoo Mother of the Year last summer.  By the way, initially they plan to protect these little lagomorphs from predators to make sure they survive.  Congratulations to the Oregon Zoo and others who work to protect the wild rabbits.


Now we go to a Super-sized white rabbit  who made news in the New Zealand Herald this week because she needs a home. This gentle girl was fortunate to be brought into the SPCA as a stray and they think she was someone’s affectionate pet. The animal attendant says "She's like a cat. She'll follow you and put her paws up on you." (I had a big white bunny girl who did the same thing so it may just be big bunny behavior.) Nonetheless, if you happen to live in New Zealand you can adopt this sweet rabbit or another animal in need by contacting your local SPCA. The rabbit's Village ID is: 103864.


January 1, 2007 - 6:00 p.m. Hoppy New Year from Hopperhome!  It has been a year of Hopperhome's Bunny Blog! When I started the blog last January I wasn't so sure I'd find a year's worth of rabbit news, stories or photos to include here.  After a few weeks I realized it is always hopping!  Other than a long power outage this month, a vacation or two, and a server going offline, the Bunny Blog just keeps going like an energizer bunny.  Thanks to all of you for visiting throughout this past year!


Dogs Rescue Rabbit - Starting out with good news this year for a very lucky rabbit ... According to the Cambridge Evening News in the UK two dogs found a rabbit under a hedge.  They didn't hurt the rabbit and instead, the dogs who were out for a walk brought the bunny to their owner without any injury.  The rabbit (now named "Lacey") was taken to a foster home and then to the Heathland Animal Sanctuary.  The spokeswoman at the sanctuary says "Lacey is "bit grumpy at the moment - we think she might be pregnant. But she is a lovely rabbit and has a pedigree ring on her."   Lacey will be cared for until a new home is found for both her and her litter.


Firefighters Save Rabbit - Also, in the UK near Haworth a young woman and her son were rescued from a fire in their home last week.  When they were safe the firefighters asked if there was "anyone else in the house and we said yes - the rabbit."  They thought their rabbit may not have made it due to all the smoke.  But the firefighters retrieved the rabbit.  The watch manger said "the rabbit wasn't moving at first, but once we got him outside and gave him a whiff of fresh air and a squeeze, he came back to life."   The woman, her son and their pet rabbit, "Rooney," will all be able to move back into their home once the smoke clears.

Visit Bunny Lovers Unite Pool  If you haven't been to the photo sharing website, www.flickr.com there is a reason to go and it's the Bunny Lovers Unite Pool at the link above.  It features photos from thousands of people who post their pet rabbit pictures here.  The photo on the left is part of Ocha's flickr gallery who is featured as the Link of the Week on the Bunny Blog.



December 28th - 8:30 p.m. - Harebrained Hangover Cures - New Year's is almost here and the Washington Post published their list of the more bizarre cures for the "January 1st Syndrome."  One of the more repulsive remedies was “Rabbit Dropping Tea.”  I pour the stuff on my garden, but drinking it has never occurred to me. (Two handfuls of droppings in hot water – steep for two days or so [until cool] and pour on flower beds).  I stick to real tea and when I think of “rabbit tea,” I imagine sweet rabbit shaped teapots like the one pictured from The Teapot Shoppe.  I think someone would have to still be drunk New Year’s Day to drink the tea I pour on the garden in the spring.


Harry Winter for New York Snowshoes - The Telegram newspaper in Herkimer, New York (near Utica) reported the unseasonably warm weather is taking a toll on the local wildlife. They are normally covered in snow this time of year, but there has been little of the white stuff falling so far. Unfortunately, the article says the “Snowshoe hares are facing a particular danger without snow. The rabbits turn pure white during winter months, allowing them to hide easily in snow.” Without snow the white hares are real standouts to predators according to wildlife agencies. Too bad Colorado can’t ship some of their snow back East!


Congratulations are in order for the House Rabbit Society who needed to raise at least $5,000 in order to catch up on unexpected bills and costs. The green rabbit was completely filled up and they met and exceeded their goal!  So thanks are also in order to all of you who hopped up to the plate to help with this worthwhile cause!


December 27th 9:30 p.m. - Wild Jumping –  An 11 year old girl emailed me today to ask why her rabbit races in zigzags and jumps so much.   Other than the fact that rabbits are made for it and seem to jump for joy, this behavior can save their life.  The move pet rabbit lovers call a “binky” helps the rabbit abruptly change direction to avoid a predator.  Also, jumping or running in a zigzag line may cause a predator to loose its scent.  A great book on rabbit behavior is sold on Amazon, Why Does My Rabbit Do That? (see it on the left).


