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Art of Bunny Bento Boxes

Over the last 11 or more years since Hopperhome has been online, I have received photos of all types from visitors to the website.  One item which has consistently been emailed to me are samples of bento boxes in a style called "oekakiben" (picture bento) and a few of Japanese cartoon characters in the style know as, "kyaraben." A Japanese bento is a home prepared or takeout one portion meal usually for lunch.

All of the photos sent to me over the years feature meticulous creations of rabbit designs, of course.  And, not rabbit as food.  As far as I know, all of the photos below do not contain rabbit other than as design! For all the vegans and vegetarians (also, my food preference), there are other various meat products featured in these bentos such as fish, ham and chicken so I apologize in advance. However, it is amazing to see what you can do with a some white rice, nori (roasted seaweed sheets) and vegetables.

You can click on any of the thumbnail photos to see a larger version.

Bunny Bento





Manju Usagi

Manju is a baked or steamed cake stuffed with anko. The outer part is made from flour, rice powder or buckwheat. The word “usagi” means “rabbit”, and the manju is shaped after the Moon Rabbit (we have our man in the moon and the Japanese have their moon rabbit.)


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