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Scoop on Litter


Better Solutions for Litter Boxes!


"The Shredding Machine"

If your bunny likes to rip newspapers to shreds, you can drill holes in the bottom of another litter box and then place it over the other box.

Sift1.jpg (77854 bytes)But the cat litter box inventors have done it for you already.  I bought one at PetSmart online and it works perfectly. It's called the Lift 'n Sift for cats.   No more shredded papers.  Plus, it keeps my bunnies' bottoms completely dry.

Sift2.jpg (86692 bytes)The kit comes with two solid boxes and one with a plastic mesh bottom (that is easy on rabbit feet, too).  I use one solid box for the bottom and put newspaper over that.  Then I place the plastic mesh bottom over the newspaper.  The timothy hay goes on top.

I save the leftover solid bottom litter box for a time when the first one gets too old.  This is like getting two for the price of one!

A Litter Box for Older Rabbits or Rabbits Recovering from Surgery:

There are now several brands of litter boxes where the box has a lower front entrance.  This style is great for rabbits who are older or recovering from surgery.  Groucho needed one after his gastrointestinal surgery.  Notice how low the front wall is lower so the rabbit can step right in.  They come in several sizes and I buy the largest one.  I put newspaper in the bottom and timothy on top.  Groucho didn't have to strain himself to get into the box after his surgery.  The brand pictured is  called a Hi-Bac litter box for small animals.  Use Crown Animal Bedding (best and cheapest alternative available at feed stores) instead of hay if your rabbit has fecal matter stuck to their bottom.  Be sure to have hay available if you don't use it for litter.



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