There are a couple of rabbits in the Southern United States that will also take to the water to loose a predator.  The Marsh Rabbit (Sylvilagus palustris) can float in the water exposing only its eyes and nose.  It also walks on it’s hind legs from time to time which is unusual for rabbits. Go to Marsh Rabbits for more information.

The Swamp Rabbit (Sylvilagus aquaticus) enjoyed brief notoriety in 1979 when one had an encounter with President Jimmy Carter who was fishing on a pond on his farm in Georgia. (See Photo Here) Carter was caught on camera splashing water at a visibly upset Swamp Rabbit swimming toward his boat.  The media called it a “Killer Rabbit.”  Go to Swamp Rabbits for more information about them. 

“Pet Boom” was the name of an article in the Frontiersman newspaper in Alaska yesterday about the plight of abandoned and stray animals in the Mat-Su Borough.  Jeanette Rogers of Meadow Gates Farm in Wasilla, Alaska was quoted in the article about the Valley’s pet rabbits that end up at her sanctuary.  Her farm is capable of taking in 200 rabbits, but this is much less than the demand. “We've got too many,” she said. “There's probably 175 here now … It's just irresponsible pet ownership. There is no market for bunnies.”  The article goes on to say her advice for anyone with any kind of pet is simple. “Don't breed. Adopt. That goes for all pets. There are throwaways everywhere.”  If you live Alaska near Wasilla and want to adopt a rabbit, please go to the Meadow Gates link above for more information. 

December 26th - 8:30 p.m. - Where's the Logo?  There have been several articles in newspapers this year about pets given as gifts at the holidays and then returned or relinquished. The reasons for returning them can be as silly as shown in the cartoon on the left.  Fortunately, several articles have been published before Christmas this year to discourage the public from buying a pet on impulse as a gift. According to an article in the Daily Press in Michigan "the harsh reality that too often occurs in the aftermath of the holiday: Mom or Dad carrying the confused animal into the local animal shelter to give it up for adoption."  I'm hoping this message was heard a little more this year so the influx of puppies, kittens and bunnies is slowed at shelters this week.

Three Rabbits Riddle in China  I found a link to this image in Chinese folk art that symbolizes peace and tranquility.  It depicts three rabbits chasing each other in a never ending circle. Even though there are three rabbits they only have three ears.  The website gives a lot information on this image located in caves near the town of Dunhuang in northwestern China.  Apparently, it is so popular it appears on everything from carpets to t-shirts.


Pet Photography Fundraising - The photo on the left is a candid shot, but a professional pet portrait is a way to raise funds.  Diane from Fuzzy Termites emailed me about a program that has been successful in the Bay Area of California.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle article "the My Mutt program is also turning out to be a popular ticket at live auctions. At recent fundraising events, the Peninsula Humane Society and Hopalong Animal Rescue raised $3,000 each, and German Shepherd Rescue raised $4,000."  The article goes on to say "Since its conception, approximately 50 local animal shelters and rescue groups, ranging from Monterey to Sonoma, have been the recipients of more than $170,000, using the much-needed funds for food, medical supplies, space and other miscellaneous shelter needs."  Perhaps this could work in your community.  To learn more about the program, visit My Mutt Program 510-346-7777 Ext. 1109


Hopperhome Wants Your Candid Bunny Holiday Season Photos - my long power outage didn't allow me to put together a gallery of holiday rabbit photos to post this week.  I have a few, but more are always welcome.  I would like to put together the gallery as a web page for year around viewing.  So send your bunny holiday photo in a jpeg format to connie@hopperhome.com and be sure to put your rabbit's name in the email.


December 24th - 4:30 p.m. - Bunny Blog Offline Due to Power Outage for over a week!  I live in the Pacific Northwest and December 14th the area experienced a bad windstorm.  Our power went out and didn't come back on until today!  Only one shelter in the area took pets so we "camped out" in the living room with the rabbits and two cats for over a week.  No internet, no hot water and heat only from the fireplace.  It was a challenge especially when the temperatures got down to 25 degrees at night.  My sister and myself managed to take care of ourselves and our pets just fine.  I plan to be back bunny blogging after a quick rest for Christmas Eve and Day.  Having the power back on is a blessing and it is truly a Merry Christmas here!


December 13th - 8:30 p.m. - Naughty Bunnies - After blogging about the Pet Santas yesterday, Joann from Delaware sent me a blurb from a local news interview with a "Pet Santa" in Delaware. Apparently, a pet bunny left him a present.  He said, "One time I was sitting with a rabbit and when they lifted him up there were 'pellets' all over my lap. I've had run-ins like that a lot, but it's part of the job. The suit goes right to the dry cleaner and it's as good as new after that."  That's good rabbitude on the part of a part-time pet Santa!  PS: I get loads of bunnies in Santa Hat pictures from visitors this time of year - one is featured above. (I need to start a new page for all of them in a gallery. Maybe next year.)


Rabbit ECards - You can find rabbit ecards for free on the internet in some of the most unlikely places.... like the website for Telus (a Canadian telecommunications company).  They featured rabbits in their print and TV  advertising (Telus Rabbit Ears Commercial).  Telus has two cards you can send online like the photo above with "Thanks a Bunch" as the caption.  Of course, the House Rabbit Society has e-postcards you can send (HRS Postcards).  Here are a few obscure spots to look: ecards Rabbits, National Wildlife Federation “Ears to Spring”, Toonsgig “I’m Sorry” Cartoon Rabbit Card


December 12th - 9:00 p.m. - Photos with Santa Paws - A Bunny Blog visitor sent me the photo (on the right) of a sweet rabbit with Santa Claus today. Then I happened on an article in the Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN) about the increasing popularity of Santa photos with pets at malls.  The largest mall in America, Mall of America, is offering Santa Pet photos this year and several other malls in the Twin Cities have hopped on Santa's sleigh.  Of course, Santa has a few rules at the mall such as animals must be on leashes or in cages, and proof of vaccinations is required.  Check your local mall to see if they allow pets for pictures.  My rabbits can cope with car trips, but many rabbits cannot.  Please take your rabbit's stress level into consideration before you cart him off to the mall.  A photo at home with your own Santa maybe all the holiday stress your rabbit can handle.  And, if anyone knows the identity of the bunny above, let me know.

Big Bunny - An animator named Amy created this Big Pink Bunny that seems to think cats make a better lunch than carrots.  If that wasn't strange enough, some of the Big Bunny animated episodes do contain carnivorous behavior.  (Screen first before you show the kids.)  I like my rabbits cute, but Big Bunny is an original from a creative animator.

December 11th - 7:30 p.m. - Shop 'Til  You Flop - What are you going to get your rabbit for Christmas?  If you need ideas, here are links to online rabbit shops.  I have tried a variety of toys over the years.  Mr. Hops loves the natural willow balls, Bumble enjoys treat bags, Basil (pictured above) & Sage enjoy pine cones and willow toys, and then there is Rosemary who only wants the cardboard from a paper towel roll stuffed with timothy hay. Hopperhome has never accepted advertising... the stores below are where I have shopped.

Bunny Bunch

Bunny Bytes


Busy Bunny

The Bunny Store

Cats and Rabbits and More

Funny Bunny Toy Company

Leith Petwerks

Pet Rabbit Toys

RabbitCentral.com and The Rabbit Stop

(The "Snow Bunny" above is by Will Bullas)


Bunny Bites - I once watched an experienced rabbit rescuer clip and file a rabbit's teeth.  The rabbit's health improved almost overnight since it could eat and was no longer in pain.  I don't recommend this for amateurs and recommend vets perform dental procedures on rabbits.  (I can do a lot on my own like shots, but I will leave the dental problems to the experts.) I have never had a rabbit foster with a malocclusion problem and I consider myself very lucky.  However, if you need information on dental problems in rabbits, three online websites have good information.  The first two links are not for the faint of heart since they contain photos depicting dental problems including surgery. 

Ben's Dental Extraction  

Long Beach Animal Hospital Dental Information 

When Chester Couldn't Chew by Marinell Harriman

My sister, Bonnie, discovered artist Phillip Singer's "Tortoise and Hare." Phillip is an artist who creates some unusual and surreal paintings.  I didn't see any other rabbit paintings on his website, but I love this one. The poster is available online at various poster stores. Visit his website at the link above.

December 10th - 3:30 p.m. - Rabbits "now the most abused pet" according to a news report by the BBC in the UK.  "Rabbits are the most abused domestic pet in England and Wales, with 35,000 abandoned every year, says the RSPCA."  They go on to explain that "70% of the rescued rabbits had been kept hutched 24 hours a day. Almost 40% had no food and half had been living in filthy conditions."  It was further reported "that people bought rabbits, but then quickly lost interest.  On average the abandoned pets it came across had been dumped after just three months."  Since rabbits are the third most popular pet in England and Wales, we need to take pay attention to these distressing statistics since rabbits are quickly becoming a popular pet here in the USA.  (The black bunny pictured above is George from the South Wales Animal Rescue.)


Only Five Days Left to Enter the Oxbow Hay Holiday Photo Contest - Show Oxbow pictures of you and your pets actively participating in the holidays. Winners will be awarded with gift certificates for Oxbow Products. 1st place: $100 gift certificate, 2nd place: $50 gift certificate, 3rd place: $25 gift certificate.  Go to their website at www.oxbowhay.com for more information.  Pictures need to be submitted to Oxbow Pet Products by Dec. 15, 2006. Winners will be announced no later than Dec. 20, 2006. Email pictures to stories@oxbowhay.com.


Medirabbit.com Another resource for veterinary professionals. Dr. Esther van Praag of The Netherlands – Switzerland developed this website with the latest rabbit veterinary medicine knowledge, articles and more.  There are several language translations available on the home page.


December 6th - 8:30 p.m. - National Rabbit Week in the UK January 22 - 28, 2007 - Rabbit health and nutrition will be the focus of this year's National Rabbit Week across the Atlantic in the UK.  They will be highlighting the rise in rabbit obesity, dental problems, inappropriate diets and health advice for owners.  Plus, they are planning "Healthy Hopper Evenings" at local veterinary practices, country stores, etc. They take their rabbits seriously in the UK.  After all, they are the third most popular pet there!  For more information: National Rabbit Week in the UK .The lovely Dutch breed rabbit pictured on the right is Hazel from a UK rehome agency.


60 Rabbits Rescued in Virginia - Hanover County authorities in Virginia are investigating a case where nearly 60 rabbits were abandoned inside a home. An affidavit obtained by WRIC 8 News in Richmond, VA, stated the renters “moved out on Nov. 6th. The homeowner went inside a week later and found cages of rabbits in the basement.” Without food and water, the rabbits were soiled and obviously in very bad conditions.  Unfortunately, one of the rabbits died, but five dozen more were taken to the Hanover County Animal Shelter, where they are now up for adoption. The report further stated it could have been a hoarding case.  Animal cruelty and abandonment charges will be pursued. Go to the Hanover Animal Control website if you are interested in adopting one of these rabbits. 

Animal Hoarding - Rabbits or any animal can become overwhelming fast to someone who is no longer able to care for them properly because of the numbers of animals, or other circumstances.  It's ironic that in most of these cases people have good intentions.  To find an excellent collection of articles from the Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium ... go here.


December 5th - 9:30 p.m. - Hare Raising in Odessa, Texas No real rabbits were bred to create this fund raising event awhile back.  Instead, several local art organizations in Odessa came together to raise funds for public art projects and scholarships for art students at the university with the help of some artsy hares.  A total of 37 wildly colorful hares like "Money Bunny," and "Fiesta Hare" were produced for sponsorship and purchase.  See all 37 on the Odessa, TX Visitors Bureau website at the link above. Click on each rabbit when you get there to see the information about the rabbit and the artist.


White Rabbits in Japan - An acquaintance of mine returned from a trip to Japan and told me about the “White Rabbit of Inaba” on everything from building signs to buses.  A myth told in Hakuto, Japan (hakuto means “white rabbit”), concerns a rabbit that lands on the beach. Apparently, the rabbit almost met a tragic end and you can read a version in English Here. Another tourist spot is Fuzofumetsu pond where the rabbit took a bath (which I never recommend for real rabbits).  Link to Japanese Rabbit Dolls


Grooming Tip - Bunny Blog visitor, Shannon, wrote to share a grooming tip she read in Heloise's column:  When it is time to groom your rabbit, put him in a deep-sided litter box lined with newspaper on a table.  The box makes the rabbit feel more secure and clean-up is easier since all you do is throw out the newspaper where all the hair collects. Remember to use a soft brush. (The sculpture pictured, "Jack Rabbit Grooming,"  is by Mark Rossi.)


December 4th - 8:30 p.m. - Under the Influence of a Rabbit Named Dusty. In Touch magazine featured Amy Sedaris with her rabbit in the November Celebrity Pets section.  Also, Boston.com reported that Amy Sedaris (writer, actress, comedienne, rabbit lover, etc., etc.) will  begin work on an instructional video about rabbits. ..."Sedaris has a 4-year old Mini Rex rabbit named Dusty... "My apartment is like a psychiatrist's office -- no cords anywhere.  ... To see a rabbit hop around is a joyful thing," she says."  Amy has a new book out, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence.  Dusty is featured in a chapter.


Miss Potter the movie will be in general distribution in January 2007. I have always loved Beatrix Potter books and Renee Zellweger now brings her story to the screen in "Miss Potter." the movie is set in late Victorian and Edwardian England, during which Beatrix finally publishes her debut book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and falls in love against the wishes of her parents. Beatrix's story characters such as Peter Cottontail are CG animated in the movie.  Visit the movie website at Miss Potter to see the trailer.


Boing Online For Bunny Lovers in Australia this website has lots of information from Building an Indoor House out of NIC Squares (with great pics) to Bunology a pretty good glossary of terms related to rabbits. They have quite a menagerie of pets!


December 3rd - 9:00 a.m. - Hoppy Holidays - rabbit lovers seem to be party animals with all the December events coming up.  Be sure to check with your local rabbit rescue group and humane societies for events you can attend or volunteer with for this holiday season.  Here is a little of what's hoppening:


Annual Holiday Party Celebrate the holidays with your rabbit friends at San Diego House Rabbit Society Chapter annual holiday get-together on Friday, December 15th. Bunnies are welcome, in a carrier or on a leash.   Click on their link for more information.


HRS Headquarters Hoppy Holidays - Join others in the rabbit community for a fun and festive day on December 10th at the House Rabbit Society International Headquarters & Rabbit Center, Richmond, CA. The store will be stocked full or all sorts of wonderful gifts for bunnies.  They will also have a special area of the shelter devoted to a Holiday Gift Boutique  Visit the shelter bunnies and treat them to little holiday bags of organic treats and don't forget to sign up to purchase a bag (or more) of treats for a lonely Bay area shelter bunny.


Colorado House Rabbit Society Chapter  Bunny Burrow Gift Shop will be Open every Sunday in December from Noon to 4:00 p.m. 


Paws at the Holiday Bazaar at the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society Sunday, December 10th In Madison, WA. Buy your holiday gifts and support Wisconsin House Rabbit Society!


Rabbit Advocates of Portland, Oregon Will hold their December Outreaches on  Dec 16 & 23 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm at Western Pet Supply in Beaverton, OR. Come meet adoptable rabbits and RA volunteers, or just come with your questions - they love to talk about rabbits.


Wrap It Up for Bunnies with Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, Inc.of Foster Rhode Island Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping.  They will be at the  Barnes and Noble in Warwick on December 8th after 6:00 p.m. and on December 24th from 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. with volunteers to wrap your presents.  Support Sweet Binks and meet some buns!


Brambly Hedge Rabbit Rescue Phoenix, Arizona  click on link for information on their December Adoptions Days.


Friendly Farms Small Animal Rescue Sand City (Monterey), California will be at the Sand City PetSmart on December 16th from Noon until 4:00 p.m. They will have many beautiful bunnies available for adoption to loving, indoor homes. Bring your questions about living with a house rabbit, or bring your bunny or guinea pig for a free nail trim!  They also assist with matchmaking and bunny bonding, if you and your bunny are ready to make the leap to a multi-rabbit household.


It’s in the Bag at Rabbit Haven of Santa Cruz, CA They start making holiday treat bags that are delivered to every bunny at local shelters and foster homes throughout our network. The plan is to make 400 bags, depending on the amount of donations


Shop Bunny Bunch Boutique for the Holidays! Be sure to support The Bunny Bunch bunnies by shopping at www.bunnybunchboutique.com for gifts for your bunnies, guinea pigs, chins, friends and family. We have some new holiday items! Bunny Christmas cards, bunny jackets, and scarves with bunnies on them, just in time for the cold weather.


Rolling in Some Dough Midwest Rabbit Rescue & Rehome of Ypsilanti, Michigan It’s their Second Annual Holiday Open House in Plymouth, Michigan on December 9th from Noon to 4:00 p.m.  See the flyer on this event at their link above.


The Rabbit Habit in Pennsylvania December 11th: The Rabbit Habit Holiday Party for Members and Volunteers.  Click on their link for more information.


Find bunderful presents at the Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club for the rabbits and people on your list Saturday, December 16th – 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Holiday Gift Boutique from toys to treats in Pittsburgh, PA.  Go their link for more information.

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